TMNT Flashback . . .

“And, April, if you give me your cell number … ” 

“I can patch you into our network.”



“See that?”

“I got her number.”


“Her number’s on the fridge, you dork.”

“ … ”

*OMG, Donnie is the cutest thing ever! I love this flashback! 😍 😍

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“i didn’t steal it from your garden this time!”

(Hi lads, I’m still here, sorry for the lack of activity. This is the whole, Raph spending some time with his newborn thing that was requested a while ago. I have more recently gotten a similar request, but it’s slightly different so they will be two see pared do-hicks… So enjoy! )

Raphael had never been scared of anything the way he was scared of the baby high chair now.

Maybe some context was important because one can just go off citing the big, bara turtle as being frightened by a typical household object; found in the home of any baby bearing family. It wasn’t the furniture itself that gave Red the fear. After all, it was a lifeless object. It was rather, the task is presented him with.

Trying to feed his daughter.

Still very small, only a few weeks old, Raph was the paragon of cautious as he cradled her in his big arms. Really, he could hold her in just one hand, he dwarfed her several hundred- If not thousand times over. Yet, he insisted on using the two, just to be safe. She meant the world to him. And he was always so worried him, being so big and clumsy might hurt her.

After all, baby’s were babies. Soft, fragile, delicate. Things that Raph tended to break. Just the thought of that gave him chills. And, mortality aside, she was used to her mother. Her gentle touch and caring arms, not his scales and bulky hands. Raph was always so hesitant to hold her, in fact, truth be told- This was his first time alone with her.

Carefully settling the little one into the high chair, strapping her in, he weighed the fresh, warm bottle in the other hand. While his little one was half reptilian, she was still half mammal and, as such, required milk.

Slowly he raised the rubber teet to her cute lips. She pouted against the bottle and seemed to mouth it a little but never fully latching on. This went on for several minutes until-

“ You know, it’d be easier if you held her. ”

Raph jumped, startled by Donnie, almost seeming to teleport behind him; causing him to loose grip on the bottle and clumsily scrabble for it. Gratefully, he managed to grab it.

“ Don! What the shell? Get outta here, I’m tryinna feed her, ” He grunted at his brother, who watched him, amused.

“ And I’m trying to help you get that done before she starves. She’s not used to drinking sitting up. Think about it, she’s been breastfed mostly and when she hasn’t been, she’s still been lying down. You need to hold her like her mom would, ” The genius of the brothers suggested, as Raph slowly glanced back to his daughter; slouched in her high chair, looking bored, her little face scrunched up.

Come to think of it, Donnie was right, Raph realised. His mate always fed their little one with her lying down. But, for her to be lying down, he’d have to hold her. Something Raph wasn’t entirely comfortable with, especially since he’d have to use one hand only, the other supporting the bottle.

“ Ye sure? Maybe she’ll get used to it, ” He grumbled. Don chuckled, patting his brother’s shell in a ‘good luck’ before retreating to his lab.

Raph sighed, taking a moment to mentally prepare for this. Scooping his baby from the chair, he carefully shuffled over to the couch, making sure to support her head. After sitting down, he positioned her so her little head rested in the crook of his elbow.

Looking down at her, daddy turtle smiled as the baby gurgled and churred happily. A trait, a sound, a language they’d inherited from him.

Letting out a shaky sigh, Raph made sure she was secure before removing one hand and lifting her bottle to her lips. Once again, she licked over it for a few minutes. However, this time, soon she found her grip and began to suckle. Such a little tummy was quick to have its full.

Setting the bottle aside, Raph daintily lifted her against her shoulder, pressing one large hand against her back, rubbing with only one finger she was so small, in order to wind her. With a satisfying little burp, that made him chuckle, he lowered her back to lie. Snuggled up to daddy, it was mere moments before the baby had drifted off to sleep.

And Raph, while feeling incredibly stressed out, tense and terrified for the future… Felt just a little more confident.

And his wife? Would be sure to share the touching moment with their daughter later in life, given she’d captured it all on her phone from the comfort of the doorway.

Leo and Splinter’s relationship

So, I ranted about Don not too long ago and now I have to rant about Leo. I’ve seen a lot of comments about how Splinter only said goodbye to Leo and how he only shared some knowledge with him, because leader. And while I totally get where people are coming from - I would love to see more scenes between Splinter and the rest of the boys - I think an important detail is missing. Leo SOUGHT out Splinter. He said will you show me or tell me about…whatever. During Requiem, Leo approached him to ask what’s wrong.

Leo works hard to be a good fighter and a good leader and he regularly went to Splinter to seek out advice or to learn from him. Like the healing hands. Leo asked to be taught. Now this doesn’t mean that the rest of his brothers had no interest, but they maybe didn’t pursue these things like Leo did. I totally buy into the headcanon that Leo doesn’t have the same natural talents that his brothers do, so he has to work extra hard to be at the level he wants to be.

To me, Leo seems like one  of those kids - 15 going on 30 - who really enjoys the company of adults. Who likes to hang out with their parents and wants to know everything about their life and learn what they know. And I think Splinter appreciated that about Leo, but it doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have shared that knowledge with Donnie or Raph or Mikey.  But I think they all had other interests or responsibilities, in Donnie’s case, that kept their attention elsewhere. 

Of course these are just my observations and hc.

I totally bought the new tmnt dvd yesterday and thanks to @eternallydaydreaming2015 I even got ten percent off! (Thanks for the coupon tip, good looking out, girl! 😄)

I’ll probably have wait until Saturday to watch the season five episodes I’ve been so eager to see. (Have to work Saturday morning so no staying up late tonight 😒)

But from the spoilers I’ve seen, I’m sorry excited!!!😁