tmnt fans unite!

leorai fans...

How many of us are there? I feel that we are only a handful.

He tenderly took hold of her as she fell from the tiredness that took over her body, laying the side of her scaly face against his calloused hand. He gazed at her, wishing to help her be set free, desperately voicing her to finally come home. 

I can’t stop with these two!

leorai (reptile love) fans UNITE! <3

This MUST be said. Then I will move on.

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Hey guys :D,

Okay this will be brief as much as possible. I have been seeing some people on here getting attack from all directions because of their opinions. What am I talking about? The Mona/Raph and non Mona/Raph fan attacking one another.

Okay let’s figure this out.

Some of the TMNT fans need to take a few deep breaths and back up. Some of the non-Mona/Raph fans have attack and said things to our wonder TMNT creators that it’s quite embarrassing. There is no excuse to attack people because you don’t like something on the show. I for an example AM NOT a Mona/Raph fan. But that does not give me ANY excuse to go and attack Brandon Auman over a silly joke. I will not do such a thing. So before you react I ask you take a step back, & breath a few times. This is not the end of the world. Things will happen on this show that you will not like. That happens ALOT on T/V shows. BUT I can honestly say this is the first time ever that I’ve watched  a show and loved ever character in it. That usually never happens for me. So the creators of TMNT are doing something right. I am just not fond of Mona/Raph. That’s okay too. So those that are not fans of that coupling, just remember you are not alone but you do not get to attack those who are fans of them.

Now for some of the Mona/Raph fans

Okay listen, I have seen a lot, not ALL but a lot of Mona/Raph fans attacking those who are not.I mean I saw some disgusting and cruel things said by them. They had cause someone who was a Alopex/Raph fan to question why they were even on here. I am asking you Mona/Raph fans to please stop. You are not making this any better by doing that.

Okay where did it ever say we had to have the same opinion? Also when has it ever been said that if we don’t it gives you the right to attack us. I had seen someone on here trying to defend the Mona/Raph supporter by calling those who were not

“Children or just straight up Jealous cause they don’t get to be with Raph.”

Okay I am here to talk for and defend those like me. First I AM NOT jealous. If I was jealous I would not be such a hard core Alopex/Raphael fan now would I? Second just like MANY I have a legitimate reason to not like Mona/Raph. I like Mona, I think that she’s an awesome character but the relationship she has with Raph, well. . there is so much I can point out that’s wrong with it (but I wont here since this blog if for other reasons) So please to those reading this and about to explode. Calm down, relax. . it’s all going to be okay. We do not need to share an opinion. The best thing about some of the people I have met on Tumblr knows where I stand and have treated me with so much respect. So I ask you do the same.

See the world hasn’t ended. So how about we all get past this and remember why we are here. To support one another cause we are TMNT fans. We are a strong group of people. I also want to say to Brandon Auman, Ciro and many others at the TMNT creation world, never stop. You guys are absolutely amazing. You have inspired people like me to go for my dreams in the animation world. I started Blender because I want to get better with my art. I may never reach my final goal of being an animator but I’m sure as hell gonna try. So thank you *hugs* Thank yo so much.

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Now for a group hug!! Let’s pass this around so people will see they are not alone on either side of the isle.