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Ugh! That was *SO LOW* of Sarah! You are so much better than any of TMV. I'm mind boggled! You are the epitome of "grace under pressure." Sarah admitted on her tumblr that she still looks at your social media because she's worried about what you say about her or TMV.. but if none of what you said is true, why is she so worried? Guilty much? Forget her! You have so much integrity and patience, and you're an inspiration! We love and respect you so, soooooo much, Keith Lapinig!!!

She seriously admitted on her Tumblr that she still goes to look at what I do? Well, then IF it’s even true… Hi Sarah! I can thank you here for making your meet the same time as my panel when you all knew the time and date of my panel since June. I saw it listed on the booth schedule. It’s fine. We still had a great turnout. I’m sorry you missed the panel.

To Anon: Thank you for your message of support! It really does mean a lot, and I’ll continue doing what I’m doing… simply because I genuinely love the content that I talk about.

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Ei varmasti opiskelija pysty pitämään koiraa tmv. jos ei käy töissä lisäksi. Tai ehkä jos vitusti opintolainaa? Edes omilla eläketuloilla ei pidettäis mitään isompaa eläintä ku hamsteria, ja opiskelijan tulot on satasia pienemmät. Itekin haluaisin koiran mut heeell no ellen repis jostain töistä tosi paljo raheja. Kuulostanpa negatiiviselta, mutta just ite pyöritelly tota samaa asiaa ja tajunnu että ei mitään mahollisuuksia vaik pusertais omat menot kuinka minimiin. Eli vituttaa tietysti.

saahan sen sit joskus ku on töitä! vituttaa venata tietysti mut hyvää kannattaa :3 plus opiskellessa joutuu tekemään koulun ulkopuolellaki paljon et ei oo elukalle aikaakaan samalla tavalla ku sit ku on perus 9-5

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Ugh TMV is giving out buttons at D23 now too. Can they NOT copy everything? #justiceforkeith

Well, D23 is over at this point. I did my own thing with my panel and my meet, and I couldn’t be happier! It was seriously the best D23 Expo ever. Peter and I always get worried that the next D23 Expo won’t be able to top the next one. In the first 2 Expos, I was a featured artist in the Fan Art Gallery. In the 3rd one, we were fortunate enough to get press room access to interview many celebrities. With that being the standard, Peter and I worried for D23 Expo 2015… but it delivered. Now I worry how can we make 2017′s even better. The cycle continues!

The Mars Volta: Octahedron (2009)

The melancholy and sorrow will hit you like a lightning right away but then will turn into a whole other thing as the energy start to come through the magical strings of Omar, the powerful voice of Cedric, the steady but essential drums and bass of Pridgen and Aldrete. Complex yet approachable could be the peak of their trajectory as a “group”, reaching a stable sound between the experimental rock and the acoustic rock, by far (but not that long) my favourite record by them.

Highlights: “Since We’ve Been Wrong”, “Halo of Nembutals” and “Desperate Graves”

Trivia: Once more Omar bring his old pal John Frusciante to the studio to create some more magic as TMV and again Sonny Kay was the mastermind behind the art design.

{you can watch other recomendations in my blog or with the tag “musical friday”}

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Tô a um mes cnv cm um menino né, ele éd sampa e eu do rj, ele tem 17 e eu 19, ambos evabgelicos, e a nossa cnv flui bem e bá, ambos tmv nunca namorou, queria da um sinal pra ele q to gostando d conhece-lo e interessada no jto dele, queria q decemos ceeto, mas nd forçado e sem ser por vontade propria é bom... Me da um conselho? Oq devo fazer? Cm agir? Da esse sinal ou nn? Hehe

