“I’m 27 and I still live with my parents in Oberlin Park. I have an art history degree from a night school. My cat just died. I have lost 25% control of my sphincter muscles. I get a clicking sound in my jaw when my eat. I drive a 91 Dodge Neon, I have ovarian cysts, sometimes I pee the bed still. I have alopecia, the only man who wants to fuck me is my 48-year old manager at Pizza Street–P.S., he has only one ball. So I guess…better than you.”

Colored in my sketch from before. Since I didn’t have a reference like a moron, I got the eye color wrong. Also, I don’t honestly think Bridget would really wear a bow, so I nixed that I may have forgotten it

Anyway here you go. She’s still the best character.

finally bought some good felt pen eyeliner… decided to go with the sephora brand one instead of kat von dee.

my head hurts soo much

also what do yall think of the url juliet-cinnamonbun its a tmpgis refrence