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Can you draw April looking at Donnie with her sad puppy dog eyes?

This message was appearing only in my phone mail box… Stop being drunk tumblr pleasssee… I can’t imagine the number of asks I never received…

But hey, here’s April begging for a kitten, this is probably happening some years after season 4 ^^ 

And then they had a cat.


@antisjwshredder‘s comics wherin The Foot Clan quotes The Office got me thinking about how good of a sitcom these characters would make.

Then my hand slipped

September Flashfic – “Lifted”

Theme: Caught in a Lie
A/N: Michelangelo is upset. Ice Cream Kitty and his brothers try their best to comfort him, making him realize his number one fans encourage him that Art shouldn’t have restrictions.

A high pitched gasp escaped from the youngest, baby blue beaming at the bright screen while agape mouth grew into a smile. Pushing his brother’s laptop aside, Michelangelo eagerly jumped from the cluttered bed to run across his room to begin his search.

“Ice Cream Kitty!” he giggled, waking up his pet’s mid-afternoon slumber. “This is so cool! There’s an online event. An art event!” Stocky hands fumbled through his messy dresser, pulling out several sets of comic books until grabbing hold of an unopened sketchpad. “I’ve been saving this for a special occasion, ICK.” She purred as he settled on the mattress beside her. Dark chocolate eyes curiously watched a finger prod the plastic seal. “Oh!” He stopped midway, dropping the pad onto the floor before rushing to search underneath his bed. “Oh no,” he frowned, turning to face his ice cream companion. “Kitty, you’ve seen my crayons?” She swung side to side, innocently glancing around the crowded room before playfully swatting a vanilla paw across freckled cheek. He grinned as the cream trickled, pink tongue quickly darting to taste its sweetness. She snickered, meowing after reaching behind to reveal his old set of crayons. “I knew it!” Snatching the crinkled box, he happily picked up his fallen pad. “Oh boy,” he cheered, bright smile returning once ripping the thin plastic off. “What to draw…”

His heart pounded, a crease forming between his brow ridges as shoulders slumped after reading and re-reading the notification email. A heavy sigh left him, moist cerulean averting towards the excitedly awaiting cat.

His bottom lip trembled, causing her strawberry ears to droop.

“They didn’t accept my submission, Kitty.”

“What’s wrong with Mikey?” Raphael’s thumb pointed at the direction of his brother’s room. “Usually he’d be out here scarfin’ three pizzas by now.” Worried Leonardo glanced behind him as the red masked snatched a second helping.

“I tried to get him out of his room since this morning. But, he kept saying he was tired.”

Donatello placed an empty plate on his lap, licking his fingers before cherry brown peered over his lean shoulder.

“That’s very unusual behavior.” The older siblings agreed, scratching their heads, wondering what had made the normally bubbly little brother so gloomy.

The trio soon settled to pay a visit, walking out of the living area until reaching Michelangelo’s bedroom. Their view caught him lounging on his stomach through the slightly ajar door, murmuring softly.

Letting out a lengthy sigh, the lime green turtle rested his head against the mattress, looking at Kitty’s equally disappointed expression. She scooted forward, ceramic bowl tilting, to rub an icy cheek against his face.

“You liked it, right?”

Mreoow!” He chuckled, reaching out to swipe a bit of strawberry with his index finger.

“At least I have someone who likes it,” he replied in a more cheerful tone. “Who are they to be judgin’ anyways?” Michelangelo sat up, legs uncrossing. “‘A way to celebrate artists,’” he mimicked. “Pfft, what a bunch of phonies.”


Still pouting, he turned his head, seeing them file in, avoiding the various scattered toys and clothing across the floor.

“Is something bothering you?” Leonardo asked while sitting on the cleanest edge of his bed. Jade palm rested against freckled shoulder, leaning forward reassuringly. “You’ve been pretty quiet today.”

Michelangelo shrugged, causing his brothers to glimpse at one another.

“C’mon, man.” Raphael sauntered, cracking his knuckles before draping an arm over narrow shoulders. “Need me to pound someone?”

Again, he remained silent.

Donatello frowned, wondering what had made the youngest seem so distant.

“Mikey, if you don’t tell us what’s going on, we won’t be able to help you.”

Orange veiled exhaled tiredly, lifting his gaze.

“My…my drawing didn’t make the cut.”

His siblings confusedly stared.

“What do you mean?”

“What drawin’?”

“It wasn’t good enough?”

“I know I’m not as talented as you guys,” Mikey confessed while twiddling his thumbs, “I wasn’t expecting to get a lot of praise. And that’s fine.” He huffed. “But, they didn’t even display my picture on their blog!” Michelangelo swiftly turned the laptop for their view, pointing accusingly at the screen. All three leaned forward, looking at an abundance in posts of artwork. Leonardo quickly grew curious.

“So, people just upload their drawings. For others to see?”

“Yeah!” He pulled the laptop closer to him, legs crossing, eagerly scrolling. “It’s like a monthly thing,” he began explaining. “There’s a theme, people can comment… Basically a community of sharing their ideas on a ton of stuff.”

“Sounds pretty cool.”

“Only if you’re in their inner circle, apparently…” Sky blue narrowed.

“So,” Raphael interrupted. “How come they didn’t accept your entry?”

Remembering, Mikey once again became upset.

“Oh. I might’ve not followed the rules completely…”

“Following a set of guidelines is very important,” Donatello claimed. “Did you have a clear understanding?”

“Yeah,” he muffled. “But I didn’t think art needed rules…”

“That’s right.” Raphael folded is arms. “Art doesn’t need any rules.”

“Yes. But a set of rules -”

“No. Art is boundless. No one should say what needs to be drawn. Or written. Art is art.” The brute fighter turned to face his brother. “I’ll gladly display your picture on the refrigerator.”

Blue eyes soon sparkled wide.


“Really.” Dark green hand reached out, waiting until Michelangelo gladly handed his sketchpad. Raphael carefully ripped the sheet before looking at the drawing. The usually brusque turtle smiled. “I love it.” The brothers took turns, nodding in praise. “Sort of resembles Pablo Picasso…” Raphael revealed as he spun the page sideways, then upside down.

“Very avant-garde.”

“ICK loves it too!” He reached for her bowl, setting her on his bouncing lap.

Mreow!” She exclaimed joyously before purring, snatching the drawing from the brothers to hug it against her.

She hissed as they tried to take the picture back, wanting to greedily keep the precious portrait all to herself. It wasn’t everyday someone drew such masterpiece.

And she was Mikey’s one and only muse.

TMNT: *doesn’t keep series up to date in other countries until at least several months later*

Splinter: *still dead because space arc isn’t concluded in home country*


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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: ‘Don vs. Raph’ by Jhonen Vasquez from SDCC!

The creator of Nickelodeon’s INVADER ZIM takes on the Turtles in this San Diego Comic Con exclusive animated short! It’s on! Donatello and Raphael have a score to settle and won’t rest until a true victor is crowned.