Isso deve acontecer sutilmente. Tente primeiramente ver qual é a opinião dele sobre namoro à distância, para ver a reação dele quanto a esse assunto. Num outro momento pergunte quais são os planos dele pro futuro, com quantos anos ele pretende casar, se pretende construir um lar, essas coisas. Veja se um relacionamento está incluído nos planos dele. Além disso, você também pode se mostrar mais atenciosa com ele, de maneira bem sutil e discreta. Deixe a conversa de vocês de uma forma com que vocês comecem a falar sobre seus sentimentos, sabe? Enfim, não tem uma “regra” da conquista. pois cada pessoa é diferente uma da outra. Simplesmente siga seu coração e seja discreta e sutil. <3

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"...judging on everything he has said about the thingamavlogs situation, if the unpaid intern stuff is false, sue him for defamation. All four of you can because it has harmed your guys' reputation and decreased the respect some people have of you. I am completely on the side of the remaining thingamavloggers and can never imagine doing what he's done to you to anyone, exfriend or not." This was pretty upsetting to see BUT TMV has no ground to stand on.. you could sue them over the "new" logo.

Err.. I don’t know where that was posted since I don’t follow them.. but that’s disappointing for someone to even think.

I really thought we had a good run of no one bringing up this topic for a while now.. BUT I will say this: The story I said on my video involves a very specific and random story. I’d imagine if someone wanted to make up lies about a group, they’d go into petty comments like “They said they actually hate all of their fans!” I spoke about a very real and specific topic that I am passionate about and would stand up about. If I were to make up a lie, wouldn’t I have gone for something more vague? It just baffles me that people could even think I am capable of going so public on a very specific issue that IS a problem in today’s world… and to think it was all a lie.

Anyway, what’s done is done. I have seen everyone’s comments to me on the logo, and I can’t say I disagree. However, I really don’t want to waste any of my time and energy on this – especially on a legal level. I’m simply saying that it’s on their conscience. The logo is completely derivative (bold font, slanted T which I did randomly on my own as a last second decision, and black parallelogram encasing VLOGS, etc.), and as a result - my influence will always be a part of that channel. Obviously I’d rather not do anything since I’m having way too much fun seeing what’s next for my professional future.. and all of this will eventually be yesterday’s news. 😇

I just recently had a dream panel in my dream expo.. I don’t need to worry about the past. The future is already bright - from what I can see! :)


The Mars Volta - Take the Veil Cerpin Taxt

Without a doubt my favorite Mars Volta song. Set to an old 1915 comedy, A Stool Pigeon’s Revenge.


Since the last one had 10 miles of walking…..

But You’re Not White…: An Interview with “New” Muslims

What does a Muslim look like? Bearded, veiled, brownish maybe. In February, the TMV sat down with Liam Dalquen – MSA Students’ For World Justice Director- and Nora Fathalipour –TMV staff writer- to talk about their experiences converting to Islam. Nora and Liam are both from the Middle East, Nora from Iran and Liam from Palestine. They relate their experiences as invisible converts, unwelcoming MSAs, building communities and the importance of finding your place amongst the madness.

What lead you to convert to Islam? What religion did you convert from and what resources did you use to facilitate your conversion?

Liam: This was a long drawn out process and I originally wanted to convert since I was about 13. I’m from a half British – half Palestinian background and I decided I wanted to find more about my background. My family speaks Arabic and I always wondered what they were saying so I started to look into it and realized that the majority of Palestinian people are Muslim. So I started to read about Islam around the end of grade 8 and began to like it and became interested in it. My mom’s family is from an Orthodox Christian background, but I never really believed in Christianity, I just did it because everybody around me believed in it. From then on I decided I wanted to become a Muslim. I converted because I believed in the religion, that’s it.

And how old were you?

L: The first time I said that I wanted to be Muslim I was 13. But then it was a long process of wanting to convert but never actually getting around to it. I think this was mainly because on my dad’s side of the family there is no one really there; it’s just my dad and his mom. However my mom’s side of the family is huge and they’d kill me if they knew, like I’d never speak to them again. I spent a lot of time thinking about it. [I] finally converted when I was 18 years old -in February- and it kind of just happened and it wasn’t a big thing.

So you had Muslim friends?

L: Yeah, I had Muslim friends. To be honest, what facilitated it was reading and not really me communicating or talking to other people. It was almost entirely just reading.

