tmnt 2012 season 1

season 1 April: bubbly, well-meaning, tries her best, girl-next-door type friend, snarky but nice.

season 5 April: tired, anger issues, trauma doesn’t exist unless she lets it, zero fucks left to give, “look it was either i stab someone or start crying. i didn’t have much choice.”

TMNT 2012 Season 5 Wish List

In no particular order:

1. Turtle tots
2. Seeing Leo and Donnie’s bedrooms
3. The fate of April’s mom revealed (and hopefully a happy reunion) 
4. Seeing Casey’s dad and little sister
5. A reunion with their Fugitoid (not past Fugitoid) since he technically survived
6. Mona coming to Earth and meeting Chompy and Slash.
7. Ice Cream Kitty having mochi ball ice cream kittens
8. Finding out why Pete isn’t part of the Mutanimals anymore
9. Seeing Karai bond with the turtles some more (she needs her family) <3
10. Donnie and April snogging and getting married and having babies


“I just wanna float off into the stars…”

- April O’Neil, TMNT Season 4 ep. 1: Beyond The Known Universe