Looking for more members!

How to join

  • Must be following me
  • Fill out this form
  • Reblog this (Likes will not count, but can like to bookmark)
  • Must reach 60+ notes or I will cry. There are only 62 spots left in the network!!
What's is this exactly about?
  • A network for the TMI/TID main ships 
  • There are 7 seperate networks for each ship: Clace, Sizzy,Malec,Wessa,Jessa,Blackstairs, and Sophieon
Why should you join?
  • Make new friends/gain more followers
  • Have little therapy sessions when you feel down
  • Advice on anything Tumblr
  • Fangirl about your ship c: 
  • Have people reblog your edits,posts,selfies- you name it! 
  • We’ll be having battle of the ships! (It will totally be awesome) 
How it works
  • Spots are limited 
  • What you get depends on how much you want to be in a certain ship or if the ship is full 
  • There will be 2 admins + me in each network
What happens if you get in

  • You will receive and email asking you to join the network
  • Track the tag tmishipsnet and your ship tag. Ex: clace-network
  • Put a link on your blog/updates tab
  • Follow tmishipsnet

If you have questions, feel free to message me! 

I think it’s time to do another follow forever, so here I am!


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It was very hard not to bold everyone, you’re amazing ^^

(No, really, there were a lot of blogs I wanted to bold. More than this, surely.)

If you’re not in and i follow you please message me.

I hope you will have a great summer, you deserve it ♡

the guardians of the galaxy network

welcome to the gotg network! here you will be able to talk about the film (and comics), your love for the characters and meet new people who love gotg just as much as you do!

(banner credit to the lovely jas)


- mbf the guardians of the galaxy
- reblog this post (likes are for ronan worshippers)
- fill out this application form (required)
- this post must reach 45 notes or it never happened

what we're looking for

- nice, friendly active bloggers
- clean, neat themes + urls / organised tagging systems
- blogs with at least some marvel/gotg
- bloggers that will actively participate in the network discussions and are willing to reblog selfies, follow back other members, etc.

perks of joining

- new friends who love marvel/gotg
- somewhere to post your headcanons/AUs/etc.
- a place to talk about gotg and the rest of the marvel cinematic universe (movies coming out, etc.)
- members will reblog your selfies, give you eternal love, etc.

if you're accepted

- you’ll need to follow the other members
- send me your icon and description for the members’ page (will specify later)
-join the group chat (you’ll be linked via email so keep an eye out for that)
- link the members’ page on your blog somewhere

other important info

- track the tag #gotgnet to stay updated
- we will be choosing 10-15 members to start with (more may be added over time)
reblogging ends september 10th, members announced shortly after
- if you have any questions feel free to message me or any of the other admins

Welcome to my 2nd solo Tumblr Awards. School is destroying me, so I’ve decided to that~



  • mbf me
  • reblog to enter (likes are for bookmarking)
  • must reach 30 notes
  • one winner per category, one runner-up will be added every 50 notes
  • you must reblog until november 10th
  • winners will be announced a few days later


  • best url
  • best theme
  • best icon
  • best sidebar
  • best updates tab
  • best mobile theme
  • best posts
  • best edits
  • best multifandom
  • best nfr posts -> photography, fashion, art, etc.
  • best overall
  • nicest blogger
  • best Game of Thrones*
  • best Hunger Games*
  • best Shadowhunters’ Chronicles*
  • best Divergent*
  • best Once Upon A Time*
  • best Marvel*
  • best Disney*

*depends on the fandoms of the rebloggers

prizes for each winner

  • +f if not already
  • 1 promo group, 2 solo promos (1 link + 1 screenshot), unlimited  promos upon request
  • one of my no-bolded saved urls for best overall, if he/she wants
  • url graphics on request (I’m not so so good, but I’d like to try)
  • spot on my updates till January 31st
  • friendship 

prizes for runner-ups

  • +f if not already
  • 2 promo group, 3 promos upon request
  • spot on my updates till January 31st
  • friendship 
  • Must be following me ( I will check)
  • Reblog this as an entry. Likes will not count, but you can like to bookmark this
  • Check out my June winner and runner-up
  • Join my Tumblr Family ?
  • There will be one winner and 2 runner-ups 
  • I’ll be choosing 6 people to go on a poll on the 25th and the winner and runner-ups will be announced July 1st
  • Must reach 15+ notes or I’ll cry
What I'm looking for

  • Fandom blog
  • Clean and nice theme
  • Nice blogger
  • Good posts 

  • Link on my blog for the full mouth of July
  • Follow back if not already
  • Unlimited amount of promos whenever you want
  • My friendship and internal love ♥ 
  • Cupcakes

  • Link on my blog for the full of July
  • Follow back if not already
  • 3 promos whenever you want 
  • My friendship and internal love ♥ 
  • Cupcakes

Good luck!!

