The Runners are the only ones who really know what’s out there. They are the strongest and the fastest of us all. And it’s a good thing, too… Because if they don’t make it back before those doors close… Then they are stuck out there for the night. And no one has ever survived a night in the maze.

Subject A23 - Not as planned

Maze Runner imagine - chapter 4

Warnings: N/D

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Chapter 4 – A Glader like all of you

That morning, Y/N woke up quieter and more rested than ever she remembered. She felt the fabric of the pillow under her cheek and the fresh sensation of the blankets on her naked legs. For a moment she was also about to panic, because she had no idea how come she was in a bed, but then the memories of the day before, the glade, the tour and the boys came to her mind and made her relax. She sighed slowly, and it was in the instant that she felt two strong arms holding her tightly against a warm body, right under her breast. If this wasn’t enough, she was holding his hands, crossing her fingers with his.

She tried her best to not jump and wake up the boy next to her, but when she heard Newt mumbling in his sleep, squeezing her closer, and inhaling deeply her scent through her hair, Y/N felt shivers down her spine, and turned slowly to see his face.

The second in command was still sleeping, but he brushed his nose on her soft skin when she moved. The girl asked herself how they had assumed that position, but even before trying to imagine an answer, she remembered waking up again that night because of another nightmare. But not her nightmare.

Newt was shaking next to her, and judging from those moans, he was trying not to scream. She was still in drowsiness, but she clearly felt the boy searching for comfort, and when he gripped his hoodie on her side she crossed her fingers with his. Right after, Newt hugged her tightly from behind and pressed his face against her shoulder, wetting the hoodie with his tears. The boy slowly calmed down, and they both returned to sleep.

Y/N was still thinking about that moment and she was so immersed in her thought that didn’t notice Newt waking up. His lips were still pressend against her shoulder gently, but his dark brown eyes were open and were looking straight into hers.

-Why are ya starin’, girl?- when he talked with his sleepy husky voice, she blinked, focusing on him.

-I didn’t notice you were awaken- she murmured, hiding a tiny smile. -Sorry.

-I should be the one to say sorry- the second in command replied, chuckling. -I probably didn’t let you breath this night.

When Newt tried to take away his arms, she held his hands tightier. -It’s okay. I returned the favor. Was it a terrible nightmare?

Newt hesitated. -Yes. Yes, it bloody was, love.

Y/N was about to say something, but the blond cut her words by kissing for the last time her skin and sitting on the bed. The girl didn’t remember he was shirtess until he left her, and she felt cold. -We should prepare and go have breakfast. Today, we will decide what to do with you.

She frowned. -What does that mean?

-We never had a bloody girl, here. I’m sorry but you fucked up our system.

-A very breakable system if a girl like me fucked it up- Y/N stood up from the bed, walked to the bedside table and put on Newt’s pants. The boy looked away when she took away his hoodie to wear the bra and the tank top. -But alright. I will wait.

After breakfast, Alby, Newt and the Keepers reunited in the Homestead for the meeting. Actually, there wasn’t too much to say about. She didn’t remember anything, the only thing she remembered was waking up in the Maze. Alby sighed, sitting in front of her. The Keepers was alligned in front of Y/N, and she felt a bit intimidated. -Well, it seems like we will try to act like you’re a boy.

-This is the most sexist thing I heard since I’m here, y'know- she frowned, offended. Newt chuckled a bit, noticing how she hoisted herself. -Treating me like a girl doesn’t mean that you have to act like I’m made of glass, you shanks. I can be useful like everyone of you, if not more. Just test me.

-But heavy works may not be for you, and we’re not sure if…- she knew that Gally was just trying to find a perfect job for a girl, but she still felt understimated and belittled from the boys.

-Listen to me, shuck faces! I can be a Glader just like every piece of klunk of you! I am a Glader, because I’m here, and I won’t go back, so accept this and just treat me like a fucking Glader!

While the second in command was trying not to laugh, amused and surprised by the Greenie, the other boys were literally startled. -Everything that seems male chauvinist is a sore point, huh?- he whispered. Y/N exchange a glance with him trying to figure out what the blond was thinking, but when he winked she suppressed a smirk. -But she’s right- he said again, loudly than before. -Remember our first bloody rule?

-Everyone does their part. No slackers.- Y/N answered with a smug smile. Newt returned the smile.

