I miss Electro Mikey. Had a dream about him training with his brothers and April and using Casey for target practice.

I might do another fic where he retains his powers, and the guys go to Dimension X and Mikey is even more expert and badass, and he keeps playing with his electrokinesis so it becomes telekinesis. And it turns out he has PTSD from being killed by Newtralizer and coming back back to life so violently despite automatically becoming a kickass superhero, and Donnie still has Utrom Bishop’s dampening cannon just in case, and there are Discussions on how to manage his power. I know I already did a fanfic like that with “Electric Youth”* but it was part of a series and brief. I should expand on the whole Sunshine Child series anyway, since it takes place in Season 5 and I get to play around. I still have to do a fic about Michelangelo having PTSD just from Dimension X in the first place, it was a reader request from, like, months ago. I am writing a lot, it’s just sporadic because Fibromyalgia makes me sleep a lot. I need Mikey hugs.

*(somebody tell me they understand that reference. I’m an eighties baby dammit.)

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realheroes16  asked:

Leo, how many children do you want in the future and what do you want them to be? And Donnie, do you ever plan to have a family in the future? (Don't get to flustered, I know you haven't gone that far with Leo since you just got to know each other. This is about your plans)

Leo: Well I wouldn’t really be so sure on how to answer that. I personally don’t mind if it’s a boy or a girl, as long as they’re healthy. And as for the amount, maybe not too many? Like maybe 2 or 3 kids would be ok. Sorry I’m a little bashful about this part ^^U


Donnie: I’ll say this now, I never really saw myself as a “Family” guy. Yes it’s something that eventually happens to someone but, I just never really had that vision. The main goal I had for myself was to finish a career and work hard. But maybe down the road it could happen. Though it has to be with that special someone.