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weve-never-been-alive  asked:

Okay, I got this idea at like 5AM and it's kept me awake so it needs to be down so my mind can calm it. Was Jack one of those chubby kids that didn't get hot until after high school and that's why he's still awkward? Because he's trying to figure out how to be hot!Jack and not awkward shy fat!Jack and it's not really working. (Soz Jack. I love you.)

Jack Zimmermann was one of those chubby kids but then puberty hit him like a brick wall and then EVERYONE GOT REALLY CONFUSED. 

Jack’s dad was a professional hockey player and Jack’s mom was an actress/model. (More on this later!)  So when Jack came out of the womb and looked…well…

…awkward people were genuinely worried.

But then he got his dad’s ass and his mother’s cheekbones and the entire nation of Canada breathed a sigh of relief.

smallnico  asked:

ive been wondering bc im not sure if it's obvious or not but i've been wondering where samwell is supposed to be :0 like i figured it's a fictional place (or is it??) but is it in canada or north usa or have you not really thought about it? :> this ask is a mess so i'll end it now i hope you're having a lovely day

Hey! The about page has Samwell University located in Samwell Massachusetts, USA! 

But here’s a map for reference:


hashtag ThrowbackThursday to the original auditions for Project Voicebend!

This was held on skype on February 28th and moderated by Kayla, featuring Sam, Dan, David, Joel, and other fabulous auditioners! (for real though, all y’all were amazing) If you have 6 minutes to kill, enjoy some weird impressions, bad fanfic readings, and conversations that i still don’t fully understand five months later

(and episode 5 begins its recording process later today! HUZZAH)