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Still having problems with Widespot, unfortunately.  Actions were randomly dropping out of queue at the Lands.  No idea what’s causing that.  The Manns and Beeches seemed buggy, too.  Going to try rebuilding their houses, but that’s gonna take some doing.  So it’s shelved for now.  Going back to Five Founders.

Where I’m about to have my first male alien pregnancy of the neighborhood!!    : O!!  Yeah!!  It only took four generations.


Momager Mako

thank you Sam and Dan for always givin’ us good brother riffs

Re-introducing the happy train couple made me remember my OTHER two Extremely Minor characters who will also be showing up again fairly soon! It’s the Kusagawa twins! A conniving pair of Chaotic Neutral sea snakes who work at the next stall over. (Michio is a little more conniving than Kento)