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I am SO looking forward to Danny freaking out about this potential arranged marriage Mindy's folks have arranged for her! He thought he could have his cake and eat it too by getting to have Mindy, a baby yet no marriage. Oh but he's dealing with the reality here. Mindy always has options whether it's her parents meddling or her own mind. I am totally going to enjoy this. 😂 Also interesting it seems Mindy's parents aren't exactly on Team Danny.

This sounds like it will be really funny, so I’m excited. It will definitely be as bad as he imagined meeting her parents would be, which prevented him from going to Boston.

However, I don’t think Danny consciously thought, “I want to have Mindy and not marry her.” I don’t think that at all. I think he wanted Mindy and he’s scared to get married. In his mind, I think he always saw it as being someplace in the future, which is why he freaked out about her deadline, because it was so soon. He thought he had a year to think about it, which he would have with another girl, a girl he hadn’t known for so long. But she (correctly) surmised that he should be able to make a decision sooner because he knew her so well. If he can’t decide, in her mind, it is because he doesn’t love her enough.

The problem is, he doesn’t know himself that well. I don’t think any of his problems with the idea of marriage were about Mindy specifically. I think he’s just so scared of losing her, like marriage is going to turn him into some monster she won’t love anymore, so he wanted to put it off and put it off. But then, the baby sort of made that impossible.

But I don’t think he deserves to be punished. I just think he is scared, and hopefully, he will realize that he needs to commit to her, if not in marriage in some way so she knows he’s not going to ditch (which is her fear but, honestly, probably not something that’s going to happen). He needs to, as Annette says, not be afraid to take chances. But that, that fear of taking risks is his sin, not the sin of not loving Mindy enough or not wanting to stay with her. I think he does love her and wants to stay with her.

But it’s going to be super-funny, and I can’t wait! Also, Mindy Kaling’s scripts are usually really sweet too, so I’m happy about that.