the writer’s of the show may portray Leo as the main character, but i in fact think it’s actually April who is the main character.

like, literally so much of what’s happened wouldn’t have been possible without her? pretty much 80% of the plot line wouldn’t exist if April wasn’t involved. honestly, if she hadn’t met the boys on the night she did, the world would be colonized by the kraang by now and everyone would either be slaves or dead.

April O’Neil is the real 2012 main character as far as i’m concerned.

Electric Mikey is still canon just hidden where we can't see, shut up

In a PM with an equally bitter salty writer fan:

Re your latest review of my Sunshine Child story!
You said
“Story: He Is Quantum (Part Three of The Sunshine Child)
Chapter: 1.
From: Silexwitch
I so enjoy these. Mikey and his blossoming powers. I really like how they each have their own reaction to his telepathic sendings. I’d love to see them try and figure that one out, but then again Leo is spiritual, Raph is emotional and Donnie is logical, so I guess it makes sense.
But Donnie’s theory if Mikey could telepathically/empathetically make someone do something, that’s going to be a real test, one that might be pretty damn scary for them”

OMG you are so enjoying these, Mikey and his blossoming powers! Do you even know how happy that makes me?? AAAAAAAAH I love even small comments like this


Yes, and now Electrokinetic power will be added because Mikey damn deserves it.

I am so bitter that I will do an entire backstory where Mikey’s original mutation was that point five chance of making a psionic mutant on Earth, and the Utrom Council realizes it. Like my series “Mikey The Lifegiver” but closer to whatever canon does. Thus I will follow the episodes and tweak them!
See I am so bitter that Bishop drained Mikey’s powers that I will make sure it didn’t happen. And whilst controlling the electricity, Mikey develops more psychokinetic ability, like energy manipulation with healling and empathy that projects to become clairvoyance and telepathy. How does that sound?? I mean it might as well be an AU of my AU.

Plus, I plan on waiting for the Father and Renet episodes but my firm headcanon is that Electric Mikey retained some power and only uses it in between episodes where the audience cannot see. That’s the fanfic domain ha ha hahaha

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