Season 4 Final 2 Episodes

If you don’t know, Gwendolin Yeo has posted 2 new episode titles.

Episode 25 -  Requiem

Episode 26 -   Owari

Requiem means a mass for a death. Or in another way or saying it, a funeral. So someone could be dieing this episode.

Owari means ‘The End’ or ‘Finished’ in Japanese. If someone close to the turtles has been killed by Super Shredder in the previous episode, so I wonder if they be fighting Super Shredder in the final episode but it be a lot longer than the other times they fought him in previous episodes.

So The Big Question is, Who is going to die???

So guys prepare for feels, feels and more feels and stock up on tissues, the last few episodes are probably going to be emotional.

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While watching TMNT on NickToons this morning  during the episode Casey Jones VS. The Underworld I saw this scene and couldn’t help but think of @mesacat13 Dark!Turtles AU. I imagine a few training sessions go like this.