Some things I hope that are wrapped up in tmnt 2012

As our favorite show is ending, some things will never be solved or shown, Here’s a list of things we all wish would be wrapped up:
-April’s mom??? Whatever happened to her?
-April and Casey /can’t/ be the turtles only human friends
-Leo and Donnie’s room??? Can we,,, see them??
-The chickens,,, back on the barn,,, what are they doing??? HOW are they doing??? I need answers
-The turtles in human form pLEASE
-Ice cream kitty?? How is she. I want to see her again :/
-Baxter Stockman back in his human form, having fun, having a good time, having a good life, bc he deserves it
-The turtle’s future and how they grow and age. Do they marry? Stay forever single? Stay ninjas? Move out?
-April’s dad saying thx to Donnie for un-mutating him (bc he treats him like shit?? Come on dood)
-Mikey happy and well. The guys saying thANK YOU TO HIM

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Some things I hope are wrapped up in tmnt 2012 (Pt. 2)

The more I think about it, the more we will be left not knowing. Here’s (another) list of things we might never be able to find out in tmnt 2012:
-Is Timothy just going to be frozen forever? There was a scene where Donatello says something along the lines of “Hopefully when you defrost in the next 5,000 years the world will be a better place, Tim,” while pressing his hand to Timothy’s frozen tank?? Does that mean Donatello just gave up on him???
-Casey’s sister and parents. I’m not really sure if he ever mentioned a mother, so she might be out of the picture, but man, is it just me or Nick could have dodged a SHIT TON of toy gimmicks (turtle blimp, samurai turtles, turtle sub, party wagon, etc.) by just introducing Casey’s dad and sister?? They could have fulfilled their greedy sticky hands with the money they wanted by making toys of them, and then bam, we know who they are. In my opinion, if they ever did introduce her, it would have probably been Angel from the older tmnt series.
-Ships. Honestly, I’m really not one for all of the meaningless ships in tmnt (especially Apriltello lmao) but I think I speak for all of us when it would be nice to get some closure?? Just friends??? Lovers??? Not only with Don and April, but with Leo and Karai and Renent and Mikey. We pretty much know Raph and Mona Lisa are a couple, but everyone else?? It’s up in the air and I don’t think we’ll get any closure, as Ciro said himself he doesn’t exactly like inter species relationships. I think it was from a video called “Will Donnie get April?” Idk, but after he said that, I could literally hear the poor Apriltello shippers cry.
-The motherfucking turtle blimp is going to kill me I stg. We only saw it once, so we can tell I was just a toy idea, but come ON. You guys put it in there, let’s at least see it once more.
-For the love of god, I wanna see Don and Leo’s room. Please. I’m begging.
-April graduate high school. Unless she got held back, she should be in college now. I just wanna see her in a graduation cap, bc even tho I despise her, she’s a queen.
-Everyone happy. Happy ending. Smiles. Hugs. Happy. Please.

Heart Throb, Star Crossed, Head-Over-Heels in Love | Donatello x Reader (Meeting)

The cool wind felt better than any air conditioning ever could. The sticky sweat on my forehead cooled and I wiped it off with the back of my hand. My job at Antonio’s ended at seven, and god, I was tired. Nothing sounded better than taking a cold shower and slipping into bed. Like always, though, things didn’t go as planned. I fished around my pocket for my keys, and as I pulled them out, I heard a yowl come from the roof. “Help me!” A young girl shrieked, sounding absolutely terrified. I shakily unlocked, then yanked open the door and rushed towards my window. Tugging it open, I leaped out and dashed up the fire escape to the roof. There was a young girl with fluffy blonde hair, a large golden brown dog with sharp spikes, and a maroon fish with silver robot legs that squeaked each time he moved. My eyes flicked over each of the creatures, but as I took a step backward, the girl dashed away and scrambled down the ladder. The dog’s yellow eyes flashed over to meet mine and he snarled, “You just made us loose our test subject. Looks like you’re the replacement.” The fish gripped the bottle of glowing ooze in his shiny looking hands. My eyes widened and I tried to say something threatening, but nothing but a few whimpers and stutters came out, “I-I don’t- I mean- Please-” The fish hushed, “No, no, don’t be afraid, chica. We won’t hurt you. We just need a…” He paused for a moment, “A test subject.” The canister he was holding glimmered, and I felt my stomach flutter with horror. A jolt of pure fear zapped through my body as a large thump sounded behind me. Slowly, I turned around to meet wide maroon eyes. He was a tall turtle with a purple bandanna wrapped around his eyes. His mouth was hanging open slightly, and a gap showed in his teeth. My mouth opened, but nothing came out. He raised his free hand up in his defense, “I-I-I’m not gonna hurt you!” Before I could respond, the fish man shot a throwing knife dangerously close to my head. I yelped, and the turtle shoved me behind him, and rushed into the fight. It was a blur. My thoughts, however, didn’t concern of the fight going on before me. I’m going insane. This isn’t real. This can’t be real! There were battle cries, grunts, the clatter of weapons, then finally, a deep snarl from the dog mutant. He slashed at the turtle boy, and he fell to his knees. I watched in horror as the turtles eyes glazed over, looking tired. Gathering all my courage, I leaped up and grabbed the turtle’s staff. Whacking the fish man out of my way, I wrapped my arms around the turtle and pulled him into my arms. He mumbled something, but I couldn’t hear very well, so I just carried him down the fire escape, hoping the two creatures wouldn’t follow. The turtle boy gripped my sides so hard, I wheezed as I tumbled down the steps. I shoved the turtle boy into my window, then rushed after him. Slamming the window shut, I grabbed my phone and punched in three digits. The dog clambered down the steps to my window, but before he could smash open the window, I held up my phone, showing who I was calling. His eyes read over 911 multiple times, as if weighing his options. Very careful to not actually press the button, I pretended to punch the ‘Accept’ button and press the device to my ear. He shook his head, then disappeared up the steps in a golden blur. I sighed loudly, dropping my phone carelessly. I had bigger fish to fry.

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