About a week ago. I asked what you all would like to do for a themed week kind of thing, and in all, I got about 20 weeks worth of ideas.

The whole point of this is to jumpstart the tag again and have some fun with the books we all love.

This isn’t tied down, of course. You can do whatever you want to do with these ideas, I just hope that this does a little part of bringing us together as a fandom and maybe bringing some new people in.

I’ll post the next five weeks after the fifth week is over, and I’ll repost this graphic weekly as a reminder.

Have fun, shanks! And remember: Make. Create. Post. 


What’s a fanmix?

Urban Dictonary hits the target with their definition of “A fan made collection of songs, or an album reflecting on a TV show, movie, character, etc.”  So, yeah! That’s pretty much it!

What could I do a fanmix on?

Anything, really! If you want 5-10 songs about runner undies, go for it! If you want an album filled just with Taylor Swift songs directed at Thomas, then go right ahead.

Things to remember!

  • I’ve seen a lot of tags wash around the fandom with these, and I think we should all tag ours “tmrweeks”, because it’s cute and keeps our fandom organized.
  • Download links are cool, but not mandatory.
  • If you make me cry with your fanmix, I will probably come into your inbox and yell at you with love. This is my warning.

What’s a headcanon?

“An idea, belief, or aspect of a story that is not mentioned in the media itself, but is accepted by either the reader themselves or the fandom in general.” ( Urban Dictionary. )

How do I make something out of a headcanon?

You could write a drabble or make a graphic of the situation? Or, you know, just put it in the tag and let us all squirm about it.

Any rules?

Nope. But, if you make me cry, I will be forced to send you an essay of gibberish and tears to your ask box. So, keep that in mind before you start touching on the whole ‘Alby carried me back to the Glade’ headcanons, because that shit still hurts.


What’s genderbending?

Just what it sounds like, actually. Genderbending is when you take a character of a certain gender and you flip it around so they’re the opposite gender. This can be done by using another actor or actress that looks like the character, or you could even photoshop a flower and a dress onto Kihong Lee and it’d all be good.

Can this only be graphics?

Not at all! Be creative with it, guys! Write fics, do drabbles, make art. Hell, make outfits for the little genderbent gladers! Have fun, and just pray that none of the cast stumbles across this.

Is that Kihong photoshopped onto…



What the hell is a fanfiction?

Besides being one of the most terrifying and also coolest things in the world, it’s a fanmade story that uses characters and situations from other stories.

Does it have to be gay?

No, not at all! I just take sick joy from photoshopping Newt’s face on any distraught romance novel cover I can get my hands on.

Can it be–

Anything you want, man.