Most common go-to make-up fix of us ladies is the smokey look. However, most smokey-eye mistakes we make is using black all over the lids to achieve the smokey eyes and we end up looking like pandas. Trust me, I’ve been there, I’ve done that.

So here’s a quick how-to on how I do a smokey eye in under 10 minutes and with just using browns, blacks, and my fingers!

  1. Using a light brown eyeshadow, use your middle finger to dab the color all around  your eyelids while leaving a space between your eyebrows and the shadow. I used the same powder I used for my eyebrows on my eyes. (Christian Cosmetics, Dark Brown eyebrow makeup)
  2. Using a darker shade of brown, use another clean finger to dab the color all over the lower eyelid up to the crease or the part where the line of your eyelids lie. Its usually where you feel your eyeball curve. (Shawili two-way eyebrow duo)
  3. If there’s a harsh line, start pressing your fingers lightly on the line to warm it up and to blend the lines together. If you’re not comfortable doing this, you may take a brush and blend.
  4. Take black powder and use your pinky finger to apply it at the lash line. Make sure its a thin line that will not cover up the whole darker brown powder that you applied for step 2. Do step 3 until it is well blended and it looks like step 4. (Shawili two-way eyebrow duo)
  5. Take a liquid liner and do a quick line. Draw the line as close to lash as possible to create the illusion of fuller eyelashes and more defined eyes. Do not put a wing on it. This will make the eyes look smaller. (The Body Shop liquid liner)
  6. Curl your lashes and pop some 2-3 coats of mascara and you are good to go! (Nichido curlash and Estee Lauder Mini Mascara)

TMUA TIP: Since I have small eyes and is somewhat mono-lid, I did not line the lower lash line since it will emphasize my eyebags and make me look older.

Now you can enjoy your quick and fuss free smokey eyes!



Got a sample of that BECCA Ultimate Coverage Complexion foundation I’ve been drooling over for the last few months + bought Clinique Airbrush Concealer (because Lisa Eldridge finally sold me on it).

The foundation is a lot more yellow (it’s actually neutral, but BECCA’s “neutral” is yellow leaning, unlike UD’s which is pink-leaning) than my previous ones and I think it works better. Pink-toned foundations seem to emphasize the redness on my face more. So I’ll wear this for a few days and if it doesn’t break me out, I’m fucking doing it- I’m buying it.

anonymous asked:

hi makeup ambassadress! i just want to ask something pero hindi to pangmakeup. i have dark undearms kasi. hindi naman siya super dark talaga (defensive??) lol! pero makikita talaga na hindi siya pantay sa skin tone ko. do you have any products na maiirecommend? and i also want you to know na hindi ako gumagamit ng deo. hindi naman daw ako mabaho at hindi ako masyadong nagsesweat. pero gusto kong itry yung block & white deo sa post mo. more power po!

Hi anon!

Well actually, some of my loved ones and close friends suffer with dark underarms. Like you, it’s not Akon-dark but its more like Nicki Minaj-dark. It becomes noticeable because it doesn’t blend in with the rest of your skin.

Now my Mom hails from Nueva Ecija and we lived there for at least a decade. While I was growing up, my Chinese ancestry and the province life meshed well together. We had a lot of fruits and plants so we used them everyday.

My Mom used to take big-ass baskets of calamansi, have the maid cut all of them in half, and squeeze them directly to my armpits, knees, and elbows. I was about 6 or 7 back then and had no dark skin but she said that the Vitamin C helps prevent discoloration especially when you go out and be under the sun.

I still do it today and true enough, I have no severe dark spots. Even some people I know used it and their dark spots got lighter within a few weeks. You just have to commit to doing it at least twice or thrice a week before taking a bath. Take a calamansi, gently rub it on the area and wait for a few minutes before washing it off. It also takes away any body odor. 

It’s not a miracle drug but its cheap, organic, and effective. 

Plus, you know…Moms know best. ;)

Hope I helped!



Lately I’ve been experimenting with contouring and like a normal make-up blogger, I’ve failed more times than Edison did in trying to invent a lightbulb. But as the optimist in him (and me) says, I didn’t fail but I just found a lot of ways on how to contour improperly.

So after a lot of trial-and-error, here is some fool proof contouring how-to for dummies.

