anonymous asked:

If... If you really still get the pallete challenge ¿Can we see a Tiger Claw in #56? PD: I really love you art, you became in one of my inspiration so far that it make me very curious how another charather will see, in your style, but i know i gonna love it anyway ♥

Sure :D And thank you, I’m glad I can inspire you, man! <3
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Darkest Plight (4x21) Description


Darkest Plight has spoilers from The Supper Shredder, that’s why I didnt write it here. So if you want to know, just check the link ;) 

flippylover  asked:

Leo have the kids ever meet their other family member like Karai yet has she meet theme must been hard huh. I hope shredder will never lay his dirty metal hands on the poor little ones they have been through alote especially Kota you all have been great parents to theme 🐢🙂

Leo: Well now that we’ve found Karai finally, we haven’t had the chance to actually show her the kids. Nor does she know about Mikey’s condition. Everytime we’re about to bring it up something happens. 
But it won’t be long before she knows she’s an aunt.