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waylandlewis tagged me:

1.       First fictional character you fell in love with

The first fictional character I fell in love with was Patch from Hush, Hush. I just found him completely irresistible and sexy; also, a little mystery never hurt anyone.

2.        What is the first thing you would buy if you had 1 million dollars?

I would buy a new bookshelf. Most of my books at the moment are piled around my bedside table and I have my eye on a TARDIS bookshelf that I saw online.

3.       If you could have a song playing in the background every time you walk down the street what would it be?

Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye. I just love that song.

4.        Is there one thing you love but everyone else hates?

Pickles. None of my friends like pickles. They think they’re weird and disgusting. I think they’re mental.

5.       What is your least favorite book of all time?

Hating Alison Ashley. I had to read it for English. I did not enjoy it one little bit.

6.        Who would you choose to portray you in a movie?

Chloe Mortez. I’ve been told I look like her.

7.       What is the most embarrasing song in your iPod?

Thanks for the Memories by Fall Out Boy. Don’t even ask…

8.       Do you believe in aliens,ghosts or any other paranormal thing?

I once saw the ghost of my Great Aunt Sheila. I’m not sure I did though because I had just had a tooth pulled out and they gave me happy gas. I also thought I saw Russel Brand waiting for an elevator, but you never know…

9.       Do you relate to any character of your favorite books?

Sydney Sage from Bloodlines and Vampire Acadamy. I’m constantly stressing about my weight and comparing myself to my skinnier friends. Although I don’t have a tattoo of a lily on my cheek and a superhot vampire that has a crush on me.

10.   With what movie have you cried the most?

Flipped. I have no idea why. I guess I was hormonal.

11.    What is one weird ability you have?

I can touch the tip of my tongue to my nose.

My Questions:

1. Which TMI book is your favorite?

2. Autumn or Spring?

3. Eye colour?

4. Favorite book/novel?

5. Favorite song?

6. First movie you remember seeing?

7. Favorite movie?

8. Favorite TID character?

9. Least favorite movie?

10. If you had to choose, would you rather eat cheese with everything or no cheese at all?

11. Real books or electronic copies?