  1. Start with a clean face.
  2. Using a cream/liquid foundation that is at least 1 or 2 shades darker than your skin, follow the points of your face that you would like to minimize. Anything darker on your face will be minimized. This will include the hollows of your cheeks (the hollow part of your cheeks when you do a fishy face), the temples of your forehead, your jawline, and your chin. Refer to the photo below step 3. (BYS Matte Liquid Foundation in Medium Beige)
  3. Now using a cream/liquid foundation that is at least 1 or 2 shades lighter than your skin, follow the points of your face that you would like to highlight. Just fill in all the bare spots that you left. Anything that is highlighted will come forward and will look brighter. This will include your eyebags, cheeks, and t-zone. Refer to this photo. (Maybelline Mineral Power Natural Perfecting Foundation in Light #1 and ELF cover all stick in Apricot)

  4. Now using a cream/foundation that is yellow based and is your skin tone, gently use a stippling brush to blend everything together. This will mix the colors together. Just make sure you don’t blend harshly. Try to maintain the highlights and contour you made. (BYS Matte Liquid Foundation in Sand Beige)
  5. This is how your blended foundation should look like.
  6. To give it staying power, use loose powders and a powder puff to set it. Use a lighter powder for the highlight by gently patting the powder in place. Avoid the contours. (CoverGirl Professional Loose Powder in 105)
  7. Using a blush brush or an angled blush brush, pop in some bronzer to build color on the contour. (L’oreal Glam Bronze)
  8. Admire the bad-ass work you just did and high five your beautiful self in the mirror.

TMUA TIP: You can make several looks for this if you just follow the previous post (HOW TO: QUICK SMOKEY LOOK) and try on different lipsticks and hairstyles. 

Anything else you might like to share to our fellow make-up lovers? hit my ask button. ;)



I actually shot this around the end of July. I never really got around to posting it until the end of August and I realized, “hey! Wouldn’t it be cool if I post 21 pictures of my very first photoshoot on my 21st birthday?”

First off, I’d like to thank the photographer Mikko Gatchalian for inviting me to do this shoot. I’d never imagined in a million years that I’ll have the courage to do it but you made me so comfortable throughout the shoot and it was a really nice experience. Plus the fact that your shots are so awesome I didn’t really want to edit most of it. :)

Second, thank you Ate Eliza Villapando for literally holding my hand and telling me I can do it. I was really afraid but you were there and you even drove me to the shoot and hung out with me and I was really glad you were there. So proud of your pictures too!

Thirdly, I’d like to give a shout out to every single girl out there who’s insecure of her body. You see, I didn’t want to do this because I was afraid of the aftermath. In my head, I had to explain to people why I did it. It includes answering questions including: Are you slowly transitioning into a porn star? Are you trying to channel Jinri Park here? Are you gonna be an artista? Bakit ka pumo-photoshoot, hija?

You know, generally just answering their questions if this is a rebellious phase or am I turning slutty and the likes. The most difficult question though to answer is why I did it when I’m at my size. Why don’t I just wait it out until I’m done with my diet or maybe when I lose just a tad more weight or when  my zit on the chin finally heals out or when I get my hair fixed again at the salon.

You see I’m not one of those girls who gets thrown “hottie!” or “gorgeous, babe!” or “sexy!” or “beautiful!” as compliments a lot. My friends and I usually retort to using the words “skanky ho” or “you scantily-clad slut” as expression of general liking of each other. Not that we hate each other. It’s just that I think we’re afraid of thinking people might think we’re so vain if we start praising each other’s beauty (and I have a lot of beautiful friends) even when if it happens to be true. 

And that’s why I did it. I want to end that era of me taking only headshots to compensate for the fact that I don’t have the stereotypical “sexy” body. I want to inspire all the other ladies out there to love their body, their look, their totality. It’s what you have been blessed with.. Don’t be afraid to feel beautiful (but maintain humility at all times). Don’t be afraid to have to actually dress up and do your hair and makeup before you feel totally beautiful. Don’t be afraid of looking and feeling sexy because its not wrong, its just female nature. It’s not about being slutty or showing skin. It’s about being comfortable and secure enough that you are not afraid when people see the different sides of you. You can be beautiful or sexy or even both in any body/look that you currently have. It’s all up to you.