-Let’s find out what she can do. She will do her part like everyone else here. Good that?

Alby looked to his second in command, then to Y/N, and again to the blond next to him. -Good that.

-We don’t even have to test her- suddenly said a voice. Y/N turned to see Clint, the Keeper of the Med-Jacks. -She woke up in the Maze. She survived out there all that time. Y/N should definitely be a shucking Runner.

A Runner? Y/N felt herself turning pale, and Newt seemed to notice that before everyone. He could easily recognize the terror in her Y/E/C eyes. She didn’t want to turn back to the Maze. She didn’t want to face the Grievers again.

-You can refuse.- he said to her, trying to calm her down.

Y/N gulped. -No. No, I’m fine. But if you… If you don’t mind, I’ll pass for this time. I have to take a break from the run stuff, y'know. Maybe later, in a week or so. Good that?

Alby understood that the Greenie was still too scared to turn back in that place, so he agreed. She still wasn’t indispensable, so she could do her part in the Glade with them. -Good that. Tomorrow you will start trying some work here with us. Newt, take care of her. The meeting ends now, everyone goes back to their jobs.

In a few minutes, Newt and Y/N were alone again in the Homestead. -Want to walk around, love?- asked the boy, smiling. Y/N nodded. They left and climbed on the Watch Tower, where she could see the whole glade from the top. She sat on the edge of the tower, with her legs swinging in the void.

-Why do you have a limp?- suddenly asked the girl. Newt glanced at her, caught off guard.

-I…- he hesitated, but then sighed. -I was a runner, before. I had an accident with some bloody Grievers.

Y/N turned to face him. She was about to say how sorry was, but then she felt something. She heard his heartbeat racing. That sentence tickled something in her mind, something like a memory. He didn’t look at her for a long time, but since she was silent, he turned to face her. And what he saw was her eyes which absolutely didn’t believe him. His heartbeat started racing faster than before, but Y/n didn’t want to scare him.

-I’m sorry- she finally whispered. -That should have been awful.

Newt didn’t know he was holdin his breath until he signed. -Yes. Yes, it bloody was, love.

Y/N smiled and tried to relax the both of them, finding other topics to talk about. He gave her the last explanations that she didn’t have the day before, and before realizing it was sunset.

-NEWT!- Alby called for his second in command from the kitchens, and the blond next to her sighed lougly.

-Sorry, the bloody leader needs my help- he muttered. -Sometimes I ask myself how long he would survive without me- he added sarcastically. Y/N chuckled, still swinging her legs in the air. -See ya at dinner, love?

-Good that.

Y/N planned to stay alone for a while, but then someone called her name. She searched for the boy, and found Minho waving at her jogging in her direction. -Why you all alone, baby girl?- asked the Keeper of Runners.

Y/N raised an eyebrow. -Baby girl? Seriously?

-Come on, shank, just answer- he laughed.

-Newt went with Alby to do some “leaders’ stuff”. Frypan is probably cooking. I saw some of the Slicers run to the Med-Jacks hut so also Jeff and Clint can’t keep me company. And I don’t know where the shuck is Gally.

-You’re lucky here’s bro Minho- joked the Asian guy, laughing. Before she could even shut him up, he talked again. -I’m gonna draw my map. See you here?

-Alright, shuck face.

Minho laughed amused. -I love when you use the Gladers’ slang. It’s cute.

-Go the shuck away, slinthead! Are you going jacket?!- Y/N yelled, making him laugh even more. She saw him jogging again to the Map Room, then sighed, lying down on the tower. She wasn’t still used to all that company, but it was kinda amusing. Everyone was trying to befriend the only girl in the Maze, even if Alby clarified that if a Glader touched her or messed with her, he would be banished. Something more to think about. She let her mind travel wherever it wanted, untill she found herself thinking about that morning, when she woke in Newt’s arm. Maybe his nightmares were releated to his limp? She didn’t believe him about his limp, but sure it has been traumatic. If she asked Minho for some explanations, Newt would surely be angry with her. Better not, then.

She was still thinking with her eyes closed, when Minho plopped down next to her, scaring the klunk out of the girl. -You, bloody slinthead- she groaned, sitting up.

-Uh, someone here used Newt’s word. What will he do if I say these amazing news to him?- Minho immediatly teased her, and she huffed.

-If you say something like that, I will reveale to the whole Glade that I didn’t leave you behind because I caught you off guard, but because I’m bloody faster than you.

