Power Couple (Part 3)

*Power Couple part 3 for you guys! I love how popular this little series has gotten amongst my following and I appreciate the excitement. Hope you enjoy xx*

Thomas scooped some corn onto his fork and into his mouth as he watched Minho carry two plates with only one hand. He had two cups of water in his other as he strode towards the table where Y/N sat waiting patiently. Thomas’s eyes followed the tall Asian boy as he set the plates down with a grin he only smiled for the girl he’s in love with. Thomas watched still as the two exchanged small words before digging in. Y/N stopped her eating for a brief moment and just watched as her boyfriend shoveled food into his mouth. Thomas could tell easily that her heart belonged to no one else but Minho.

“What’s up with you?” Thomas heard and saw Newt looking between Thomas and the couple.

“What?” Thomas asked in confusion as Newt sat down.

“You’re always watching them. I mean, I get it, they’re cool and badass but come on. They’re not THAT captivating,” Newt said and began to eat his dinner.

“I think they are,” Thomas argued but turned his eyes away from the couple, slightly embarrassed.

“You know there are times when they don’t get along. They still argue like little kids sometimes. You haven’t been here long enough to witness it but after an argument, the whole Glade feels colder until they make up,” Newt said and kept eating.

“They fight?” Thomas asked in wonder. How could such a well balanced couple like Minho and Y/N ever fight?

“Don’t worry. They have their special way of making up,” Newt said with a small wink. Thomas couldn’t help but blush and glance towards the couple. He saw Y/N’s leg slightly rubbing against Minho’s and he saw the unguarded lust in Minho’s eyes.

“How come she’s the only girl?” Thomas asked and Newt shrugged.

“You’ve seen her run. You know she’s built for this place. You should see her when she’s angry. She’ll beat up any shank in this place without a moment’s hesitation,” Newt said and took a gulp of water.

“I mean, why don’t any other guys try to get with her?” Thomas asked and Newt’s face grew serious.

“If you’re thinking about it, you better wipe out that klunk from your mind because if Minho were to find out-” Newt began but Thomas interrupted him.

“No! No, I didn’t mean it like that. Just that there are so many shanks here and only one girl and I just thought, maybe, you know,” Thomas said and Newt shook his head.

“Anyone who dares to do that gets a beating from Minho. Everyone knows that. He’ll protect Y/N with his life. In case you haven’t noticed, they’re in shucking love,” Newt said and gestured towards the couple. Y/N had found her way onto Minho’s lap, and was whispering something to him as his hand rubbed up and down her thigh. Thomas thought that maybe it should make the other Gladers uncomfortable but no one seemed bothered at all.

Suddenly, Minho stood up, carrying Y/N and almost ran out of the Homestead, her laughter filling the whole building.

“Y/N must’ve said something really good,” Newt said and stood up with his empty plate.

“Tommy,” Newt said and Thomas looked at his blond friend.

“Don’t think about them too much. You’re going to become obsessed with them. We all know they’re like a god and goddess. Just let them do their thing. I have a feeling they’re going to get us out of here,” Newt said with a hint of sadness but a large amount of confidence and faith in the two lovers.

i’m actually literally watching The Maze Runner right now, again, and i just can’t with how many Thominho feels i have you guys. they consume me. i just, I LOVE THEM SO MUCH OK AND THEY LOVE EACH OTHER AND NO ONE WILL EVER CONVINCE ME OTHERWISE AND I JUST NEED ALL THE THOMINHO IN MY LIFE FOREVER AND ALWAYS AND WERE ARE ALL MY THOMINHO SHIPPERS AT PLEASE COME SOB WITH ME

Fever Code is Coming Very Soon!

Hey guys! OMG! Fever Code is finally coming out very soon! I think this Tuesday right? I can’t wait to read it! I know it’s probably going to be sad as hell but still! Maybe it could revive the thominewt fandom a little bit while we wait for the third movie to make it’s appearance! I seriously can’t wait!!!!


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I'll cry with you!! thominho is my fav pairing for tmr. He's always admiring how strong he is.

IKR?!?! Thomas literally mentions Minho’s arms twice in the space of 2 pages. It’s glorious. And Minho’s absolute devotion to Thomas gives my soul life!

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i saw your response to the fever code post and i have to ask.. you do realize that fever code is a prequel that leads up to Thomas coming into the glade and that before that thomas worked in the lab.... i dont think there would be any thomas-minho interaction in the book. the book is the second prequel before maze runner.... so unless im missing something here - you might not want to get your hopes up too high

i am aware that it’s a prequel. but in the trilogy, it implied that the Gladers were all part of working with WICKED, in some way or another and that it was a good possibility that they all knew each other. and given the immediate chemistry that Thomas and Minho had when they met in the Glade, i find it almost impossible to believe that they didn’t at least know of each other before the Maze. so, yeah. i’m getting my hopes up. i’m sure it’ll all be for nothing cause i don’t necessarily believe in Dashner to follow through with something like that. i’m sure it’s gonna have a lot of Thomesa and Aris and Rachel, unfortunately, and not have much interaction between Thomas and the Gladers. but i’m still gonna hope for the best.

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Why The Maze Runner series are great and should be read by everyone
  • Many many many different nationalities of characters
  • No gender is superior
  • A mentally ill leading character
  • Romance is not a major plotline, yet we still see the importance of love
  • Girls are bold and strong AND have emotions and cry because that’s realistic
  • Self-found family
  • No villains – everyone is fighting for what they think is right and everyone has a backstory (again, realistic)
  • Funny, heartwarming, inspirational and heartbreaking at the same time
  • Every ship is real
  • Sassy assholes
  • Doesn’t get boring
  • The protagonist looks like fried liver on a stick.
  • Boys helping boys and girls protecting girls
  •  Also set in the future
  • People die
  • All characters are realistic teenagers who run out of breath, get scared, eat a lot and stink
  • Girl is respected and safe despite being the only one in a camp with all boys
  • The protagonist is gay with his best friend, the author agrees