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You can answer this whenever. I see a character called Nuntius? What's his place in the story and relationship with lucelion? Relationship with brii?

Yes! He doesn’t play a very large role, but (for me, anyway) he plays the most important one.

I don’t frequently talk about my supporting characters, so I’ve written you an essay on his character below the cut!

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Dear King, I enjoyed doing your commission piece for friend, even if your sketch and hair colouring did kill me earlier on! Www

Upload wip tmw at FB page bluepeppermints, feeling queasy atm, think I need some food… doughnuts may be delicious,but I doubt they qualify as nutritious!ww

proby making a big mistake and taking my last bag & scraped a bunch for my bedtime shot, totally fucking myself for tmw. gonna die from withdrawal. hopefully i can get some boys to send me $$ on snapchat for boobies so im not dying. hmu if ur interested ;) lol but yeahh im broke af i had to get my five bags fronted to me from two different of my dealers today that i have no idea how im gonna pay back since i have no job n my man just lost his a couple days ago but oh well. those are all my empties in the pack n no i dont smoke cigs, its my mans lol.

Tmw it looks like Danny is singing to My Darkest Days ‘ Sick & Twisted Affair ‘. This is coming from someone who cant read lips well but istg when i put this gif in my video, i put it at a good point to where the lyrics seemed to match up with what golden boi is saying. Hnng its weird and cool at the same time cause i did a thing…unexpectedly! Le gasps. This is now one of my fav gifs of this lion because of what i found out. Not to mention that particular MDD song has been my eargasm lately. Danny here looks precious singing along to it. What a cutie. x3  ღ