On the plane from Montreal to Jacksonville, Florida, after the concert, Ringo, who was normally ill-at-ease on planes, relaxed and threw a cushion at someone. Immediately a pillow fight ensued with all the first-class pillows winging through the air.

Suddenly a voice came over the intercom, “You’re behaving like a bunch of children. This plane is in danger of crashing unless you sit quietly. It is vital that you fasten your seat belts …” Everyone froze, then returned to their seats and quietly fastened themselves in.

Then Paul appeared, returning to his seat, a huge grin on his face at pulling one over on his mates.
—  September 8 1966 // The Beatles Diary Volume 1: The Beatles Years // Barry Miles

Les Mis Across History: Eponine/Musichetta/Cosette 1920s AU

In which diamond thief Chetta and teen delinquent Ep team up to steal the Fauchelevent heiress’ jewelry, only to discover that she looks remarkably like the flapper they’ve been flirting with.

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maybe if we're lucky alina will leave mal and come out of hiding and all of ravka will be like tHE SUN SUMMONER SHE LIVES and she and nikolai will rule happily ever after, the end

okay now THAT is the nikolai trilogy we deserve…. they finally realize how in love they are (or at least alina does bc we all know nikolai’s already smitten with her and has been since day one, facts only) and they both get the ending/happiness they deserve and they travel the world and go on adventures and it’s just one long joyous ride that never ends I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE