tmnt 2014 spoilers

Best line in the TMNT movie...spoilers??
  • Leo:This is it! Do you guys have any last words?
  • Donnie:It was me who licked off the icing on the Pop-Tarts and put them back in the box! I'm sorry!!
  • Leo:Mikey?
  • Mikey:I never understood the ending to Lost!
  • Leo:Raph?
  • Raph:If these are our final moments, I just want you all to know that I'm sorry! All those times I pushed you around, picked on you, hit you, pushed you to your limits, it was because I was scared! I was scared because I thought I would never catch up to you, fight along side you, to call you brothers! It's because...I love you! I love you guys so much!!
  • Mikey:Uh...Raph?
  • *Shows the Turtles and April on the ground*
  • Leo:We made it!
  • Mikey:Dude, are you crying?
  • Raph:Naw, Man. I just...It's just dusty up here that's all...
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Based from this video.

I really can’t find that gif post thing mutanteens made. Also, I’m not in the same border as you guys as I’ll watch the movie next week (The showing here is in Aug. 13, which is work day for me so Saturday it is.)

  • 2k12 Splinter:You four are the last of my clan, the only family I have left, my second chance. As your sensei, I'm going to teach you the ancient art of ninjutsu so you will be able to protect yourselves from the dangers above, and to pass on my legacy in the only way that I can.
  • 2k14 Splinter:Check out this book I found, it's fucking rad as hell, we're going to do this shit,

for those that don’t get the ‘knitting scene’ with raph in the new movie… 2k3 had mini-sodes that are posted on YT and this was one of them…