Did you visit any masjids?

L: One.

Did you talk to any imams, stuff like that?

L: No, I didn’t talk to anybody, not my mom, not my dad, not anybody, and not any of my friends either. No one.

And Nora?

Nora: Ok, so when I was growing up as a teenager I think the environment I was brought up in was very important in shaping me. Like all of us we were teenagers in the aftermath of 9/11 and so because of that I had a pretty negative view of religion in general, but not really of Islam in particular. I thought that people who were very critical of Islam tended to be very racist and I thought it was less about the religion and more about the people. So I was never anti Islam but I wasn’t very fond of Islam either. I also didn’t know anything about Islam I just had a general and generic idea of [what it was]. I’d never met any Muslims, which is weird because I had family members that were Muslim but they lived very far away so I saw them very infrequently

L: So you were very neutral about it.

N: More or less, yes I was. I didn’t do anything, in fact I was quite ignorant. And then I moved to London, UK [from Norway] to do my undergrad and I remember we had this new lunch thing with all the new undergrads and the first person who sat down next to me was a Muslim girl and she was the first Muslim person I’ve ever really had a lot of contact with. This was the first time a Muslim had ever really spoken to me. She was a really great person and she ended up becoming one of my really good friends and that was my first real contact with Islam, through people.

L: Do you mind if I ask what religion you converted from?

N: Well I was an atheist.

L: And you said your family is from Iran?

N: Yes. And then I remember at the end of my first year and beginning of my second year, it was Ramadan right before university started and I decided to stay with my friend during that time. I thought I wanted to try Ramadan because, how hard could it be? So I started trying it and I thought, “this is actually really great”. I started it as a joke but then I figured that this is a really great practice so from that I was going to take some courses on Islamic law while I was at university, and learn a bit more. So I took up an Islamic law course and that really set the foundation for me because in Europe, there’s a big deal about Islamic law and “sharia”. A lot of my friends at that time were Muslim and they were always asking when I was going to convert and I was always laughing, like ‘I respect this religion, but I don’t believe in it’. And then I remember I was going on a holiday to Canada and the airline I was flying with, they had a documentary about hajj that my mom was watching. I couldn’t listen to it I could only see it, but it was about Spanish Muslims going to hajj. And I was crying and I was like, I want to be Muslim. In that airplane I was like, I want to be Muslim right now, and then I was thinking, no wait I can’t. I was going to Canada, my cousin, my family, I can’t deal with it, I can’t become Muslim. So I left it. And then, a year later, I continued reading and everything. And then a year later I went to visit my grandmother in Iran and it was during Ramadan so I thought I want to try fasting the whole month this time because I thought it was a really great practice. And I bought a Quran before I went because I thought, I was going to be bored waiting for fajr so I’ll have something to read. So I took it with me but I didn’t read it, I didn’t open it at all until the last 10 days of Ramadan. Then I was like, I’m really bored and I need something to do. I opened it and I read the first chapter and I was like wow, okay. And then I continued reading and I was like, that’s it, I’m Muslim. And that’s basically how I converted.

Nora in Iran

What’s interesting about the both of you is that you’re not visibly converts. Liam, you look Arab, Nora you’re Persian. Not only that, but you also come from countries that are part of the Muslim world. Granted, Palestine and Iran contain more religions than Islam, but there is the idea that, upon first glance, you’ve been Muslim your whole life. So what I want to know is whether your experience has been affected by this lack of conspicuous conversion. Was it harder?

N: Well, in some ways yes. My friend is part Jewish and part Mexican, and looks very “white”. Wherever we went she would get a lot of attention and people would be all excited that she was a convert and it was very funny. I would just stand there laughing, but she found it really uncomfortable. But at the same time she got access to a lot of knowledge and material through that extra attention that I didn’t. No one would turn to me and know I was also a convert. And often, she would know more than me because she’d been studying Islam for longer than I have, but people would turn to her more and kind of fawn over her.

