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arcanesandwich  asked:

Hello! Found your tumblr recently and I really loved your art! It's so good that it makes me happy <3 But what is 'kof'? I would love to hear more about it(honestly I want to know more about all the ocs that you posted, they all look interesting)

Thank you so much!

“kof” is an old name for a story I’ve been writing for about two years now. It’s current (and most likely final) title is The Middle of Nowhere (TMoN), which takes place in a world called Nowhere and follows my OC Freya (the red head with the star necklace), her phoenix friend, and a bunch of other hooligans in their struggle to unify their racially divided world that is crumbling both socially and physically (the dimension is literally being torn apart). It’s still in progress and has a lot more to it, but that’s kinda the gist of it. Thank you for your interest!  I hope to post more on it soon :)