As much as he may not like it, Danny knows that he’s pretty much everyone’s token gay friend. He also knows, thanks to his extensive trips to Beacon Hills’ resident gay bar, that he isn’t alone. Not that Danny cares, he knows that being gay isn’t what defines him.

Danny’s father was born and raised in the lovely state of Hawaii, his mother a native Californian, the two meeting up when the two both of the attended Stanford University, majoring in Political Science.

Danny doesn’t really like to think about any more about his parents’ relationship. In any case his upbringing was relatively normal. His dad stayed home sometimes, and sometimes his mom stayed home. The majority of time though he was home alone, or at lacrosse practice. It seems like he’s always been playing lacrosse, and he knows that it’s instilled a lot of his core values. Now that he’s in high school and doing his best to balance his academic, athletic, and love life, he’s really just hoping that he can handle it all.


He’s been wiser than his young years for some time now.

His year has been fast, and full. His life is a concept of a story worthy of Stephen King, but probably more-so likely to be picked up by Doon Koontz (because he’s a sly bitch, that guy). His neck is on a permanent swivel, and he’s constantly adapting, feeling more like Darwin stepped from the pages of a comic than the boy he actually is; supposed to be, at least. He’s run more for his life, and really, track should be more his thing than lacrosse these days. He certainly perseveres when it comes to using ones’ feet. But really, written down amongst a fashion; it could be confusing. The conveyancing could come across as though he finds a content in it all. A certain level of fun.

He doesn’t.

His bones are made of fear and growth. Werewolves and demons have hardened him, perhaps more so in a way that no one notices. He’s not any different - since he won’t let it come through. The clutch of a demon, the near-death of his friends, and the throb of magic is all a piece of new to his life on top of the rest. He’s a survivor, of the stubborn variety, categorized with a side of “bat shit crazy”. But we’re not talking Lydia Martin crazy. (Because no one can make it look as good as she did.)

It’s the past few months that have been the most corruptive. Sometimes, he remembers. He remembers the laugh, that was his but not. He remembers Brittany’s fear and Scott’s fury. He remembers how good it felt. How pleased he was, but wasn’t. Skin that was his stretched over bones that was his, hiding away what wasn’t him. If anything, he could only compare it to someone holding a pair of binoculars, but you yourself being the one to peer through it. 

Of course, if binoculars were fucked up hellspawn.

Lately, the struggle feels like fitting in. There’s a block he’s convinced is there. What use is he? A body; susceptible? Easy pickings? What good is he?  The demon had broken his confidence. It never clipped his stride, but he doubts himself more often. His magic ripples, the little that he’s built himself up to gain and own, and his belief for it is ruptured. But he’s Stiles, and Stiles is a survivor - and he’ll move on. That’s what Stilinski’s do. 

That’s what they’re used to. 

               "Can someone kill him again please?"

⇝ Stiles Stilinski | 17 | Human | TAKEN

   Stiles Stilinski isn’t your average junior. He’s a little more awkward than most, but that’s a “normal” thing. What isn’t normal is the fact that he happens to be acquainted with one too many wolves. One being his best friend, Scott McCall

   He’s lived in Beacon Hills his whole life and even the previous generation of his family has. Beacon Hills is where his parents fell in love, where his mother died, and where he’s met the kid that changed his spit-poor life all together. 

   While he may be considered the sidekick, Stiles has the tendency to save the day here and there. Perhaps it’s because he’s often the one being overlooked when supernatural occurrences happen to bubble.

   Ever since the incident with the Alpha pack and Darach, Stiles has been on the edge more than ever. It didn’t help that only a few weeks ago the “spontaneous meteor shower” gave him a funny feeling deep within the blackened void he’s developed. Stiles doesn’t make much of a fuss about it, however, he and his friends have other things to worry about now.


É impressionante, sismo com isso, é com isso que vai sismar até o final, é, to falando da minha melhor amiga. Ela é inteligente pra caralho e eu to sempre copiando as lições dela, afinal, melhores amigas nas horas boas e ruins né? Ela também tá sempre mexendo no cabelo de cindo em cinco minutos, ela adora ler, mas tipo, parece pior que meu vício no meu “quase namorado”. Ela também adora me dar umas porradas porque eu sou um pigmeu ambulante. Simplesmente adora me encher as paciências e tá sempre fazendo merda comigo, sempre, sem exceção. Gosta de prestar atenção na aula, mas eu falo mais que a boca, então isso não dá muito certo. Ela tá sempre sendo obrigada a ouvir minhas músicas e canta-las comigo independente do momento, é assim que tem que ser. Mas pra quem não entendeu, eu sou ciumenta ao extremo em relação a ela, então, nunca chame-a de “minha” porque caralho, ela não é sua, ela é minha, só minha e acabou! E independente de tudo, to com ela, do início até o final.“ (garota conflito) for (tmtw)

