I normally don’t upload gifs, but I think I should make an exception for this lightning-quick sword v. spear fight. 

I teased last week that today’s episode had one of the best fights I’ve ever done, and this is it. It retells the classic first meeting from the early Usagi Yojimbo comics, and pushed me in ways no other scene has. 

If you haven’t watched the episode, check it out, it’s BEAUTIFUL. 


You people are thirsty.

ivogad said to inkyturtle:                                                                    

 Out of Casey and Donnie if it were to get raunchy, who tops?

See this took a lot of thought for me. Casey is very ‘go with the flow’ and Donnie is very much the type to take the path of least resistance on average (thus making him relatively compliant in most cases).

However Casey is also the competitive type, and Donatello overall sees Casey as an obstacle, and I feel like both of these things would play out in the bedroom even if they were on more amiable terms. It would really depend on each of their moods whether one of them would be like ‘fine, I’ll bottom tonight’, or if they’d both go ‘no, I’m on top tonight!’ I don’t see it as a solid one or the other type answer.

If we’re not going by just those two, though, we all know who really tops in this relationship.