Yeah, I’ve noticed people really baby converts. They assume you know absolutely zero about Islam before you make this very huge life choice.

N: Yeah, and for that reason I am kind of happy for that camouflaging. But then I assume people are also used to the idea of the ‘born again Muslim’. The one who was born into a Muslim community and strayed form the religion and then found their way back. So I think people think I’m that.

Being Persian, would you say you came from a sort of Muslim culture that wasn’t rooted in religion?

N: Well, Iran went through a sort of intense secularization process, so I knew nothing about Islam. But there are things that I know now, when I see it in my home that I’ll recognize and think ‘that’s totally a Muslim thing’. Like, my parents have this obsession with washing their hands before and after they eat and I just look and think ‘sunnah!’ So it’s not completely divorced from that larger culture. But then again, I had to learn so much about Muslim culture to not stick out. Because otherwise you feel like a bit like a traffic light, you’re just totally new.

Would you say there were any benefits to this anonymity?

N: Yeah! I mean, my friend experienced a lot of watchful eyes on her all the time. Like, whenever she made wudhu she had to make sure to get everything right because there were all these people there watching, ready to correct her immediately. I didn’t really have to go through that. But then again, sometimes when you say you’re a convert, and this is not related to the visibility, but sometimes there are things that I don’t know. And sometimes when people hear you don’t know one thing, they think you don’t know anything. And I just wanted one answer, nice and quick.

And they explain the entire religion in one sitting.

N: Yeah! I just had one question, not an existential dilemma. But my greatest struggle is with Muslims who, maybe, aren’t so practicing. Because I don’t wear a headscarf, people often assume I’m a part of that camp. And sometimes I can have these awkward moments where I’ll be there and they’ll whip out alcohol and I’m not okay with it. But then they look at me and go “oh, but you don’t look like you’re practicing”. It just isn’t okay.

L: I get both experiences. Without my beard, I look pretty white. And at the very beginning, when I didn’t have a beard –I was around 18- and I would just get looked at. They wouldn’t try to help me or anything, they would just look at me. But now, with my beard I never get any extra attention. It’s more my name that causes confusion, like it clashes with my beard. A Muslim Liam with a beard that prays. It confuses people at every masjid I go to.

They make a spectacle out of it.

L: I always get weird looks when they hear my name. They’re like “Leeyaam?” No. Just Liam. But I guess they can call me whatever they want. Laughs

N: Haha, it’s like they’re asking, “are you mispronouncing your own name?”

L: Yeah!

N: I get that too, I get people calling me Noora. And I’m just like, okay…

Liam, when you came to U of T, I guess your Muslim network expanded. How did the growth of your community affect your Islam?

L: Oh definitely, completely different. It’s nice having Muslim friends. It’s nice going to jumma. It’s nice being the jumma guy. It’s nice having a community. Without U of T, I would have, like, three Muslim friends from back home. And my non-Muslim friends, who are amazing and understanding, sometimes want to do things I can’t exactly participate in. It’s not as fulfilling. It’s awesome because we can pray together and that’s actually a big deal. It’s nice knowing people that have the same beliefs as you.

Liam, MSA SWJ Director 2014-2015

Nora, how did you go about finding Muslim friends?

N: Well, six months after I converted, miraculously my friend called me up; she said we should go make cupcakes or something. This was in third year. So {I agreed and went] and she looks at me and she says, “I have to tell you something…”

Did she know you were Muslim at this point?

N: No. And so she says, “I think I’m Muslim”. And I was like “What! Me too!” And instantly we had this sort of [little] community of us.

A community of two! Honestly, sometimes that’s all you really need.

N: Yeah! We didn’t really keep in touch during second year and had different interests and separate friends. I never thought we’d be able to stay connected as close friends. And then suddenly this happened.

It brought you guys together.

