tmnt don

for those of you who are confused abt the colours in the bisexual pride flag:

the pink represents attraction to same/similar genders
the blue represents attraction to genders different from ones own
and the purple represents donatello, the best ninja turtle

Favorite Color

       Donatello sat at his computer system scanning the various computer monitors showing the New York city underground as well as various programs. Luckily everything was looking slow. He stood up and stretched. He needed coffee.

      He walked through the lair and passed the couch. The smell of grapes wafted across his snout, barely a fault in his stride he chalked the smell up to his sleep deprived mind.

      Once in the kitchen he reached for the coffee pot and poured the last mug full of the dark liquid. It had become cold long ago but he didn’t want to make a whole new pot just for himself. It was only five in the afternoon; his brothers shouldn’t be up for another couple of hours. He threw the mug in the microwave and waited until it was just shy of boiling.

      As he walked back into the living area he nearly choked. A waterfall of purple hair that perfectly matched his mask fell like a waterfall from the arm of the couch. Y/N was laying on the couch asleep, most likely taking a nap so she could hang out with them later.

     He didn’t know how long he was staring but he quickly adjusted his glasses as she began to stir. He watched as she stretched and her hair spiked in various places as she swept it up into a ponytail before hiding it in a beanie. She never wore those.

       That’s when Mikey appeared. “Y/N! Honeybun! What are you doing here?” he asked as he plopped down next to her. Donnie rolled his eyes at the nickname, first April being called Angel Cakes and now Y/N is Honeybun. She laughed, “Don’t you remember Mikey? We were going to go a few rounds of Mario Kart before Leo finishes meditating and shows me how to block using his swords.”

       “Oooh yeah!” Mikey all but jumped up from the couch to set up the console. Once on his feet he paused and sniffed the air “Hey Y/N do you smell grapes?” She blushed and laughed, a hand making its way up to her hat. “Oh yea, it’s a new shampoo I got from my … uh cousin yea! She told me to try it out, said that it would help with split ends.” She said as she reached for her phone, probably to shut off an alarm.

        “Then what’s with the hat Shorty?” Raph asked with a smirk as he made his way to the couch. Donnie glanced at his watch. Was it really six already? How long had he been standing there? He took sip of his coffee. It was stone cold. Quickly and quietly he made his way back into the kitchen, luckily it had two entrances. Donnie started a new pot of coffee as he listened to the commotion in the other room.

        “My hat?” There was a slight pause, he could tell she was trying to come up with something. “Oh, just trying a new style, it looks so cute on Savanna I wanted to try it out.” He heard Raph give a low hum like the one he gives Mikey when Mikey says he didn’t do something but Raph doesn’t believe him.

        He could hear the padding sound of her feet. Having long since become familiar with the sound during the many nights she stayed over with them for one reason or another. He felt a small pressure on his shell and looked down knowing she was there. She looked up and met his eye, he swore his skin became a few shades darker as he felt himself blush. She smiled softly at him and glanced at the coffee pot. “I smelled the coffee, I can never make it as good as you do it.”

       He swallowed, not trusting his voice he just reached into the make shift cabinet he had built for the mug that was specially set aside for her. He made her cup just the way she liked it before pouring himself his own. He watched as her nose crinkled as it burned her mouth. He smirked trying to hide his amusement no matter how many times she’s had coffee at the lair it never fails to burn. He had tried more than once to make her wait as the “improved” coffee pot made the coffee come out significantly hotter than anything bought but it either ended with her ignoring him or she totally forgot about her mug.
He looked away from her to the door way that led to the living room. He could hear Mikey and Raph mumbling in there but couldn’t make out the words. When those two got together it never ended without some sort of mess. A second later Mikey came jumping into the kitchen.

       “Hey honeybun! You gonna come play or what?” He asked as he hugged her and nearly made her spill her coffee. “Yea I’m coming, just put me as Yoshi.” Before she could finish her sentence, Mikey took off like a shot to get the game started. Y/N followed shortly after but not before she placed the now empty mug in the sink to be washed later. As she walked through the door way he heard Mikey call “Hey Don! Want to come play?”

