tmn junk

Silent wanted me to explain Plant’s living space so I said I would draw it uh

Basically since robots can’t really “own” property, Plant lives in one of the research facility’s old greenhouses, a little one that they don’t use any more, and since he’s the primary researcher anyway it means he can walk 30 feet to get to work in the morning so that’s nice.

He doesn’t need much space since he’s not really someone who needs a lot of belongings but Hornet helped him bring some things in, including his bed and some furniture, and he also helped get electricity and water in there for him so he can have some comforts.

The entire thing is its original glass paneling except he’s put up privacy screens and curtains around his tiny bedroom so he can still feel safe and secure and have some time to himself or to his boyfriend uh. He’s got the floor covered with rugs so it’s more cozy than the original cheap cement flooring and some of the original tables and shelving have been kept there and he puts his stuffed animals and tea and other stupid things up there. It’s not shown because it’d take up the entire picture but every available empty space that isn’t occupied by a shelf and that isn’t used for walking space is given a plant to house, except in his bedroom which he likes to keep quiet except for maybe one or two small ones by his bed.