I do not condone obesity or an unhealthy lifestyle. I am all for people going healthy and doing things for their own safety. What I’m not all for is degrading people when they look “unhealthy” in your eyes. I understand that some people might want some changes in their lifestyle for health issues or vanity reasons and hey, that’s totally fine with me. What I’m advocating here is loving yourself in whatever state you’re in.

I’ve been big, small, medium, larger than big, smaller, and then larger again—-basically I’ve had so many sizes through the years and somehow I couldn’t seem to love my look. I just realize how much I loved how I look after I already changed. I never felt confident in how I look ever because people always had something bad to say. Is it so goddamn hard to tell someone she’s beautiful without the fucking ‘but’? “You’re beautiful but…”—-YOU HAVE TO CUT THAT OUT. They’re just words but it messes people up for life.

Some people—-they might be big but they may run farther than you ever can or they might be thin but they can lift bigger boulders than you. There so much things that size and looks may not accurately tell you.

I think I stated my coming-of-age-explanation well enough. So without further ado, here’s my Bedhead shoot in all its booby glory :))

21 PHOTOS FOR 21 YEARS! #heeeeey :))


Got so much inspiration from my idols at Plump Pinay by the way. At first I thought I really can’t do it. I know it’s not a big deal but their blog and their words of encouragement for everybody (literally) just gave me the push I needed. Cheers to Flower Power!



Here’s the second part of my cheap finds at Watson’s! Its called WHAT THE HELL EDITIONbecause you will find tips here that you probably have never heard of before. :))

 I hope you find the tips useful!

If you haven’t seen the first part, check it out here:




Aloe Vera and Vitamin E

PRICE: Php 30-40

USAGE: When needed


This common product has so many uses; I don’t even know where to start. Well actually I do know and we’ll start with the face. I usually use Johnson’s Baby Oil as a make-up remover. Other branded make-up removers have oil in them and water and they cost a fortune. So I took a cotton pad and used this and it’s very effective in taking off water-proof make-up. It also leaves your skin moisturized so if you use a make-up removing soap, it won’t be as dry as it would.

I also use this as part of my DIY facial scrub. I take two teaspoonful of brown sugar and about 4 drops of baby oil into it and mix it. I use it on my elbows, knees, face, and armpits. It acts as exfoliator and the best part is that you can add your own twist to it. I put lemon/calamansi juice into it to make my skin brighter after scrubbing. *wink, wink*

RATING: Sounds weird but do try!



Go Fresh

Cucumber Green Stick Deodorant

PRICE: Below Php 100

USAGE: Everyday okay!


Before I discovered the spray-on deodorant, I used the stick. I don’t like using the liquid formula of deodorants because its feels like a dragon licked my underarm and it will only dry after a few decades. So whenever I’m broke and can’t afford a costlier spray deo, I go for this. It smells cucumber-fresh and it doesn’t have that sticky feeling at all.

If you feel like you’ve worked out your own sweat gland already and your underarms aren’t doing the madlang people any justice, just get a clean towel or tissue, spray it with some alcohol and dab it on the sweaty area to get rid of the germs. Then swipe another of the stick deo. This will help to clean the area and get rid of any foul smell.

RATING: Mandatory!


Daily Sun Protect Facial Moisturizer

Double Sunscreen SPF 15

PRICE: Php Below 150

USAGE: Before every venture to the outside world


I use it in the morning every after I washed and toned my face. It’s creamier than Celeteque and keeps the moisture in my face balanced. I have some rough spots after I wash my face so it keeps those areas moisturized.

If you feel like your BB cream or foundation is too pasty or too much of color, you can always add a dot or two of this moisturizer to break it up a little bit. It also helps the foundation/BB cream to adhere better to your face. It also keeps the face smooth throughout the day instead of caking.

RATING: With its price, this one is a best buy



PRICE: Below Php 50

USAGE: Every day (that’s for OC freaks like me)


Do you ever have those annoying hang nails? Dry cuticles that peel off and eventually bleed and make it look like you ate your own finger? Yeah, been there, done that. I used cuticle remover and some lotion to moisturize that part of my finger and my nails but it never does the work. After much obsessing over my nails, I finally found this. It’s more water than oil and it absorbs into the skin after a few minutes. It doesn’t smell annoying but it has this herb smell but I still use it frequently and it really helps me from not developing dry, peeling skin.

