heartcrystal08  asked:

Welcome Back Everyone I've missed all of u <3 1.How have u all been any changes with the baby ? 2. Raph do you think you'll get the same jitters leo had when jiro was coming ? 3.What r u guys going to be 4 Halloween 4.Here r some halloween treats for everyone *gives them 2 halloween baby onsies and halloween cupcakes* Hope u like them ^^

Leo: Thank you for the cupcakes :)

sweetheartlegendflower  asked:

Welcome back, glad you are. And happy belated birthday. First question is for the author, how is the next chapter going for the story? Next is a question for the turtles, how is Kota going with Jiro? And last question is for Mikey, how much longer beside you burst (go into labour) dude?

Thank you! ^^

That is something that’s still in process. Since my friend just moved a few days ago, things are still getting settled, which is why we haven’t continued. But we’ll get back on track soon.

Leo: Well we’ve seen some progress on him, he’s slowly letting Jiro play with him and lets his little brother even touch Teddy. But only for a minute.

Mikey: Still need 3 more months bud :)