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In Which Donny Rewrites TMNT 2014

So I finished playing through the main storyline of the new TMNT game, as well as a number of the side missions, and the game confirms a lot of what I’ve been hearing about the movie and its development. That Baxter Stockman was going to be in it, that Eric Sacks was indeed going to be the Shredder, etc., etc.

I’ve been thinking about why the movie folks might have wanted the Shredder to be someone other than Oroku Saki, and I’ve been thinking of ways to accomplish what I think might have been the goal without getting rid of canon characters of color. Here’s what I’ve come up with.

Spoilers for the movie are included, so don’t read further if you don’t wanna be spoiled.

  • There is no Eric Sacks. Instead, Oroku Saki and Hamato Yoshi are two Japanese scientists who emigrate to New York to set up a tech business.
  • The two main underlings for Oroku and Hamato are April’s father and Baxter Stockman. There are hints from the beginning that while April’s dad thinks the project they’re working on is good and noble and aimed at the betterment of all humankind, Baxter is serving a different and more sinister agenda.
  • Maybe it’s Hamato Yoshi who buys and “donates” Splinter for the experiments? I dunno.
  • In the Foot Clan scenes, Karai gets more screen time and is also saddled with babysitting Baxter Stockman, because he’s a favorite of the Shredder.
  • The video game suggests that Karai is the Shredder’s adopted daughter and follows him reluctantly, because he used to genuinely care about doing good until power corrupted him. I’d put this in the rewrite, because I like there being some sort of backstory and motivation for the Shredder beyond “I am evil, duh.”
  • In the lab fire, April’s dad still dies, and so does Hamato Yoshi. Oroku Saki and Baxter Stockman survive. This leaves Oroku Saki in the same basic role that Sacks was, and things pretty much go the same way when April drives to the mansion to find out more about Renaissance Project.
  • Splinter (and the Turtles) lionize not only April, for saving them from the fire, but also Hamato Yoshi, who tried to stop Oroku Saki and Baxter Stockman from setting the fire to begin with.
  • After breaking Don, Leo, and Mike out of their cells, April faces off with Baxter instead of Sacks. Baxter taunts her about killing her father, just as Sacks did.
  • In the end climactic battle, things also go mostly the same way as they did in the movie. But after the Good Guys get in the Final Blow, the Shredder unambiguously survives and begins limping off to nurse his wounds. The Turtles and April follow to stop him, but then he turns and slowly, deliberately, takes off his helmet.
  • And it is not Oroku Saki beneath the helmet.
  • And Hamato Yoshi smiles, this great big villainy grin, and everyone’s just stunned for a moment, and that gives him just enough time to be rescued by Karai.

selective-yellow  asked:

"These are Turtles that you just might pass out upon seeing." Yes! I was very confused by people's dislike of the movie designs because they were "too strange" or "too ugly." They're turtles. And I know people have seen turtles; they cute but also kind of very ugly and would be TERRIFYING if they were the size of humans. [although I do enjoy the adorable style of the Nickelodeon series.]

Validation! Yay!

The new designs are very odd and very ugly, but … well, they’re giant mutant turtles. I like that the designs shake up our reactions to seeing the boys; I like that my kind of instinctive revulsion mirrors what April O'Neil must feel when she first sees them.

Though I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t prioritize character design and animation the way others do. Story, dialogue, and voice acting all take priority for me.

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Sooooo…check it out if I really have nothing to do on night or wait for Netflix? And Dysto was frustrated with the sciency bits? But this is Ninja Turles? o_O

Yeah, if you’re in the mood for something dumb but fun, it’s a good choice. And yes, Ninja Turtles in general is not high science-fiction … but this movie is particularly crammed with Ridiculous Science. And not just one or two fields. There bullshit physics on blackholes! There’s bullshit biology on evolution! There’s bullshit tech science on hacking! IT IS A SMORGASBORD.

However. Bebop, upon being mutated into a giant warthog, sees his reflection and says, “I’m a little piggy?” And honestly, that makes up for a whole lot.

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Last night the most wonderful thing occurred to me–a new Ninja Turtles movie means a new Ninja Turtles video game, because it’s almost impossible to make a big budget action flick and not have a tie-in game. So today after work I went out and bought the new game, and I’m just about to settle down and start playing it.

I’m sure it’s absolutely terrible, as most movie tie-in games are, but I don’t care. New Ninja Turtles game. <3

On Friday night, Dysto took me to go see Ninja Turtles, because ze loves me. :) I liked it, overall, and I might do a write-up of what specifically I enjoyed and what specifically I didn’t at some point. Or I might not. I’m flakey like that.

Anyway, earlier I said I’d report back on whether they made Shredder white or not in the new movie, and the movie did not. The Shredder was played by Japanese-American actor Tohoru Masamune. The white guy in the movie previews is actor William Fichtner, who played a separate character. Which isn’t to say there’s nothing in the movie to criticize vis a vis race, but that particular concern isn’t in fact the case.

thebombasticbookman  asked:

I'm not a fan of the movie's turtles design, but my biggest problem with the movie us Shredder's whitewashing

Yeah, that’s concerning. I seem to remember there’s been talk that there may be multiple Shredders in the movie, and if so, I’m hoping that the “real” (or original, etc.) Shredder is Japanese/Japanese-American. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

On a related note, while I’ve got nothing against Megan Fox, I’d love to see an Afro-Latina April O’Neil on screen at some point.

And though it doesn’t make up for white-washing (if that does turn out to be the case), I am pleased that Bern Thompson is now an African-American woman, ‘cause (1) hey, why not? and (2) I think Whoopi Goldberg’s gonna be a killer Bern. :)

franklinj-deactivated20150428  asked:

April O'Neil is a great character, I'm bummed that Megan Fox got the role. Especially since Anna Kendrick (my favorite pick for the role) and Jane Levy both tried out for it & didn't get it.

I thought Megan Fox did a pretty okay job, but I strongly suspect that in general I enjoy Megan Fox’s acting more than average. Also, I think I knew Fox was cast as April almost as soon as I knew there was gonna be a new movie, so I’m not sure I did much thinking of exactly who I’d like to play her. Since I already knew who was gonna play her and all.

Though I gotta say, when my good buddy suggested that Nicole Beharie would make a good April, I immediately went, “YES. OH, MY GOODNESS, YES.” This is still my reaction to the idea of Beharie in the role.

Sorry your preferred pick didn’t get cast, by the way. That’s always a bummer. :(