Best thing to come home to!

Came home for my birthday and first thing I ask my parents “Where are my posters” I must say I am super happy! Each one signed by the @dement09  

I also used my present of the complete golden girls series to hold each one down. Gotta say the dancing lapidot and Jasper x Pearls were the ones I was super excited to see and they are amazing!

Some issues: I must say I thought they would be a bit bigger but I’m not too sad about that however, there is a scratch on the campfire print that I caught in the light which may have been from packaging and the malachite print seemed to have a substance on the back almost like it had been taped up before and some small dots and film is on it when I look at it in the light. It also had a line of white across the top perhaps from cutting the print or from a lack of print but I am nonetheless happy and the fact that you signed them makes it all the worth while!

Thank you so much Dem for this! ~chu <3