N: Yeah! I can’t imagine not being friends now. We support each other, and we both changed a lot from that experience. We went to prayers together. I mean, everyone else went to prayer, did their thing and left and we were standing there so clueless all the time. We didn’t always want to ask people, we didn’t know how to ask and we were also weary of people wanting to push their own opinions on us. So we just did stuff together, and her friend’s sister worked at a Muslim charity. It was kind of this Muslim third space for young Muslims where they worked on building community. They had access to a Sheikh in London, they would have jummas there and we would go every single week. And I have to say, getting to know that third space, getting to know that Sheikh –more indirectly, attending his classes and listening to his talks- helped tremendously. He had so much knowledge, and so much experience with converts and [how to understand the situation] we were in, and that was just great. My greatest regret is that I won’t be able to go there again. It was the hardest thing to leave in London. Every time I think about returning, that’s the place I think of. I still get their [weekly newsletter in my] email! I still want to know what’s happening. [That place] completely changed my entire perspective on what it meant to be in a Muslim community! I almost think it was too good to be true.

Did you meet any new people there?

N: Yes! I met a lot of people outside of my university friends. And when I moved to New Brunswick and I was completely alone, that was my lifeline. That was what connected me to Islam. I didn’t have any family or friends, I didn’t have anything. It was just me and my frozen pizza. I would skype my friends, listen to lectures online. And through those lectures, I figured ‘if I’m listening to this lecture happening in London from New Brunswick, there has to be more out there’. And that’s how I found out about the ICNYU [the Islamic Centre at NYU] and I started listening to that, and through them I heard about the Muslim Chaplaincy at U of T. And I decided I wanted to move to Toronto.

The Chaplaincy made you move?

N: Yeah, it was one of the main reasons I moved. I mean, I wanted to move to Toronto anyways, but it was the reason I moved a year earlier than I’d planned to. I wanted to be where I had access to the Chaplaincy. I tried to get involved with the MSA in New Brunswick but it was only the brothers and it was only for Arabs so I couldn’t join. I mean, I would email them about their events and ask if I could come to them and they’d be like “do you speak Arabic?” And I didn’t so I couldn’t go. And then they would [read and talk about the] Quran, and I’d ask to come along too, and they’d tell me it was just for brothers.

If it was me I’d grab my Quran and just sit there.

N: I wish, but they would be speaking Arabic the whole time.

But they are university students…I assume they speak English.

N: Well, yeah.

But the Arabs.

N: Exactly. So I couldn’t have a community there.

You know, sometimes I think we’re a little spoiled here with our MSA. Everything is so open and friendly.

N: Yeah, in fact this MSA and the fact that it’s tied to the Chaplaincy was one of the reasons I moved. Because, as I was deciding to leave London, knowing there was something like this here made me feel like it was okay to move to Canada. Everything was going to be fine.

But is everything fine? The Muslim community is meant to consist of every race and tribe, incorporating every shade of white, brown, black and everything in between. In order to create the kind of community that is welcoming to newcomers, we must try our best to exhibit kindness and generosity amongst ourselves. Smile at everyone you meet at the mosque, take some time out to talk to people you don’t know. The point isn’t to find converts, but to create the kind of environment that is comfortable for everyone. The next time you see someone who looks like they might need a helping hand, don’t be shy to extend it.

Interview Conducted by Nimo Abdulahi

TMV Content Editor

Title Illustration by Seema Shafei

Interview shortened for length

I’d meaning to draw the comparison between The Mars Volta and Hannibal for a while, might as well. Incredibly rich and colorful? Check. Intense? Check. Completely fucking crazy and ridiculously over the top? Check. Cracks me up sometimes (TMV with their adorable compulsive portmanteauing and Hannibal with the purple prose)? Check.