RATING: Must try for nail freaks, a so-so for apathetic people


PRICE: Below Php 60

USAGE: Every manicure and pedicure sesh


I just had this moment in my life where I obsessed over my nails because it’s the first time I’m actually wearing them long. I used to change the color almost every other day or whenever I see the tiniest chip from it. Then I realized that my fingernails became looking clean and healthy to disgustingly yellow and surprisingly fragile. It cracks at the mildest bumps and it looks so gross. After researching, I realized that I was using too much chemicals on my fingernails. That’s when I discovered base coats.

A base coat protects your fingernails from directly absorbing the chemicals from the nail polish itself. It also helps your fingernails to develop a harder shell so it won’t break as easily. I noticed that most manicurists/pedicurists’ shops don’t apply this so I bought one for myself and ask them to apply it every time. True enough, it prevented severe yellowing of my nails and it also hardened the shell especially the tips.

RATING: Every girl must know this. Spread the word.



PRICE: Below Php 30

USAGE: Daily


As I’ve said, I’ve been using a lot of things for babies because they usually have milder ingredients and typically won’t harm my skin. This particular product though, doesn’t only help absorb excess oil in my skin and make me smell baby-fresh, but it helps my hair.

I know you’re going “B*tch say whuuuut” right now but here’s a real Angelina Jolie trick. To achieve that silky straight hair without the frizz, start by blow-drying your hair to perfection.  Then, grab Johnson’s baby powder, put a little on your hand and start tapping it directly into your scalp until it is absorb and there are no white streaks left. The powder will absorb the future excess oil on your hair and will keep it from being oily and help your straight hair last longer. High five all-year round sisters.

RATING: Surprisingly true so check it out



PRICE: Got it for free -__-

USAGE: Twice a week


Using this felt like building a house right on my face but instant effect made it all worth it. It comes in powder form and you just put a few droplets of water (according to the consistency you want) and stir until liquid form. Then you can take you fingers or a flat concealer brush and put it all over your face, avoiding the eyes and the mouth.

The skin seems to be brighter and smoother right after use. I also swiped some freshly-picked aloe vera from our garden to freshen the feeling up.

RATING: Heaven sent! Must-try!

Hope this helped!




I know I should have blogged about this days ago but I’ve been so busy with office and all. So let me give it to you in one swift-looking sentence:


I know, I know. Hold your ovaries and stop the confetti and let me tell you about it. :))

So last Saturday I joined BYS cosmetic’s ambush make-over competition. I really thought it was legit ambush make-over so I didn’t bring a model. Little did I know that the other competitors brought their own models and that might have affected my confidence a little bit. I would know because I couldn’t eat properly. When I can’t eat, you know there’s a problem. I even ate when I had AH1N1.



So I panicked my way in Mall of Asia with Yla, frantically looking for someone who could resemble my model. I was about to give it up when I stumbled upon Jean, a pretty 21-year old who was happily dating her boyfriend one Saturday afternoon. We were like vultures circling them until I finally grew the lady balls to ask her to be my model. Thank God she was super nice because she readily gave me her number and promised to come back for the competition.


Come 2:30 and she actually went to the competition. I was so nervous mainly because everyone else looks professional. They carried their makeup tools and suitcases and had their  tool belts on and all I had was (and I shit you not when I tell you this) was a small green eco bag and inside it was my 21-piece brush set, cotton buds, my beauty blender and a tissues. Talk about pro, right?

So when the manager oriented us, I told myself not to pay any attention to anyone else in the competition. Not even the audience. We only had 30 minutes and we could only use BYS cosmetics and nothing else. So like the nervous wreck that I was, I went to my happy place and did the best I could.


I work best with smokey eyes. Its my forte as of the moment. So I did exactly that. But at the end I realized it as too simple. Since I’ve been practicing ombre lips, I decided to go from purple inward to pink outwards.

I know. My model is pretty. (insert evil laugh here) So when the judges called all the participants over at 6PM, my heart was beating so loudly I can’t even hear the evil voices in my head anymore. But long story short, I became part of the top 5 (me in the jacket and beside me is Jean, my model):

and then became the first runner up!

