tmz reference

Suddenly TMZ is referring to Louis and Briana as a one night stand again.

Does everybody see how no one in the media cares about continuity of facts when it comes to a juicy scandal being discussed?? ?

Some people should read Amber’s tweet correctly. When she said “All Americans facepalm at your rude and childish actions,” she did NOT say, “I facepalm at all you American’s rude and childish actions”, she said “All of us Americans facepalm at your (TMZ) rude and childish action.” I don’t even know how that comment is even read wrong in the first place. Paying attention to the grammar in the first place would be a good start, because “your” refers to TMZ, not Americans.

I have noticed something watching Jame’s monologue about facebook emojis and boybands.

He uses 5 stereotypes of boybands. 4 of them has a facebook icon.

- Funny one: Niall

- Bad boy: Harry because of his lothario image etc.

- Sensitive one: Liam

- The one outed by TMZ - l know that TMZ doesn’t out anyone but there is one boybander left in the parallelism and well, I don’t think TMZ reference is casual at all.