-Pff, bitch please, Y/N. That’s not shucking true- Minho replied, pretending to not believe her.

-You know it is. So keep your bloody mouth closed.

-You said that word three times. Oh my shucking god, it’s like talking to Newt!- the Keeper of the Runner complained out loud, pretending to laught rather then cry.

-What is like talking to me?- his voice interrupted the two of them, making them jump on the top of the tower. Minho and Y/N looked down just to see Newt standing down there with his hands on his hips, the weight of his body on his good feet.

-She talks exactly like you!- yelled Minho, grinnind. But when Y/N dug her nails in the flesh of his back, he rushed to correct himself. -While you look like the Daddy of the Glade, she looks like the Mommy.

Y/N suppressed a laugh, retracting her nails. -Stay there, we’re coming!- she exclaimed, standing up. She gave Minho a slap on the back of his head, miming “shut up, shan” with her lips. Then the two of them climbed off the Watch Tower, stopping in front of Newt. -So, is dinner ready?

-Is it?- asked sarcastically Newt, smirking. He leaned a hand on her back, gently pushing her forward. -Let’s go and bloody find it out.

The week after, the Keepers reunited again to decide which job should have Y/N. The most of them were satisfied from Y/N’s performance, and Alby was really undecided. -She should be a Med-Jack.

-No, shuck face, I’m telling you that she’s better as a Track-Hoe.

-No way, Y/N has definitely to be a Builder.

-But as a Slicer…

The only differences from one job to the other were that she was really desgusted from the Slicers’ job, and she didn’t want to be a Slopper. Only Newt, Minho and Alby stayed quiet; the first two only because in that week they became very closer to Y/N. Minho always thought that she would be a great Runner, but Newt was reluctant to let her risk her life in the Maze again. She liked being a Builder, because Gally was nice only with her; she liked also to work with Zart and Newt in the Gardens, since the second in command often helped the Keeper of the Track-Hoes. But she was also good at medicaments, even if she felt the runner stuff as her duty.

Y/N looked up and exchange a glance with Newt; and then an idea came to her mind. -What about a deal?- she asked suddenly, interrupting the shouting in the room. -Newt and Alby don’t have a real job. They just help where it is needed.

-Yes, we bloody do so. Why are you remembered the obvious to us all?- agreed Newt, interested in what she was goint to say.

-Well, how about letting me do this too? I can help everyone who needs me.

-That’s a bloody wonderful idea- murmured the second in command. Alby looked at him, clearly impressed from that deal, and he declared to put the suggestion to a vote. With a smug smirk, Y/N noticed that everyone was in favor.

-Good that. We have just decided what’s the place of our ex Greenie here!- Alby stood up, a big grin on his face. -You are a Glader now, just like us.

Y/N smiled amused, standing up with everyone else. She hugged most of the Keepers, remaining in Newt’s arms more than in the other. -Hey, Minho’s here, a bit jealous, you shanks.

Newt rolled his eyes while the girl hugged also his Asian friend, laughing and letting him squeeze her tightly. She took advantage of that moment to whisper into his ear.

-Stay here. When everyone is gone, stay here- she whispered. The girl felt his body tense, but didn’t say anything else. She returned to hug Newt with a chuckle of enthusiasm, making him wide his eyes from the surprise.

-Ehy, calm down, love- he giggled, kissing her on the top of her head.

-Go to occupy a table for us. I want to celebrate!- she exclaimed, smiling with open mouth. Newt couldn’t believe that she was that happy and cuddly with him, but he didn’t complain blushing a bit. He limped out of the room, but before Alby could follow him, she stopped the leader. -Minho, close the door- she asked quietly.

The leader and the Keeper of the Runners frowned and exchange a glance, but the last one obeyed. -What’s the matter?- asked the leader.

-I know that Newt’s gonna be angry with me, later, but… Don’t say anything to him for now.

-Y/N, you’re scaring us- blurted Alby, crossing his arms.

-Don’t be. I just wanted to ask something else about this deal- she took a deep breath. -I will help everyone here, except for the Runners. But… I want to help Minho and his gladers too.

-How?- asked Minho. -Just say it, you slinthead!

-For once a week, a Runner will have his day off. Because… Because I will take his place.

Alby and Minho looked at each other.

-I will be a Runner, once a week.