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theme 039. ★ nicotine. ( live preview & code )
theme 040. ★ this is gospel. ( live preview & code )
theme 041. ★ miss jackson. ( live preview & code )

A Dare Worth Doing

Written for Klaine Advent.

Prompt: Dare

Kurt and Blaine play truth or dare when they get bored.

358 words.  Rated: T

Can also be found on AO3.

“Truth or dare?” Kurt asked Blaine one evening as they were sitting in their living room. Nothing was on television that they wanted to watch, so they had resorted to mindless party games.

“Truth,” Blaine answered, not wanting to risk a dare just yet.

“Did you sing Teenage Dream to me the day we first met.”

“True. There was just something about you. Your turn. Truth or dare?”

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Under the cut you will find #129 gifs of my bae Adam Lambert from my blog @dailylambert. The gifs have varying size, but are all of the small/medium range. I have created every single gif myself (except a few where I have corrected size/color, and if any of these belong to you and you want me to remove them, please let me know), so please do not use in your own gifsets and/or gifhunts. These are for roleplaying purposes only. Please like if you found this helpful and reblog to share with others.

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