And now even Siouxsie’s silky vocal stylings remind me of Cedric and this particular song, which has been my dark!Will anthem for a while:

I’m bolted from within
from long conniving heights
The hale, it makes a special sound
that always stays into the night

She tells me I’m not capable
of what they accuse me
With no remorse I stand and say
that guilt is what I plead

My devil makes me dream
like no other mortal dreams
With a blank eye corner

The only way to see him
in the tunnel where he slept
By the longest tusk of corridors
numb below the neck

In my heart

Where he keeps them in
a vault of devil daughters

When I bend and kick in form
with twilight as my guide
In every home the ghost pays gossip
you can hear them if you try

When my quill begins to squirm
from the ashes in your urn
Your deviance is anything but faithful

My devil makes me dream
like no other mortal dreams
With a blank eye corner

The only way to see him
in the tunnel where he slept
By the longest tusk of corridors
numb below the neck

In my heart

Where he keeps them in
a vault of devil daughters

in my dead leaves
Don’t you hide these
branches waiting

I’ve been watching
you four, two me
Don’t resign me
I’m not waiting

3MV Energy Announces Second Quarter 2015 Results


CALGARY , Aug. 27, 2015 /CNW/ - 3MV Energy Corp. (“3MV” or the “Company”) (TMV.V) is pleased to report its financial and operating results for the three and six month periods ended June 30, 2015 . 3MV’s unaudited financial statements and related management’s discussion and analysis for the three and six month periods ended June 30, 2015 have been filed and are available on the SEDAR website at and on the Company’s website at

3MV announces the following financial and operating highlights:

During the second quarter of 2015 the Corporation focused on acquiring land parcels in Southeast Saskatchewan in order to capitalize on opportunities presented by the current economic environment.  The Corporation is currently building an inventory of future economic drilling locations that it plans to exploit as commodity prices recover.  The Corporation and its JV partner spent minimal funds on its Fiske field during the quarter in order to conserve cash flow.


In the current environment of depressed global commodity prices, the Corporation plans to be conservative moving forward; working to conserve cash flow and to select drilling locations that are economically viable.  The Corporation plans to work with its joint venture partner to evaluate production results at Fiske with the goal of creating a long term exploitation strategy. 3MV Energy is also exploring potential accretive acquisitions, mergers and farm-in opportunities in Saskatchewan that are arising from the current economic state.

Neither TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.

The securities offered have not been and will not be registered under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and may not be offered or sold in the United States absent registration or applicable exemption from the registration requirements. This news release does not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of any offer to buy nor will there be any sale of these securities in any province, state or jurisdiction in which such offer, solicitation or sale would be unlawful prior to registration or qualification under the securities laws of any such province, state or jurisdiction.

Forward-Looking Statements

Certain statements in this news release constitute forward-looking statements. The forward-looking statements contained in this document are based on certain key expectations and assumptions made by 3MV. Although 3MV believes that the expectations and assumptions on which the forward-looking statements are based are reasonable, undue reliance should not be placed on the forward-looking statements because 3MV can give no assurance that they will prove to be correct.

Since forward-looking statements address future events and conditions, by their very nature they involve inherent risks and uncertainties. Actual results could differ materially from those currently anticipated due to a number of factors and risks. These include, but are not limited to, the failure to obtain necessary regulatory approvals, risks associated with the oil and gas industry in general (e.g., operational risks in development, exploration and production; delays or changes in plans with respect to exploration or development projects or capital expenditures; the uncertainty of reserve estimates; the uncertainty of estimates and projections relating to production, costs and expenses, and health, safety and environmental risks), commodity price and exchange rate fluctuations and uncertainties resulting from potential delays or changes in plans with respect to exploration or development projects or capital expenditures. Readers are cautioned that the foregoing list of factors is not exhaustive.  Additional information on these and other factors that could affect 3MV’s operations and financial results are included in reports on file with Canadian securities regulatory authorities and may be accessed through the SEDAR website (

The forward-looking statements contained in this document are made as of the date hereof and 3MV undertakes no obligation to update publicly or revise any forward-looking statements or information, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise, unless so required by applicable securities laws.

Oil and Gas Disclosure

For the purpose of calculating unit costs, natural gas volumes have been converted to a barrel of oil equivalent (“BOE”) using six thousand cubic feet equal to one barrel unless otherwise stated. A BOE conversion ratio of 6:1 is based upon an energy equivalency conversion method primarily applicable at the burner tip and does not represent a value equivalency at the wellhead. BOEs may be misleading, particularly if used in isolation.