Not only that but I got to meet and fangirl over L’oreal’s chief make-up artist Gex Garcia! :)


NEXT STOP: SPENDING THAT 5K GC WORTH OF MAKE-UP IN SATURDAY WITH YLA. I’ll review the BYS products I’m getting so stay tuned! :)





I know most of you have watched the recently-launched music video of Katy Perry for Roar and I know most of you also judged your existence when you saw how gorgeous Katy was in her back-to-basics look with matching leopard print bra and an organic tutu. Now I tried to copy her peg for the first time and ended up with this:

Now I tried to recreate that and here is the result! A Roar-inspired make-up tutorial! Hope you enjoy!

  1. First off, start with a clean moisturized face.
  2. Using your favorite foundation and even out your skin tone.
  3. Use a sponge or a buffer or in my case, an egg shaped Model’s Own beauty blender. Quick tip: run the sponge under water first and squeeze excess liquid. Then use blotting motions to blend the foundation. This will help you to blend better without the sponge absorbing all the foundation.
  4. Since in the video, Katy’s face looked really fresh and bright, we’ll have to highlight our key points. Take your favorite concealer which is one or two shades lighter than your skin, and put it on your highlight points including: T-zone area, cheekbones, eye bags, temples, and under the hollows of your cheeks.
  5. After blending that out, take a flat-top brush or a kabuki brush and set the foundation with a light translucent powder. Make sure to tap the powder lightly so you don’t move your foundation from it’s place.
  6. Then take an angled blush brush, dip it into an orange-tint blush. Then gently start your way from the hairline while filling in the hollows of your cheeks to the cheekbones. Don’t worry if it looks too harsh, there will be time to blend it.
  7. Now using the same flat-top brush or kabuki, you will now take some translucent powder and go over the blush you just did. This is to ensure the blending and to ensure that it looks subtle since Katy’s look in the video was very subtle.

  8. Now Katy’s eyebrows in the video were much defined but I wanted to give it a twist and go for a lighter note since I want the focus to be on the eyes. So get your light black eyebrow pencil and start forming your brows. It doesn’t have to be super concise, just follow your line and clean it up. Put some powder afterwards to set it.
  9. Now using an angled eyeshadow brush, get the same brown powder you used on your eyebrows and start drawing a straight line down your nose. This will help contour it so it doesn’t look flat in the pictures.

  10. The line looks harsh at first and so you’ll need your fingers to blend it out. Remember to blend it outwards of the nose, not inwards to the bridge.
  11. Next is to take a white cream eyeshadow since Katy’s look is subtle but it glows when the light hits it. Dab it gently all over your eyes.                                   

  12. Using a black pencil, rim the inside of your upper eyelids. This will help emphasize the shape of your eyes like Katy’s.
  13. For the lips, use a warm pink tone for the whole lips.
  14. Then take a red lip tint, dab a few at the center of the lips and smudge with your fingers. This will help achieve the natural Katy lips in the roar video.

  15. Just pop in some lashes and you’re done!

FINIIISSSHHHED! Now all you need is your flower crown and a real-life Tiger. Gotta give me points for wearing that Tiger headband. :))

I love how you can wear this look anytime, anywhere. Suggestions? Comments? Hit me up at my message/ask button!


Mis-En-Scene: A Fashion Photography Exhibit

Last night I attended Mis-En-Scene, a photography exhibit that showcased the works of photography student from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde. Usually, I wouldn’t be caught dead in such high-end elite events like these because

  • A.) I believe that heels is one of the torture inventions for women invented by the devil himself and
  • B.) I can easily get nominated and win via landslide the most awkward penguin award anytime of the year.

But since my college BFF was part of the exhibitors I was sworn to BFF code to come.

Another reason why I was there is because I did the hair and make-up for the shoot that she was exhibiting. And yep it was technically my very first exhibit as well. The shoot was inspired from the comic book/movie Coraline. So here are some of the behind-the-scenes we did:

The mother and other mother (yes that is her name)

Coraline and the legit behind the scenes:

That’s me doing the make-up and the stylist holding multiple gowns :))

And here are some of the works exhibited in the exhibit:

of course I did the hair, make-up, and styling for both me and the photographer Yla. Tell me what you think!

