We are pre-selling these collaborative 8 x 10 inch original panels online for $120.00 before they debut at False Gallery this upcoming January 18th, 2014. Each panel is a hand painted unique made with Acrylic and Gouache by the artists Haunted Euth and Tina St Claire. Contact to secure a panel. 

A little emotional at the moment. A little bit ago I found out that one of my favorite artists @tfail passed away. She was one of the artists that was super influential to me, and inspired me every day with her style, concepts, prolific way of life.
I am super fortunate that I was able to purchase the last available issue of TMRWLND sold through Serio Press. It’s hand made and features gorgeous silk screen pages of artwork made and signed by Tfail and Haunted Euth. This is going in a special place and will be given a good home. Her artwork and her influence is aflame and will continue to inspire.
#tfail #tmrwlnd #art #tsclaire

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