Net present value of future net revenue does not represent fair market value of the reserves.  There is no assurance that the forecast prices and cost assumptions will be attained and variances could be material.

Non-GAAP Measures

This press release contains the terms “operating netbacks”, “funds generated by operations”, and “net debt”, which do not have a standardized meaning prescribed by GAAP and therefore may not be comparable with the calculation of similar measures by other issuers. 3MV uses operating netbacks and funds generated by operations to analyze operating and financial performance. 3MV believes these benchmarks are key measures of profitability and overall sustainability for the Company. Both of these terms are commonly used in the oil and gas industry. Operating netbacks and funds generated by operations are not intended to represent operating profits nor should they be viewed as an alternative to cash flow provided by operating activities, net earnings (loss) or other measures of financial performance calculated in accordance with GAAP. Operating netbacks are determined by deducting royalties, operating costs and transportation from oil and gas revenue. Funds generated by operations are calculated as cash flows from operating activities excluding transaction costs less changes in non-cash working capital and share base payments.3MV uses net debt to assess the financial position and health of the Company. 3MV believes this benchmark is a key measure of financial leverage and displays a Company’s ability to repay its debts when due. Net debt is calculated as current assets less current liabilities.

SOURCE 3MV Energy Inc.

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thu gọn cánh mũi có ảnh hưởng gì không ở đâu an toàn tại TMV LÊ HÀNH

Bac si tham my gioi tư vấn  Bs lê hành Chỉnh hình mũi mài xương gồ  

Phẩu kể ngấm mỹ thẳng tính tiễn đưa lại vẻ đẹp biếu chị em nữ giới , song đằng cạnh đấy cũng đưa tiễn đến những lo ngại .

nhờ cậy phẫu thuật thu gọn ghẽ cánh mũi đất (tạo hình mũi) song mũi đất trở nên thanh thản, hài hòa cùng khuôn phương diện. Và bạn cũng giàu trạng thái hoàn trả rõ im vâng vì chưng giải phẫu hoàn trả tinh đừng để lại sẹo và kết trái là vĩnh viễn.

Phẩu thuật thấm mỹ thẳng tắp đeo lại vẻ xinh xẻo biếu chị em nữ giới , cơ mà bên mép đấy cũng đưa tiễn đến những lo e . Cũng chính do vậy lắm người sợ buổi nghĩ tới việc thăm mỹ . đến cùng đại cáo Phẩu trần thuật ngấm Mỹ LÊ HÀNH  sẽ xua tan man di điều ngại hãi ngữ quý báu khách dây , tiễn chân đến tặng các bạn một nét xinh xắn chớ đớn đau , giò đặng lại nỗi ảm hình sau mỗi một dọ phẩu kể , bạn sẽ nhiều một nét xinh xẻo hoàn hảo nhất .
 Thu nhỏ cánh mũi là dài hạp tiểu phẫu dùng tác hễ cụm từ dao kéo để chỉnh ảnh chiếc mũi gặp khuyết thiếu như lớn, phe phái, đừng tương hợp với khuôn mặt… tuy rằng một giản, mà lại việc sở hữu chiếc mũi đất cùng sống mũi thanh mảnh gọn ghẽ, bốc đối xử sẽ giúp bạn tự tín trong giao thiệp và cạc mai quan tiền hệ từng lớp. Đây cũng là nhích mùa đặt thực hành vách đánh tại đại cáo Phẩu trần thuật thấm Mỹ LÊ hành ta .

lôi cuốn đề đau sẹo phụ trêu chòng ra chừng độ giải phẫu và danh thiếp chôm tục lệ bạn chọn. trường học hợp phe mũi không trung quá lớn, lắm thể thâu gọn ghẽ bằng cách cuộn vào đằng trong. đối với dài hạp cánh mũi đất quá nhanh và lớn, thầy thuốc LÊ hành ta sẽ tiến HÀNH ton hót bớt phái mũi đất. Trước tã thực hiện phẫu thuật, bác sĩ sẽ tiến hành ta gây tê vùng mũi thành ra bạn sẽ đừng cảm chộ đớn đau.

