One of Minho’s more underrated quotes, and I just felt like pointing out the parallels here.
Both Newt and Minho break the second rule - never harm another Glader - as Ben and Alby get stung.
They hit the other over the head to incapacitate them, it is necessary to keep them from hurting themselves and others, and both Minho and Newt know that and don’t hesitate to act.
What’s interesting though, is that Ben is Minho’s running partner, and Alby’s Newt’s best friend - Minho and Newt had to take out the respective other’s companion.
And that shot in WICKED HQ had no link to that until Wes Ball revealed the two corpses the two of them are looking at are actually Alby and Ben.
The message is clear: they have failed in trying to save their friends, despite their best efforts. Only the two of them are left, to take care of each other, to get each other to safety.
And Minho doesn’t know it yet, but he’ll fail there as well.

Hey look, a bunch of little pixel Gladers! (Plus Brenda, because I absolutely love her UvU) 
I REALLY loved “The Maze Runner” trilogy, and seeing the movie made me want to do artsy thing for it (plus I promised awkwardteaparty I’d finish these like a week ago). 

TAKE NOTE: Most of these are straight from the movie, and all of them have the same clothes as the characters from the movie, but some have headcannon hair styles. Examples would be Newt and Gally, so please keep that in mind before you say something about it, thank you. 

Ok, so from left to right, we have Thomas, Minho, Newt, Aldy, Gally, Ben, Jeff, Winston, Chuck, Zart, Frypan, Teresa, and Brenda.

Feel free to use these for your blog, but I do ask that you keep my signature on them or at least credit me, I worked really hard on these you guys. 

Also, here’s a few ships that I absolutely love, I’ll put them under the cut. 

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correct me if i’m wrong but in those three times i watched the movie i can’t recall having seen this scene from the trailer. probably a deleted scene? it looks like it’s right before or after thomas carved his name into the wall, given the lighting and the fact that ben is still ok. that’d be also the run where ben gets stung and i’m really emotional about minho taking care of his little running ducklings

i also hope there will be deep homoerotic eye contact between thomas and minho in the full scene