what the LoT team did in the past 6 months:

rip: MWF - mourn dead wife, TRSun - stare longingly at sara’s instagram, Saturday - think about life choices

sara: has started a fairly successful underground fight club

jax: just wants to get through one semester of college without hijinks

stein: is at least 1/3 of the way through planning jax’s bar mitzvah, is having trouble deciding on invitation fonts

mick: is trying to get lisa to talk to him again

ray: built 17 homes, cured several rare and strange diseases with nanotechnology, saved the bottled city of kandor, provided power to the entire eastern seaboard, saved a family of seals, gave sara $12,000 that she promised “totally isn’t for a fight club or anything,” stopped a wildfire, was head of boy scout summer camp, stared longingly at a picture of kendra he has in his wallet, helped oliver queen learn to read, helped 25 separate old ladies cross the street in one day, tried to get lisa to talk to mick again, built a rocket ship, helped everyone else in his life find love, learned to knit, almost became a green lantern, adopted a cat, stood outside kendra and carter’s apartment in the rain, threw a charity square dance

The Prince & a Castle
  • Clay:
  • To think that a little over a year a go Clay had been lost in darkness, his life shattered and feeling like he couldn’t live this life anymore but with one chance, a leap of faith his life changed. He was once happy before his life took a turn. He had a fiancé named Sarah and really thought he was on his way to a happy ending. But all that changed in an instant and he found himself lost. He had lost the love of his life but thankfully he had a strong and close group of friends that encouraged him to seek out his dreams and now, he was living life and had the world at his finger tips.
  • He was once a sports agent, one that was sort after through out all the sporting talent in America and even though he loved his job and the business he had created, there was still one dream he hadn’t been able to achieve and never thought he would. However, the moment Nathan, a man he could call his brother (even though they weren’t related by blood but by friendship) joined the firm he had built from the ground up, he knew he could start to take a step back. With one late night chat soon after with Nathan’s sister in law who now lived in Hollywood, he knew he had to take a leap and try to burst into an acting career. And truth be told, Clay wasn’t sure if it would ever work but he gave himself a year. One year to get a job and to his surprise, within a first month of being in Hollywood, he was given his first shot. He was soon dubbed one of Hollywood’s hottest young stars and at the age of 29 Clay was finally living out his dream. Sadly, he missed Sarah and was unsure if he could ever see himself with someone else ad sharing his life but in a way to counter act those thoughts, he kept his head in work and tried to focus on that.
  • This weekend however was a long weekend and Clay had just been cast in a new movie. He was to play a modern day Prince Charming and honestly, he was excited. Since this new role came from Disney, he had been offered passed to visit Disneyworld so he had offered the extra passes to Nathan and his family and soon enough, they found themselves in Magic Kingdom, soaking up everything the park had to offer.
Will: So, every day after choir practice, I am instituting a mandatory booty camp. So we can work on our dancing. Now, it’s not for all of you, just the people that I think need help. Like…
Finn: Finn.
Will: How did you know?
—  Glee: William Schuester and Finn Hudson - 03x02 I Am Unicorn

So this happened at work today:
Me: at my desk with “Fighter” playing on my phone.
One of the managers I work with comes over to ask me a question, notices the Glee cover art and says, “Oh, I love Glee.”
Me: well, that makes one of us.
**strange look follows**
Me: I have a very complicated relationship with this show.
Manager: “that’s so funny” with a smile on his face.
Me to myself: it’s really not. Trust me on this. That is a can you do not want to open.

you say you've gone away from me (but I can feel you when I breathe) [1/1]

Rating: M for implied sexual content and potty mouths

Word Count: 26,783 (!)

Genre: Romance/Friendship/Humour/Angst/Drama/Family/Fluff

Pairings: Rachel Berry/Quinn Fabray, Rachel Berry/Jesse St James, Kurt Hummel/Blaine Anderson, Brittany Pierce/Santana Lopez

Summary: In the light of her current successes, her past struggles fade into great material for her biography and the movie adaptation that’s certain to follow (she may not be a writer, but she wants that line in somewhere).

[In which Rachel Berry learns there’s more to life than having your dreams come true.] Postcanon!AU. Oneshot.


anonymous asked:

I did not expect to find the song beyonce sampled the beat from for Hold up

so heres a funny story for you (not actually very funny). after lemonade came out i was listening to it a lot and from the video for Hold Up the idea of Hux with a baseball bat came to be (as seen here) and from there Betrüger was born, you know the fic where he murders the entire town w a baseball bat bc Kylo’s gone and he cant handle it very well?



 several weeks later im listening to this random ass 1940s-50s music playlist on spotify and the intro to Hold Up starts and im caveman spongebob.jpg but then it continues into a song that ive never heard before, with lyrics about how a dude cant handle life when his lover is away