          ↳ ISAAC LAHEY ━ SIX.TEEN( BETA )

Isaac Lahey spent a good portion of his life doing everything he could to be neither seen nor heard. It was easier that way—if they didn’t notice him, they wouldn’t try and make him talk. When Isaac was nine, his mother left her family- taking off in the middle of the night for something more than suburbia and it was that moment that Isaac can pinpoint the shift in his father. It was a slow decline, starting off in a short temper and a few things shouted in anger, spiraling down into an almost constant barrage against Isaac and his older brother, Camden. He couldn’t really blame Camden for leaving as soon as he could- enlisting in the army and being shipped off almost immediately after graduating high school- but there was still a part of him that was angry with his brother for leaving him alone with their father. Only a year after Camden had joined the army, he was killed in combat and his death was what pushed Isaac’s father over the edge so to speak. He was ten years old the first time his father hit him and it wasn’t for a few months that Mr. Lahey discovered the freezer and just what sort of affect it had on his youngest son. 

The cycle of abuse continued as Isaac grew (even after several trips to the hospital, written off as pre-teen clumsiness and teenage stupidity) and ‘be neither seen nor heard’ became Isaac’s mantra as he started high school. It was more than just to keep from being bothered—it was about protecting his father. Isaac wasn’t stupid, he knew what would happen if anyone found out about what happened in his home.  With his mom God knows where and his brother six feet under, his dad was all the family he had left and even though the old man couldn’t be bothered to give much of a damn, Isaac wasn’t going to stop taking care of him. Besides, he didn’t want to be alone. So, he spent most of his time in silence, hunched over in a desk, trying to maintain grades that were satisfactory while working as a gravedigger in the cemetery that his father managed as the groundskeeper. 

It wasn’t until Derek Hale happened upon him one night in the cemetery that his life started to change. It was the power that the bite held that first attracted Isaac. He had spent the last few years feeling utterly powerless and the thought of being stronger and faster- being able to fight back- lured him in. It was the promise of a pack- the family dynamic he had been missing out on for too long- that cinched the deal for him. He took the bite and became the first beta in Derek Hale’s pack and from that moment, Isaac turned a complete 180. Where once he had been quiet and timid, perfectly happy to fade into the background, he was no longer going to be ignored- from the leather jacket hanging from his shoulders to the sardonic smirk that pulled up at his lips, people were going to start noticing Isaac Lahey as someone not to mess with. The anger and hurt that his father stirred in him turned to callousness and it was that same anger that fueled Isaac’s transformation. It isn’t until he starts to spend more time with Scott McCall that Isaac begins to realize that there is a different way of handling the change he had undergone. It’s the other boy’s example that sets Isaac’s bar and it’s still a struggle sometimes- to choose to do what’s right for the right reasons- but he’s constantly working on it. 

His father was murdered the night before his first full moon, leaving Isaac completely alone aside from his pack. As a result, he’s more than devoted to Derek- choosing to stay even when Erica and Boyd think of leaving the pack. After all, he gave him this life, this shot at something better—didn’t he deserve at least that much from him? It bothered him that Scott refused to join Derek’s pack, the line between who is pack and who is not blurring when it came to him. And as much as he wishes it wouldn’t, it irritates him to no end that Jackson is now a part of his pack- even if technically the other boy was bit first. He’s a little resistant to the addition at first but slowly finds himself at least trying to accept the newest member of his pack. 

The bite did not fix everything for Isaac. He’s scared most of the time- he’s just gotten better at hiding it. The insecurity is still there as well as the need to please everyone (except Jackson- Isaac could give a rat’s ass about making sure he’s happy) and take care of them. He’s still angry and hurt and just a little too willing to kill first, ask questions later, particularly when the safety of his pack is involved. And with this new Alpha pack that Derek and Peter told him about, he has the feeling that his pack’s safety is all the more jeopardized than it ever was with the Argents. 