Nhờ giải phẫu thâu gọn phe phái mũi (tạo ảnh mũi) song mũi trở nên thanh tú, hài hòa đồng khuôn bình diện. Và bạn cũng có trạng thái hoàn tuyền yên ổn dạ bởi vì giải phẫu hoàn toàn không phanh lại thẹo và kết trái là vĩnh viễn.

dã man thông báo thắc mắc cụm từ các bạn sẽ tốt đại cáo Phẩu thuật thấm Mỹ LÊ hành ta đáp .

thu gọn cánh mũi nội soi là gì ở đâu uy tín tại TMV LÊ HÀNH

Bac si tham my gioi tư vấn  Bs lê hành Chỉnh hình mũi mài xương gồ  

Phẩu kể thấm mỹ thường xuyên đưa lại vẻ xinh biếu chị em phụ nữ , mà lại đằng mé đó cũng hoẵng đến những lo e .

cậy phẫu thuật thu gọn gàng phe phái mũi đất (tạo ảnh mũi đất) mà lại mũi trở thành thanh tú, hài hòa đồng khuôn mặt. Và bạn cũng có dạng hoàn trả rặt yên ổn dạ vì phẫu thuật hoàn rành không trung được lại thẹo và kết trái là vĩnh viễn.

Phẩu kể thấm mỹ thẳng tiễn lại vẻ xinh xẻo cho chị em đàn bà , song đằng mé đấy cũng tiễn đưa tới những lo e . Cũng chính cho nên giàu người sợ lót nghĩ tới việc thăm mỹ . đến đồng cáo Phẩu tường thuật ngấm Mỹ LÊ hành ta  sẽ xua tung dã man điều ngại hãi ngữ quý báu khách khứa dãy , đưa tiễn đến tặng cạc bạn một nét xinh xẻo chẳng đớn đau , không trung đặng lại nỗi ảm ảnh sau mỗi một lượt phẩu tường thuật , bạn sẽ có đơn vẻ xinh xắn hoàn trả hảo nhất .
 Thu nhỏ cánh mũi là trường hạp tiểu phẫu dùng tác đụng hạng dao kéo đặng chỉnh hình chiếc mũi đất gặp khuyết thiếu như to, phe phái, đừng tương hợp đồng khuôn bình diện… tuy rằng một giản, cơ mà việc sở hữu chiếc mũi đồng sống mũi đất thon thả gọn, cân đối sẽ giúp bạn tự tin trong giao tiếp và danh thiếp thạch sùng quan lại hệ tầng lớp. Đây cũng là xít vụ phanh thực hành thành làm tại đại cáo Phẩu kể thấm Mỹ LÊ HÀNH .

Vấn đề pa đau sẹo thứ yếu thuộc lòng ra mức độ giải phẫu và cạc chôm thô lỗ bạn lựa. trường học hạp phái mũi chớ quá lớn, có trạng thái thu gọn văn bằng cách lôi cuốn ra bên trong. đối xử với trường học phù hợp đảng mũi quá mau và lớn, thầy thuốc LÊ hành ta sẽ tiến HÀNH tâu bớt phe mũi. Trước tã thực hiện phẫu thuật, bác sĩ sẽ tiến HÀNH hoi kia miền mũi thành thử bạn sẽ giò cảm thấy đớn đau.

Nhờ giải phẫu thu gọn ghẽ cánh mũi đất (tạo ảnh mũi đất) song mũi đất trở nên thanh thoả, hài hòa đồng khuôn bình diện. Và bạn cũng lắm trạng thái hoàn trả toàn yên ổn lòng vị phẫu thuật hoàn rõ chả xuể lại thẹo và kết trái là vĩnh viễn.

man di thông tin thắc mắc cụm từ cạc bạn sẽ để cáo Phẩu tường thuật Thẩm Mỹ LÊ HÀNH giải đáp .