tmnt 2k14


I wanted to ask what kind of picture do you want , I mean, funny or… something like this … but I found a f*******  song XD and I couldn’t resist so I started sketching these pics… I hope you like them~

I wanted sooo badly to put clothes on Donnie so I came up with this solution


Raphael from the new movie

I love this big teddy bear, he is sooo fleshy I want to squeeze him all over, and he would snap me like a twig *snort*

Originally I had other plans with this pic, maybe later~ *snicker*

Thank you for everyone who commented at my pics :) you guys are awesome~

You can use my pics if you want just don’t remove my name from it and pretend it’s yours.

(sry for my english blabla)

here is two horrible person :) I can only recommend them ;

donnies-pop-tart and zanleyangelspit

They’re filling my dashboard full of fun facts and perverts things about TMNT *snort* ‘horribly awesome duo’

Things the TMNT fandom needs to stop doing

>Stop insulting people who liked the new TMNT movie.

>Stop insulting people who likes any version of the turtles that you don’t.

>Stop telling people they’re aren’t “true fans” if they like/dislike any version of the turtles.

>Don’t make people feel bad for liking any version of the turtles.
WAY too many people (even “professional” film critics) are saying stuff like “only idiots and children can like the new movie”. No movie is universally loved or hated. Saying that there has to be something wrong with a person just because they like a movie is not only an asshole thing to do but also can genuinely hurt that person. Let people enjoy what they want without being attacked or belittled. We’re just here to have fun.