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This is my favorite scene of “It Came From The Depths” episode <3

—- —- —-

“Sometimes its good to be a turtle.”

*stop sign is launched at them*

*Leo and Donnie screaming after looking at Raph, thinking he’s headless*

“And sometimes its good to be a short turtle!”

—- —- —-

This is one out of many reasons to love Raph :3 >////<

YeeeY!!!! first time ever I made the human version of TMNT 2012, but this time ll of them :D Im soooo happy ^_^  I saw this wallpaper that the turtles are playing a video game, (Raph vs. Donnie) :D heheheh si I just  tried making them in human version.. I did my best though…. 


Raph was sketched by my sister, by the way she is awesome so proud of her. ^^

I do not own TMNT :)