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“Ele mentia; Ela acreditava; Ele ficava; Ela se apegava; Ele ria; Ela chorava; Ele se divertia; Ela se isolava; Ele zoava; Ela se machucava; Ele a usava; Ela se iludia; Ele ria das atitudes apaixonadas dela; Ela continuava correndo atrás; Ele passava mal de tanto rir; Ela passava mal da falta de amor dele; Ele começou a sofrer; Ela cansou se sofrer; Ele ficou pra baixo; Ela deu a volta por cima; Ele percebeu que ela era unica; Ela percebeu que ele era só mais um otário. (garota conflito) and (tmtw)

Day One of the Three Moves Three Weeks Challenge

Today is the first day of my TMTW Challenge and I decided to do all of my crunches and pushups in the evening after work because it’ll be a lot easier for me. The taking the stairs whenever I can is going to be easy for sure. I live on the second floor so I have to take the stairs and I’m on the 5th floor at work so I will be taking the stairs pretty much every day. I also live right next door to where I work so I’m walking a good distance to and from work as well. 

I don’t have anything that can track how many miles it would be from my apartment to the 5th floor but I will try and buy one of those step counters so I can see how many steps I’m making everyday!

I have a tumbler at work and I believe three or four glasses of it will count as my 8 8oz of water everyday. It’s a pretty big tumbler one too!

              Hi, I'm Tate. I'm dead. Wanna hook up?

Tate Langdon | Appears 17 | Human Ghost | TAKEN

     Tate is a sarcastic asshole, he pretends he cares about other peoples feelings when in reality he’s a selfish liar. It’d be advised to not get on Tate’s bad side, once you’re there it’s hard to get off and if you are there he isn’t afraid to make your life a living hell.

     After the falling of the angels the spell was broken on the Murder house, setting Tate and all the other ghosts free. 

Being set free after all those years of being trapped in the house caused Tate to become filled with a need for destruction. He goes around town doing things he never thought possible, mostly enjoying scaring people for the heck of it.

     His murderous side is still going strong, the number of deaths he’s caused in the high twenties now.

     Even with the new plethora of hunters in town he isn’t afraid to show his ghostliness to people. After all, where’s the fun of being freed if you can’t let loose and brush off the last bits of dust left behind?


Scott attends Beacon Hills High School in Beacon Hills, California, where he playslacrosse. His parents are divorced and he lives with his mother, Melissa, who works as a nurse at the Beacon Hills Hospital. He has an after school job at the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic as an assistant to Dr. Deaton. While wandering in the woods he was bitten by Alpha werewolf Peter Hale and cursed with lycanthropy. Before he was bitten he was an outcast at school and a bench warmer for the lacrosse team. He had asthma and was required to use an inhaler. He is now Co-Captain of the Beacon Hills High School Lacrosse team with Jackson Whittemore. According to the coach Bobby Finstock, he is the best player on the lacrosse team. Scott believes his new life as a werewolf is more of a curse than a gift. He occasionally becomes frustrated with his curse. Scott possesses all the physical and psychological characteristics of a Beta Werewolf.

               "What, are you some kind of witch?"

Isaac Lahey | 17 | Werewolf | TAKEN 

   Since moving in with Scott McCall, Isaac’s life has had it’s new set of pros and cons. He doesn’t quite mind the cons knowing that Scott’s willing to keep an eye on him and act as another crutch to get through anything thick or thin. They’ve been through everything together these past few weeks and has had their fair share of adventure. 

   All Isaac really wants is to be able to survive the rest of his Junior year without almost dying again. Although, nothing goes according to plan, especially not after what Scott explained when the whole dancing with Alphas and Druids finally came to an end. In response to this, Isaac could only tag team himself with the Argents and pray that they wouldn’t use him as bait anytime soon.

   Ever since the “meteor shower” Isaac’s been catching on to something sort of… fishy. One minute he’s training with Scott and Allison and the next, these three roughened looking guys come driving up to the Argent’s door. Isaac doesn’t make a big fuss out of it until the confusion is suddenly something that is mutually shared. 

   Isaac is still sort of suspicious about these new guys in Beacon Hills, but as long as they’re not set on harming anyone anytime soon, he’ll have to keep quiet about his assumptions. 

“Lembra de tudo? Jura que lembra minha melhor amiga? Dos nossos momentos juntas, dos nossos choros, das nossas risadas, das nossas viagens? Você lembra, dos nossos abraços e das nossas brincadeiras compartilhadas? Você sabia que eu te amo muito né? Você sabe que é a pessoa mais importante na minha vida, aquela pessoa que eu confio todos os meus segredos e que guardo nossa amizade a 7 chaves. Eu realmente, não sei o que seria de mim sem você aqui sabia? Eu te considero pra caralho minha prostituta, tá ligada disso né? Sete anos não é pra poucos né? Você é a melhor amiga de todo mundo, mesmo eu não demonstrando isso, só te agradeço por Deus ter colocado você na minha vida meu anjinho. Você é só minha ok? Eu te amo demais minha suja, girafa e feia.”

(garota conflito for tmtw)