tmnt 2012 gifs

Monster is keeping more time than I thought to be made. Also, I changed my mind seeing how heavy the main video is, I think I will post it as different chapters of (around) 3 minutes each. I think there will be 5 or 6 chapters.

The final result may be as long as an episode, wow.

The first chapter will be released tomorrow if everything’s right, both on Tumblr and my youtube channel if there is no issue with the music and noises used.

I’m actually working on the second chapter, knowing the first took me a few weeks to be done, there will be one chapter per month If I can do so. I hope you will like it, because this is the first time I use so much effects on a video, and I learn everything in autodidact mode :o

So be prepared. The monster will be released… tomorrow. I can’t wait to show it to you~

musics used for the first chapter “Gravity ost” - “Above Earth” and “Aurora Borealis