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”Please don’t be the stereotypical protective brother” you begged as you and Percy waited for Thomas to arrive. Your brother was finally about to meet your boyfriend and the last thing you wanted was Percy to scare him off. He had a tendency of getting in the way when it came to you and boys.

”I really can’t promise you anything” Percy admitted with a shrug. You grumbled at his completely unhelpful response. At least he was honest about it. Your heart was pounding so fast. There were a million things that could wrong and-.

All of a sudden the doorbell rang. Percy was about to go answer it but you rushed over to get it yourself. Probably wouldn’t be great if the first face Thomas saw was Percy’s.

”Hi” you greeted Thomas with a nervous smile. He smiled back at you and kissed you gently on the cheek. You could practically feel Percy glaring at the display of affection. You winced.
“Ah Thomas this is my brother”.

Thomas turned to your brother and gave him a confident smile. From the outside he didn’t seem too intimidated which was good.
“Hi Percy”.

”Hi Thomas… I would say nice to meet you but honestly I’d be lying”.

”Percy for gods sake!”.


When you fangirl about how hot and cute Thomas is, but nobody ever knows who you mean

You mean him?

Or him?

Yes, my friends say I’m attracted to Thomas the tank engine, thanks for supporting us

I got a thing for his attractively shining blue varnish

blue means trust, responsibility, honesty and loyalty

dream boyfriend

run me over daddy

dating thomas would include...
  • keeping your relationship a secret from the other gladers
  • meeting up in the showers 
  • and showering together
  • which ultimately turns into thomas fucking you senseless
  • stealing glances when no ones looking
  • him having a thing for your ass and grabbing it at every open opportunity
  • “babe, stop!”
  • “i can’t help it, your ass is too pretty not to touch.”
  • teasing each other at dinner
  • thomas getting angry when one of the other gladers try to flirt with you
  • so he fucks you that night
  • and litters your neck with hickeys to prove you belong to someone else
  • getting caught by alby
  • and convincing him it was okay and you were happy
  • the two of you no longer hiding your relationship
  • making out all the time
  • the other gladers being grossed out by you both
  • more hot shower sex
  • you getting worried whenever thomas goes into the maze
  • usually arguing because you’re both too protective over one another
  • and then spending the whole night talking about everything and anything
  • and reassuring each other that there’s no one else you’d rather be with
  • falling asleep in his arms
  • stirring in the middle of the night so he pulls you closer into him without even realising he does it
  • forehead kisses
  • calling him daddy
  • riding him after a long run in the maze because he’s too tired to be on top
  • but he gets tired of your teasingly slow pace and flips you both over
  • and pounds you into oblivion
  • loving each other with all of your souls
  • not being bothered by not remembering your pasts because you’re each other’s future 

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take the trade — part one || dylan o’brien (!!)

author: @sincerelystiles
pairing: dylan x reader
word count: 2,836


authors note: big fuckin thanks to the girls for encouraging me to finish this and being super supportive. i’ve been working on this for the longest time and it’s finally here, so enjoy mother fuckers x x

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summary: when everyone cancels on game night, dylan and reader use it as an excuse to get completely hammered. 

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