One Weekend|| Grayson Dolan Imagine


I had just finished packing when i heard the dolans honk. I grabbed my things and headed out the door. I walked out and waved to them as I walked to there jeep. Grayson got out and helped me with my bags.

“Thanks” I smile. He nods. We both get in the car.

“Are you ready for Coachella?” Ethan asks.

“Hell yea!” I laugh.

“Awesome…we just have to pick up Jocelyn and the rest are gonna meet us at the cabin.” Ethan says.

“Sounds like a plan” I say. We continue to drive and then Jocelyn gets in the car. Jocelyn and Grayson laugh and joke around. I rolled my eyes. I watched as gray tightened his jaw. He usually does that as a nervous habit…I’ve seen it form over the years. I bit my lip and watched it slowly unclench. It sucks having a crush in your best friend. Specially mine. People always teased us about dating and shit Like that but gray never responded kinda ignored it. I ignored it the first few times but then it started to mind of form this thought in my head that I couldn’t get rid of. Like could he love me like that?

“Were here!” Grayson screamed snapping me out of tmmy thoughts. I laughed and smacked his arm.

“Scared the shit out of me!” I laugh. He turns and looks at me.

“Awe poor thing” he makes a pouty face. I rolled my eyes and smacked his arm again.

“Stop fliriting you two” Jocelyn laughed. And there was a remark that always happened…usually it came from E but good to know that Jocelyn ain’t trying to get at him I hope….
We got into the cabin and greeted the rest of our friends.

“Okay so we each have to share a room…so pick your partners!” jake yelled. Jocelyn quickly ran over to Ethan and everyone else paired up, leaving me and Grayson. We both shrugged. We’ve shared a room before back when we went to Europe once…but that was before I had a crush on him.
We went upstairs and unpacked and relaxed. Gray sat on the bed on his phone while I unpacked my day one outfit for tomorrow.

“So tell me…why do girls dress up for this anyway.” Grayson says.

“Its kind of like our free spirit moment…to dress how we would feel most free.”

“If you don’t sound more stoned” he laughed.

“ you asked you ass” I laugh. He shrugged. After a few hours we had dinner with everyone and then went backup to our rooms. I went I to the bathroom to change into my over sized t-shirt. I walked out of the bathroom and saw gray shirtless in just boxers. His body burnt a hole in my eyes. Fuck. I shook my head and out my clothes in there place. I turn around and see Grayson staring at me.

“What?” I ask. He bit his lip then shook his head.

“Umm nothing…aren’t you missing pants?” he asked.

“No. Aren’t you missing like everything.” I say. He shakes his head no. I shrug and climb onto the bed and grab my laptop and sit on the cover a and turn in my laptop. Gray laid next to me sitting on his phone. I pulled up my shirt a little as I was sitting on the part that was pulling the shirt to choke me a little. I had the laptop in between my leg…one leg crossed and the other spread out.

“Nice lace blue underwear” gray says. I look and see the side showing.I cover it and smack his arm. I got back to working on my blog for Coachella weekend. Then I feel a hand land at my upper thigh. I tried to ignore it. Then the hand climbs higher and pulled my underwear and snapped it back on my skin.

“Ow” I say. I move my hand to the skin that the underwear snapped on and how hand was still there. I looked over at him. He flipped himself over to his side facing me. I went back to writing when his left hand trailed across my body and pulled at my right thigh pulling me over to me. I nearly kicked my laptop when he pulled me over to him. My thigh slung around him.

“Gray…"I start. He shakes his head. He pulls my face closer to his.

"Gray…we can’t do this.” I say his lips close to mine.

“Why not.” be asks.

“Because. You don’t want this. You don’t want me.” I say. His hand trailed up further on the thigh that was slung over his farther closer up to my butt. I try to leave his grip.

“Y/N look at me” he says. I shake my head no. His hand grabs my face and pulls it to look at him.

“Why would I make a move if i didn’t want this?” he asks.

“Okay let me rephrase…you don’t want me…you want my body. ” I roll my eyes. I try to leave his grip again but his grip only get tighter.

“Okay let me restate….why would I make move if I didn’t want you. I don’t just want your body, far from it.” he says. I let my vision space out when he pulls my face to look at his again.

“Well? Why would I?” he asks.

“Because your horny” I say.

“But I just said I don’t want you like that. I mean I do don’t get me wrong but there is so much more to you than your body. I love your personality. You have such a caring heart and a great sense of humor….” he says.

“Your weird.” I say. My nerves kicking in. I bit my lip.

“Stop being nervous. For fucks sake Y/N…Im admitting I like you….and not just because you in that shirt with just panties on turns me on…but because you are you. Plus I’m not gonna lie…I saw you getting jealous when Joce and I were joking around…it was cute” he boops my nose. I shyly laugh.

“I…I like you too” I say. Within the second that took to come out of my mouth he kissed me. The kiss became heated fast. Gray pulled me in top of him so I was straddling him. Mmy hands pressed against his muscled pecks…keeping me up when kissing him. I had a feeling this was gonna be a good weekend.


Hope you liked it. My mind had been flustered lastwly so I apologize if it seems disorganized. 😘

ultralisblog  asked:

Ya quizás moleste con tantas preguntas pero... te diste cuenta que los abuelos maternos de Tmmy son millonarios es decir ellos poseen una gran cantidad de autoservicios de comida rapida y un poco parecida a MMcDonald o sea que la madre de Timmy pudo haber sido hija de unos millonarios que se casó con alguie fuera de su clase social? A y por cierto ¿que pasará con la existencia de Tommy Tammy? Los futuros hijos de Tmmy ¿o es que si los tendrá?Por cierto adoro tu creatividad y porfa dame a Lían😍

de echo no habia pensado eso sobre los abuelos de timmy ya que no querian que su hija se casara con el papa de timmy pero si si mueren timmy sera rico aun que si se casa con remy lo seria aun mas ewer.

pues lo de sus hijos aun no lo eh considerado pero te dare un pequeño spoiler ewer a lian le borran la memoria y lo mandan a vivir con timmy y se convierte en su hijo y timmy le cambia el nombre y le pone  tommy a lian creyendo que es el hijo de un matrimonio fallido  pero ninguno de los dos recuerda la verdad

XD  rayos eso me pasa por dibujarlo tan sexy

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Did you get a full tmmy tuck or a "mini" tummy tuck? Did they have to cut a hole for a new belly button for you? From your pictures I can't tell, but if they did you really can't notice! I have heard that is the worst part of the tummy tuck so I am jw since I am going to be getting a tummy tuck in a few months! Thanks Sharee! :)

I got an extended tummy tuck (longer than a full) so my incision  line extends past my hip bones to include loose skin that was one my lower hips. I did get a new belly button  hole (same belly button new hole lol) and my doctor is a god! he is amazing and well deserving of all the awards he has.  I wanted to make sure i choose a doctor that had amazing results and by looking at his previous clients i KNEW i was making the right choice. is his website in case you’re in the seattle area!


After (these pics or 5months post op and 7 months post op. I am now 10 months post op, but i’m not tan anymore and so i look gross lol)