So all in all, we had a blast.

We had a little bit to drink that made every excruciating moment with my 5.5 inch heels tolerable. Cheers!


BYS COSMETICS LAUNCH: My first pro-make up experience

Last night I’ve had my very first experience to be behind-the-scenes of a fashion show. It was actually a cosmetics launch of BYS Cosmetics here in the Philippines. They’re an Australian-based brand that has sailed to the Philippine shores and went straight to the loving arms of SM and Watson’s. :))

I was supposed to only assist Elaine, the chief make-up artist for the show for that day. And by assisting I thought I was going to run for errands, bring them their food, carry their bags, bring them a latte and all that horror-assistant stories we’ve learned from the Devil Wears Prada. But that wasn’t what God planned for me that day.

I met the awesome hair and make-up team hours (and by hours I mean about half a day) before the show started. We hung out and waited for the models to finish rehearsing. After the rehearsals, Elaine and the creative director reviewed the pegs and we went to work.

INSERT THE AWESOME HAIR AND MAKEUP TEAM: (and yes I’m the youngest and under-est dressed)

I was really clueless on what to do so in Filipino terms "nga-nga" moment ang peg ko. So I stood there and offered to help them carry or assemble their make-up stations. I feel like all my energy went out the door when Elaine asked me to do the bases of the make up. I know its a very trivial job but I was hoping I’ll just watch them work and I’ll be a happy bee. But I picked up a brush, mixed up swatches and went to work.

EXHIBIT A: hahahahahaha

Yes I was wearing flip flops because I was so unprepared and my shoes got wet because it was raining ala 2012 outside. But now I know I have to be presentable at all times.AT ALL TIMES. :))

Anyway I started with one model and ended up getting more. I did about 6 or 7 bases. I was quite happy with that achievement already—that I was able to help put together a beautiful masterpiece. But wait! There’s more! :))

As Elaine was called by the creative director, they found out that he wanted to do 25 looks…on 25 models. Meaning each model will have a different look. So them almost peeing their pants was a bit of an understatement. But that’s what the boss said so that’s what they did. That was a lot of peg so at the end of the meeting, they decided to let me have the easiest one. 

I was super scared because I really just wanted to watch and I didn’t want them to see if ever I mess up. But it was an opportunity so I grabbed it. When I was finished, Elaine had to tell me to strengthen the look of my brows it was too pretty and not strong. After that the models were called for fittings and accessories and most of the models were sent back to us with editings. The creative director wanted the look differently and I was slightly discouraged that my models were one of the ones sent back. He said he didn’t want a strong brow this time and he wants a pinker shade and a nude lip and well I just decided to do my own thing and let him judge.

They went on stage at about 7PM and the event was beautiful (without any biases). It was classy and elegant and the atmosphere screamed “HEY BUY THIS SHIT COZ WE CLASSY YO” :))) 

When I first saw my model come down the runway I was like:

but deep inside I was:

And I think some of them noticed because Elaine tapped my shoulder and shook my hand and said “uy congrats! In fairness ha!" I died and went to make-up heaven.

My model was great. She was super friendly and pretty! Before and after shots please! :))

Her theme was avante-garde meaning it has to be abstract and out of this world but the creative director still wanted her to be pretty or in his accent “PURTEY”. I didn’t have a camera so I just grabbed the photos from the other MUAs. See? UNPREPARED. :))

I did my best and she rocked the runway!

It was an amazing experience and I realized its really my passion. I was dead tired but I still stayed awake until 3AM just so I can tell my brother about it. :))

I got good news after too. More gigs in future hopefully! Thank you Lord for all your blessings.



TMUA CHEAP FINDS HAVEN: Watson's Philippines (PART 1)

I think that the biggest problem about skincare is not skin condition, not the product range, or not even the weather. When it comes to skin care, I believe budget is the most common problem of both the working and non-working population. Not only does it determine the limit of products you can afford, it also dictates the frequency of usage. Now before I start sounding more like a nuclear physicist, let’s go to a more makeupambassador-friendly options that you can choose from.

