in the movie, minho told thomas that he’s already mapped every inch of the glade and that alby told him not to tell anyone so everyone would still have hope and my mind immediately flashed to when newt was telling thomas about the runners and how they were workin’ to get them out. that because of them there was hope. that’s when i realized that alby and minho hadn’t even told newt. alby mentioned the “dark days” and hinted that gladers whose names had been crossed out on the wall were lost to them ending their lives. but that was before there was order. sound familiar? remember how newt was ranting about order in the books? this might just be canon in the movie but alby and minho didn’t want newt to lose hope again and both mutually agreed to hide the truth from him. they didn’t want to cross out another name on that wall. 

“With a sickening, wet thunk, the dagger slammed into Chuck’s chest, burying itself to the hilt.”

“Newt moved away from Thomas’s side and toward Alby—but five or six Grievers had already burst to life and attacked the boy in a blur of metal and skin.”

“Please, Tommy. Please.”

“I only ever… cared for…”

Gally Analyses: Master Post

I’m sure there’s a lot more posts out there but these will have to do for now. I’ll keep adding to the list. 

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okay so i was thinking about that popular tumblr post about how you can only see things in black and white  until you meet your soulmate?

Imagine Thomas growing up in WICKED and not being allowed out of his room at all. He and Teresa are always isolated from the other kids. they haven’t met anyone. But he always hears them from his room, the laughter, the talking. There are lots of them, and he doesn’t understand why he can’t meet any of them. 

And then one day, around the time Thomas turned twelve, while one of WICKED’s guards are taking Thomas to a testing room, and they pass the cafeteria and it’s so obvious that those kids aren’t being guarded 24/7 unlike him, Teresa, Rachel and Aris. He can hear them running around and shouting and having a great time. 

Then suddenly, the doors of the cafeteria burst open and there’s this kid  with tanned skin and jet black hair and brown eyes and really pink lips, running and laughing while the other boys are yelling at him not to go because he’ll get in trouble. And he bumps into Thomas and Thomas is in shock because he’s never met any of the kids before. The kid looks at him with wide, surprised eyes and cocks his head to the side and says “I’ve never seen you before.” “I’m Thomas.” And the kid just smiles a confused smile and says “I’m Minho.” Thomas wants to keep talking but one the guards grabs Minho by his green shirt and tells him to go back. Minho, with a shocked smile, waves to Thomas, while he walks away in a daze. 

Thomas is so in shock of actually seeing one of the kids up close, to the point that it’s only when he reaches the testing room when he wonders how he knew Minho’s eyes were brown, that his skin was tan, that his shirt was green. He looks around the room and he can realizes he  can see colors. And he’s thinking about the boy (tan skin, black hair, brown eyes, pink lips, green shirt, blue jeans…cute smile) and all the colors he can see and he’s smiling like an idiot and all the scientist are peering at him all confused and they’re asking him if he’s okay and all he can do is nod.

Imagine Thomas and Minho being one of the few people in the whole place who don’t see the world in black and white. Imagine them thinking about each other 24/7 but they can’t even see each other. They just pass each other in the halls, but they can’t even talk because Thomas is always surrounded by guards or scientists. They just smile at each other.

Imagine WICKED performing the swipe on Minho and his whole world goes gray again. He enters the Glade, seeing black and white. He asks around and finds out that only a few people (like Newt and Alby) can see colors, and that it’s normal to only see black and white, as the other kids do. But a small part of him just feels like something is wrong.

The same thing happens years later when they erase Thomas’ memories. He enters the Glade seeing nothing but black and white.

Then Newt takes him near the Doors, and he sees a runner approaching them and suddenly, his whole world splashes into color.

Minho is running back from the Maze and when he reaches Newt and the Greenie, he collapses. It must be because of the exhaustion, the confusion of the dead griever he found…But mostly because the gray world vanished in an instant as he saw the new kid and it took him by shock.

And the closer Thomas and Minho get, the brighter their world gets, no matter what they go through. The color makes it easier for them to navigate through the trials and their bond grows stronger and stronger. And they don’t exactly acknowledge it, because really, they don’t have time to. They need to defeat WICKED. They need to find the cure. They need to save themselves and each other. But the fact that they were fighting alongside the person that brought color in their lives was an extra push.

Imagine when they jump through the Flat Trans together. And they get to Paradise, and they look at each other and suddenly feel the magnitude of the knowledge that they are literally made for each other. They look at Paradise and the greens and blues and reds look amazing, better than the dull colors of Denver or the blinding yellows of the Scorch, even with the burden they carry in their hearts. And even though they’re scarred, for that moment, everything seems perfect.

But imagine Thomas, months later, never getting relief, with the memory of what he had done to Minho’s best friend. To his best friend. The guilt consumes him and, in a middle of a panic attack, he blurts it out to Minho. 

And Minho just stands there, shocked, before dropping to his knees and shutting his eyes. He clutches his chest and the pain is unimaginable. Tears are streaming down his face and everything just hurts. This isn’t the Thomas he’s in love with. This isn’t Thomas. How could he do that to Newt?

In a matter of seconds, he falls out of love and into pure anger, betrayal, bitterness. When he opens his eyes to walk away, the world is black and white again. 

Thomas’s world is shattered, but it looks the same…except the colors aren’t worth seeing anymore.