tmnt: old hob


Old Hob reuniting with the kid he lived with before he mutated. I kind of think of it this way:

I dunno, I like to think at some point down the line, he’d be kicked out of home for coming out as gay or something. If his mom’s enough of a bitch to throw out his cat because he didn’t clean up after it, she’d probably throw out her son too. 

An IDW thing:

Hob and Sally having grooming parties. 
They just…go into a room and brush each other while they talk about their day/week/month/OR EVEN THEIR YEAAAAAAAR I’LL BE THERE FOR YOUUU

Cuz you know, cats gotta stick together and get rid of each others fleas, ticks, ringworm, and other such skin nightmares that they’d face.

They’ve got a bucket of all kinds of brushes and grooming clippers…