Everything that is listed below is recommended according to my experiences with them. I’ve used each and every single one of them and so far, I have no severe allergic reactions and as you notice, I’m still very much alive and typing this article for you. These are the products that I worshipped when I was still a student and was running on an allowance while battling acne and stress-related rough patches. So without further ado, here are my favorite picks from my favorite go-to drugstore—Watson’s Philippines.



Blackheads and Whiteheads remover

PRICE: Php 18.00

USAGE: twice a week


I swore by this product even from my previous posts. This line has helped me minimize the size of my pores especially in the t-zone area. My trick is that I put a very thin layer of the product on my nose-cheek area. After it dries, I put a second thicker layer to cover all the spots I missed. This helps to pull out the blackheads and white heads and keep the pores clean for further exfoliation.

RATING: heaven-sent




Peel Off Mask

PRICE: Php 22.00

USAGE: twice a week


I don’t really go for whitening products since I am already a few shades away from being albino but I like using a mask that tightens my face. This product lifts the face gently while drying off to be a mask. You can pull it quickly so you can actually see some of the facial hair you’ve been wanting to pluck gone.

RATING: can live with it, can live without it



Whitening Anti-Perspirant deodorant spray

PRICE: More than 100, less than 150

USAGE: Everyday unless you’re underarms are blessed by mythical god with great after-sweat smell


This is the first ever spray on deodorant I’ve used and I like it because it smells like a garden of flowers collected by angels and reduced into a can. Some might feel like the smell is too strong but it gently fades away as the air dries it out. It’s not sticky unlike roll-on and it doesn’t solidify like deo-stick. It dries like you put nothing on your skin and again, smells like garden in a can.

RATING: Do try!




Thermal Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner Duo

PRICE: Php 280 per bottle

USAGE: Conditioner-everyday; Shampoo-every other day


I’ve been insecure about my hair ever since I was a little girl because I used to have this walis-hair. Yep it literally looked like a broom and by using the word literally, I really meant it. My hair used to be mistaken as a broom or as a steel wool for taking the rice bits of plates when you wash the dishes. Anyway, I started rebonding my hair in college and realized that although it helped my hair become more manageable and more presentable, it also damaged my hair. I also experimented and learned hairstyling with iron by then and the ends just split like a couple going through divorce. So I started discovering hair protecting products and my latest find is this. Not only does its smell last the whole day, it also leaves my chemically-treated, heat-damaged hair super soft and an almost no-suklay state. I’m not sure if it also works the same for normal untreated hair but my family (three boys and a mom) uses it and they all like it as well.

Several of the hairstylists I worked with recommended that I only shampoo every other day. Shampooing strips the hair of its much needed oils and excessive shampooing might lead to dry scalp and dandruff. I use conditioner every day because it’s much lighter and it already gives my hair its much needed daily moisture. If I went to the gym or just had a long hot day and my hair feels sticky already, I’ll shampoo lightly. I’ll combine a small amount of shampoo with a bigger amount of water and make bubbles. It’ll help to not take away too much oil on your scalp but still leave you with that clean feeling.

RATING: heaven-sent!




SPF 24 triple whitening lotion

PRICE: Php 285.00 for 350ml

USAGE: Everyday (A MUST!)


I can’t stress this enough: SPF IS A MUST! Just imagine SPF as clothing. If you went out without it, you’d be completely naked and you are more prone to gross things. Vaseline is probably the most affordable body lotion out there with the highest SPF to match. Sure it’s a little bit stickier than Nivea but it’s a lot cheaper and that really weighs in a lot on me. My Chinese ancestry kicks in when I start comparing the product to others but after a few weeks using it, my skin completely loved it. I even put it on at night because the moisture helps my skin stay supple and soft for the morning when I wake up. The only con is that it gets a little sticky when I sweat. Although a lot of lotions with SPF does that.

RATING: Mandatory!




