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hi, what's the official age order for 2012 turtles? I think I read somewhere that Donnie's older than Raph, and I just wanted to make sure that was right! :)

Technically they’re all the same age. So I’ll answer according hatch order^.^ In the 2012 universe it's 




And Mikey

This is confirmed by a comic book that was released prior to the show’s premiere.

So excited about Renet and Mikey, but also wondering how Raph is going to handle his little brother’s crush. When it came to Leo and Karai, he was pretty protective of Leo and treated Karai as a threat to the entire family. On the other hand, he’s not the least bit hostile to April. He warns Don that he’ll have his heart broken eventually, but he doesn’t blame April for that; he blames their difference in species. He also warns Casey off when he shows an interest in April, then eases up once he sees Don can handle it and, well, Casey treats Donnie like a rival, an equal. He respects Donnie enough to not automatically assume he’s going to ‘win’ April because he’s human. As Donnie’s relationship with April matured, Raph’s attitude changed from discouraging to wingman. So, how will he react with Mikey? Considering what he’s gone through with Leo and Don, discouraging the relationship is probably not going to work. Still, he might be extra suspicious for a while when he sees that Mikey likes her. I just really hope he switches other to wingman once he sees Mikey’s serious about his crush and offers him dating tips. What does Raph know about dating? I don’t know. Probably more than Mikey, though.

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One question.... What do you mean he respects her more than anything else?

Raph respects April. It’s pretty clear.

For example, he made it clear to Donnie that he made her uncomfortable in “A Foot too Big”. He knows her boundaries and knows how to treat her. Sure, there’s a few jokes here and there, but he never acted like she can’t do anything. He’s never really insulted her. And now, he sees her as part of the team.

Basically, I’m saying he respects her as a person and doesn’t see the need to try and baby her. He doesn’t really treat her as some weak, pitiful girl. There are times he says cocky stuff, but he never gets into her personal space like Casey or Donnie have.

There isn’t a whole lot of interaction between the two in the series, but from what I’ve seen, he’s not overly protective of her nor does he treat her like a baby.

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Do you think Raph is protective of April?

Ummmm it depends on what kind of protective we’re talking here. But no, I don’t think he’s protective over her. Well, at least overly protective. Not in the way Donnie or her father would be. Sure in a fight, battle, skirmish, or whatever, he’ll always have her back. Tbh, I think he respects her more than anything else.