tmp finale

I have so many questions about this finale! Why is Danny asking for another chance “tonight”? Why not right there? and if he was the one who said to meet at 8’ why is he running late? Shouldn’t he be the one to get there first?? AHHH I CAN’T WAIT NO MORE GIMME THE FINALE NOW!


In which I am Mindy Lahiri

I know deep down that getting pulled into Danny’s dysfunction again is going to end in tears. I know that cold turkey is the only way to quit him. I tried.

But sure as eggs is eggs I will fall for him again. He takes a shaky breath and I’m heartbroken that he’s so afraid, and that he’s so stupid and weak. That I’m so stupid and weak. He smiles a little and I’m convinced that he’s a better person than he is, or that I’m a better person than I am, and somehow somehow this time he’ll be ready. 

He’s not, and I’m not, and I’m right there in the moment again believing in what might be, if we can just forget that taking a leap sometimes ends in a crash.