Do you like The Mars Volta? 

Their early work was a little too ‘punk’ for my taste, but when De-Loused in the Comatorium came out in '03, I think they really came into their own - both thematically and artistically. The whole album has a clear, progressive sound, and a new sheen of abstract lyricism that really gives the songs a big boost. They have been compared to Coheed and Cambria, but I think The Mars Volta has a far more bitter, depressing view of the world. 

In '05, The Mars Volta released this, Frances the Mute, their most accomplished album. I think their undisputed masterpiece is 'Cassandra Gemini’, a song so long most people probably don’t even listen to it all the way through - but they should! Because it’s not just about the struggle of a man looking for his long lost mother, and the importance of blood ties, it’s also a personal statement about the band itself! 

Hey Paul!

Ask and you’ll receive! I photoshopped and wrote the darn thing from this post! It got a little more angsty that I planned, and I’ve also planned angsty-er sequels. But enjoy this drabble!

Please enjoy my new obsession, a Stony David Gandy & Guy Madison story:

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Secret hotel hookup in the 40s - please beware of the read more :)

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Gabrielle Union shares how she felt growing up as a minority.

“The guy she was dreaming for was in front of her, but the one she needed was right beside her.“

Hey guys! So I decided I would post my latest TMV on here since you guys wanted me to! I had a lot of fun with this and it actually has a meaning to it and the idea of this video began with that quote at the top! The video and song are pretty self explanatory, so I hope you all enjoy this!

**Seizure Warning, Flashing Lights** ♡ You can find the video on my YouTube channel if you want better quality. Link:

“I want to know now! Just tell me!” I screamed at him with hate.

“We’re mermaid vampires! I know it sounds stupid, but it’s true. And when that eclipse hits, you’ll be a monster again, too!” he said, coming toward me, which made me shiver. I started backing away from him.

“How can this be? You got the wrong girl. I can’t be something so…so great!” I cried.





The Secret Pack - Teen Wolf (Theo Raeken) *Part 1*

Warning: Season 5 spoilers

I am the kind of person one had to explain who were, my name just weren’t enough for people to remember me. Usually it would be followed by my hair color, dark red-brown bouncy curls. Then if there still was no bells ringing one would follow up with that ‘geeky silent girl’. Most people needed the whole list, only a few remembering me just by my name. But when it came to this one person, a friend from my childhood, whom I had had an enormous crush on until he moved away, there was not a doubt in my mind he would have needed a even bigger list. Maybe even adding in with my obsession for the Rocky Balboa movies and he might have remembered me. Or so I thought. 

«Sorry? But can you tell me where I can find Iris Evans?» I was at school when he had just randomly popped up behind me. 

 «You’re talking to her.» I answered lightly, turning to look at the guy.

 «You’re Iris? Wow. You’ve changed.» The guy looked really surprised, his eyes shining with a familiar glow. 

 «Aging kind of has that effect on people.» I joked, still pondering where I had seen him before, or if I knew him or something. 

 «You probably don’t remember me, just as Scott and Stiles.» He looked sheeplessly at me, a doubting smile on his mouth. 

 «Just give me a second.» I said as I continued to watch him, the way he was standing, the way he held himself, I knew who it reminded me of, but there was so much more confidence than it had been. His eyes had gotten darker, but was definitely the same ones I had looked at through the dark, the only light shining from the tv in front of us, Rocky playing on the screen. This was definitely him. My childhood crush. 

 «Theo Raeken.» I spoke his name slow and clear, a smirk appearing on my face. «I thought I would never see you again!» I engulfed him into a hug, which seemed to have surprised him, but he quickly hugged me back. I sniffed in his smell, he did smell like himself, but there was something else in there as well. The smell of wolf. 

 «The one and only.» He joked as he stood back watching me. «You really have changed.»   

«Hey! I’m still considered the geek around here.» I winked at him, earning a chuckle. 

 «You’re not stuttering anymore.» He commented. To be honest I was surprised he had even noticed, but then again, I had always stuttered around him, and only him, it was kind of the effect he had on me. 

 «Must have disappeared with age.» 

 «I tried asking Stiles and Scott where you were, but they just looked at each other weirdly, and didn’t really give me an answer. You guys not friends anymore or?» He left the question hanging in the air, looking at me unsurely. 

«We kind of drifted apart after you moved. The normal drifted apart though, no drama or fights or anything. We just stopped hanging around each other. I just have a word with them in class sometimes now.» I forced a smile, remembering how close us four used to be once, but that was a long time ago. 

 «So you’re not a part of their…ehm…. gang?» He sounded unsure of what to call the supernatural group of Beacon Hills. 

 «No I’m not a part of their pack.» I corrected him, hinting to him I knew. 

 «Wait. You know?» He stepped closer to me, his voice almost a whisper. 

 «Of course I do. I’m a myth geek remember?» I turned to retrieve some of my books from my locker, shoving them down into my bag. He chuckled. 

«Yeah, I remember, but still…» He trailed off, looking me up and down like he expected wings to pop up on my back or something. 

 «Use your senses for once, Theo.» Theo stepped closed to me, catching my sent. His hand came to rest on my arm, luckily for me my heart only skipped a beat at the gesture and didn’t go rapid. 

«You’re…» He didn’t finish his sentence, seeing Scott and Kira eying him from their lockers, Scott obviously listening. His eyes locked with mine, we were only inches apart, but neither of us pulled away. 

 «Congratulations, you’re the first to find out.» I beamed, trying not to sound like I was talking about the fact of me being a werewolf. I wanted to keep Scott and his pack in the shadows for a bit longer. 

 «How?» The look on Theo’s face was utter confusion, as he would have figured it out by now that Scott was not my alpha. 

«I’ll tell you after school. Come to my place? I still live right where I did when we were small.» 

 «Sure.» He smiled, looking down on me. Although he seemed to realize how close we were standing and took a step back, putting his hands in his pockets. 

«So which class have you got now.» 


 «I guess I will have my first class of the year with you then.» Theo said happily as we started to walk to class, Scott giving Kira a skeptical look down by their lockers.

Part 2