donnielovergirl  asked:

What would the turtles do if they all love the same s/o?

Raph and Mikey:

They’re the ones to try and impress you whenever the other isn’t around, but when they are faced with each other the tension is SO high.  They show off their strength, skills, and even try to sweet talk you, trying to spend as much time with you as they can.  But it usually ends up with them fighting with each other and who you would much prefer to be with, calling out the other’s flaws and such.  You just smile and turn away to let them duke it out.


He’s shy, so he prefers to give you things and leaving them around for you to find with his name on a tag.  When you do find it, he’s watching from afar, or if he isn’t he knows you received it when you come up and thank him.  He’s such a blushing mess around you, he can’t take it.  He thinks he can outsmart his brothers with his genius, but he takes it a little too far, overthinking of what he can do for you to realize he loves you.

Leo on the other hand, he watches his brothers fret over you and just shakes his head, smiling.  Instead of freaking out about wondering what to get you and showing off to you, he simply walks up to you one day and asks you to join him for a cup of tea and maybe a movie.  The more time he spends with you gives him enough courage to tell you his feelings.  His brothers just watch him and you walk by with the most unpleased looks on their faces.  Damn you Leo and
your charm…

Scene I want in the 2016 movie:  Casey Jones fighting the turtles and slowly having to acknowledge that this might have been a Bad Idea.

Like, Raphael with his 40 inch biceps is obviously not going well, so he’s just like “Whatever, I didn’t want to fight you anyway, you’re just the warmup for when I kick the ass of that big blue doofus over there”.

Leonardo draws his swords.  Each is almost as tall as Casey.

“No no, not that doofus, I meant the orange shrimp with the goofy sunglasses.”

Michelangelo jumps down from wherever he was perched.  While the smallest of the brothers, he is by no means as tiny as he looked in the distance.

“Did I say sunglasses?  I meant regular glasses.  That’s right, nerd boy, I see you crouched behind the computer bank over there.  Stand up and fight me, you spindly little shit.”

Donatello, bemused, puts down the tools he was using to hack into the TCRI mainframe and stands up.

And up.

And up.

“Well fuck,” says Casey Jones.