FACIAL MOISTURIZER with triple hydration technology

ALCOHOL FREE TONER with Hazel Witch Extract

PRICE: Php 127.00 for 50ml. moisturizer; Php 85.00 for 65ml Toner

USAGE: Twice a day/ morning and night


This duo has changed my beauty regimen forever. Ever since my derma recommended that I use the mildest products because my skin is a little sensitive and I was young at that time (17 years old), I scoured Watson’s for products that are water-based and hypoallergenic. After washing my face with my usual facial wash, I take a cotton pad and use Celeteque’s Toner. It takes the excess facial wash or other product residue on your face to make sure it’s squeaky clean. (Okay it’s not squeaky but it’s very clean.) After it dries almost instantly, I pat on the Celeteque water-based moisturizer (at night. I use a moisturizer with SPF in the morning). It’s very light and you won’t even feel a thing. Try to continue this regimen every day for at least two weeks and you’ll notice the difference.

RATING: Mandatory!

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Accepting corrections if you have them. :)



TMUA HOW TO: Sun-Protected Dewy Summer Look

I have been doing this look every single hot day in our country. So basically, I do it almost every day.. I like that it only uses three things and no applicators at all. It looks so natural plus it lets you wear the much needed SPF for your face. So without further ado, let’s get this bitch rolling.

  1. Like what I always say, start with a clean face. Since it’s summer, our face tends to be oilier than usual. So I washed my face with Cetaphil and used a Celeteque toner to make sure my face is squeaky clean.
  2. To start off, use an SPF. They usually have a gray/white cast but this one doesn’t. They can also serve as your moisturizer ao you can skip that part. In this case, I used this new brand called Dermplus. It has SPF 80 and its good to use for face and body. It sells for around Php 350 for 100ml.

  3. Pose with your hair down like me. It makes this tutorial look non-creepo.
  4. Now summer is the time where you can legally show your flaws and no one will judge you for it. Embrace the eyebags and every big pore you have. But if you’re not comfortable, you can always rely on the following: stick concealer (heavy duty), sheer foundation (sheer—as in), and liquid concealer (sheer pa rin, girl). I opted to use the sheer foundation from BYS to cover up my eyebags and the pimple mark on my chin. I left all the other pimple mark to help achieve the no make-up look.

  5. Using your fingers, gently pat the concealer in place. Blend well.
  6. Pose and admire your bad-ass work.
  7. Take your favorite pink lipstick and dab it on your fingers. I used Maybelline in Fuchsia Fresia 40.

  8. Pat on your cheeks and blend well for a flushed look. This will give you the dewy-sun-kissed look.
  9. Be happy, have a drink, find a fling, and enjoy summer!

TMUA TIP: All of the products I used helps me have a well moisturized skin throughout the day. The lipstick I used was not matte so it absorbs into my cheeks and I did not use powder to set the foundation so it just absorbs into my skin as well. If my face oils, I can just wipe it with a tissue or blotting paper and the dewy look will still be there. Don’t forget to drink lots of water and a lip balm with SPF to prevent discoloration. Have a happy summer!


manuelavonmeinhardis asked:

Sehr dank Jap! (thats thank you very much in german) I have an upcoming senior's tribute to attend to in a few days. Students are gonna wear cocktail dresses, so yeah, I'm kinda freakin' out cos I dunno what to wear or what make-up I should pull off. I'm thinkin' something edgy yet smart. Since I have short hair now, I'm gonna style it being pushed up. I also have killer heels here I'm excited to wear to the event. What eye shadow make up can you suggest?

Darth Vader! (It’s the only thing German I know and I got it from Pitch Perfect and…) GUTEN TAG! (My friend in college took 4 classes of German and this is the only thing she remembers.)

First of all, I am in love with your blog. I bow down to your photoshop skillz.

Second, your hairstyle is so rockin’, I think you can pull of just any look. But just to be safe, I always try to accentuate one feature of my face. It’s either gonna be bold eyes and neutral lips or bold lips and neutral eyes. It never fails and its always a hit.

Since you have a boyish hair cut, you can go for more feminine looks to balance everything. You can use pastel colors or go for the blacks (just be careful in blending). Here are some pegs to help you. :)

Here’s some Anne Hathaway, Rachel McAdams, and some Jap Angeles for you. :)



If you have any more questions on how to do them, don’t hesitate to ask again!

Hope I helped.


TMUA TIP# 4: Before you exfoliate, steam your face first to open up your pores and scrub deeper.

You can do this by heating up 2 cups of water and pouring it on a wide bowl. Then take a towel, drape it over your head and put your face over the bowl near enough to take the steam from the warm water. This will help open up your pores and will help you exfoliate better.