       He walked to stand in the door way. “Nah, I’ll watch a round or two but I have to finish running a code.” He said, he could’ve sworn he saw a flash of disappointment flash over Y/N’s face. A few minutes passed as he studied Y/N’s face trying to figure out if he really saw disappointment or if it was his imagination. He noticed how focused she got while trying to beat Mikey in the race, Yoshi battling for 1st place with Bowser. He almost didn’t notice Raph getting closer to the two. Don’s brow furrowed slightly, odd Raph rarely watches unless they are playing some fighting game.

      In a split second, Don barely seeing it himself, Raph grabbed the hat and pulled it off freeing the once Y/H/C now turned purple free from its hiding place. Y/N let out a yelp and tried to reach for the hat but it was too late, all of them saw her hair. Even Leo who had just opened the sliding door to the Dojo.
The whole room was silent with exception of the game music in the background. The silence didn’t last for long “DUUUDDDEEEE!!” Mikey’s voice seemed to break some sort of trance and Y/N took off faster than any of the turtles had seen her move other than while training.

      Donnie followed Y/N into the lab. He found her sitting on his bed, blanket covering her head. She had a book in her hand but he could tell she wasn’t really reading it, the book was upside down. “Y/N?” he called out. She looked up at him, her face was noticeably flushed.  He cleared his throat “So um …” he coughed before readjusting his glasses. “The hair is interesting” he said as he sat next to her and pushed the blanket off. “Why purple?” he asked. She brushed her fingers through it before looking up at him. “It’s my favorite color.” She smiled when she noticed his snout become a few shades darker.

Tcest is CANNON! Take THAT Haters!

No, really, Technically Tcest is cannon! Let me explain…
Many of you out there have probably gotten a lot of flames and trolling from haters out there who want to give you grief about liking Tcest…  And it’s easy to dispute with arguments that the odds of them being biologically related are, well, IMPOSSIBLE, and even if by some miracle that they were, being turtles they really wouldn’t care. But the last resort of many on the “anti-tcest” crusade is to whip out the old tired and true “It’s not cannon.”  (if this were a valid argument, 85% of fanfics and fanart for anything would cease to exist).

Well guess what? They couldn’t be more wrong!  Back in 1993, TMNT writer Bill Fitts was retiring from Mirage Studios to move back to his hometown, but before he left he wanted to make one last TMNT comic, as a final farewell.  Fitts wrote and drew the layouts, Dan Seneres did the pencils which Fitts inked, and finally Steve Lavigne did the lettering. The comic was Adult Rated (which is code for it was basically porn) and it was titled “The Birds and the Bees and the Turtles” (done in the Archie Comics style), only 50 copies were printed and it was gifted to members of Mirage Studios Staff.   And in it’s pages it clearly shows Donatello happily engaging in homosexual intercourse with one of his brothers (code for Donnie-boy really likes it in the butt).

Think about it, this comic was written, drawn, inked and printed by official, PAID Mirage Studios writers and artists in house (meaning the studio).  It was never printed mainstream to be sold to the public because it was considered taboo and they didn’t want to risk losing fans and business because of enraged parents wanting to shied their children’s innocence from from Teenage Mutant “sexual deviant” turtles, although if you have a few hundred bucks in your paypal account, every now and then a copy appears on e-bay.

The comic was a gag gift, yes, but it still was technically a comic- not drawn by fans but by the actual people responsible for the licensed characters.  The comics are the source material for all TMNT incarnations- so technically, that makes it cannon.

And if they can’t accept that, then they must admit that the logic behind their argument is flawed- you don’t get to say something is wrong because the “facts” say otherwise, then cherry-pick said “facts” because you don’t like all of them.

That being said, if someone does not like T-cest, then that is their choice and they do not have to read it or look at it’s art, that is their right, just as it is ours to enjoy T-cest.  (I personally HATE Raph/Mona Lisa with every fiber of my being but I don’t go around posting nasty comments on other people’s art if they happen to favor that pairing, I simply choose not to view that art and my life is much easier because of it.)

BTW all you LeoRai fans- Peter Laird (you know, co-creater of TMNT) says he is 100% AGAINST Turtle/Human relationships so stick THAT in your precious cannon and fire it off to where the sun don’t shine! >:-P
….Also, both Eastman and Laird really HATE Venus De Milo and have taken a solem vow that she will never EVER return again in any future incarnation of TMNT EVER, so yeah… No humans, and no female turtles, but they have never outright spoken against TCest. Since they OWN Tmnt, I think they have final say in what is cannon or not, so there!