Ignore the sucky banner. Once again, my graphic skills do not extend beyond Powerpoint and Paint.

I’d like to try something a little new, and that is a Blog of the Month. Actually, in this case, it will be up to two months because I’m lazy. There are so many fabulous blogs out there and I’d like to showcase one special blog every other month, at least until I reach my birthday goal! If this becomes more popular than I expect, then I will consider doing it every month. 


  • You must be following me (I will check)
  • Please reblog this (likes are for bookmarking, again I will check)
  • You have until September 6
  • I’d like this to reach 20 notes or it never happened and I will be embarrassed for the rest of my life
  • I will pick one winner and one runner-up on September 7* for the months of September and October

what i’m looking for:

  • Nice, clean themes and tagging system
  • Friendly bloggers
  • Rad posts

what you get:

  • A follow back, if not already following 
  • A spot on my updates tab for the winner
  • Promos whenever you like (up to 3 per month for the runner-up)
  • Eternal friendship 
  • Someone to reblog your selfies
  • I might even throw in a couple poems/flash fiction pieces upon your request (I don’t do fanfiction, sorry, but you can read some of my stuff here.)
  • Did I mention eternal friendship? :)

*if I’m not on vacation, which at this rate, I won’t be

Creative ask time bc I want to change my url
  • Mbf me
  • Reblog this
  • Vote on this poll
  • Send me what you picked 

Based on your blog, I’ll tell you your


Mundane ✦ Werewolf ✦ Vampire ✦ Faerie ✦ Warlock  ✦ Shadowhunter

Weapon choice

Bow + arrow ✦ Whip ✦ Dagger ✦ Sword ✦ Seraph Blade 


London ✦ Los Angeles ✦ New York 


Blackthorn ✦  Branwell ✦ Starkweather ✦ Morgenstern ✦ Verlac✦ Gray ✦ Penhallow ✦ Pangborn ✦ Graymark ✦ Fairchild ✦ Wayland ✦ Carstairs ✦ Lightwood ✦ Herondale 

[Inspired by  ]

Downworlders Battle: a sibling relationship 

A few months after Sebastian’s attempt to essentially destroy the shadowhunter race and things calmed down a bit, parabatai brothers, Alec and Jace, decide to embark on a fun adventure—visiting various institutes and further learned how they were run, as they would be running the New York Institute together one day. At one point Alec and Jace even stop by the Los Angeles Institute and while there they were even asked for autographs by Emma. The brothers traveled to various places, and even attended Tessa and Jem’s rehearsal dinner and wedding reception. 

hey guys this is really important

so there’s this trans boy i know named charlie and he really wants to get surgery to help him feel more confident and happy in his body. but unfortunately his family doesn’t have a ton of money to spare right now. it would be so great if you could maybe donate, or reblog this post so others can donate. he talks about it more on the website, but this is a really big thing for him and he needs all the support he can get.

donate here!

thank you so much

I wanted to do something fun and at the same time thank all of my followers so I decided to do a Tumblr Awards to celebrate summer!!!

  • Must be following ME
  • Reblog this post, likes don’t count:)
  • Ends August 16th, 2015
  • This has to reach at least 30 notes
  • Each category will have one Winner
  • Will probably add Runner ups if enough people enter
  • Best URL
  • Best Icon
  • Best Theme
  • Best Updates 
  • Nicest Blogger
  • Best Hunger Games Blog
  • Best Harry Potter Blog
  • Best Shadowhunters Blog
  • Best  Disney Blog
  • Best Multifandom Blog
  • Best Books Blog
  • Random Award 
  • A follow if I’m not already
  • Promos for a month whenever
  • A spot on my updates tab
  • Place in my Winners Page
  • A graphic of your choice
  • You get to be my friend<3 (no exceptions lol)
Runner Ups
  • A follow if I’m not already
  • 5 Promos whenever for a month
  • Spot on my Winners Page
  • You also get to be my friend:)


Hey guys! It’s time to announce the winners of my 2nd Tumblr Awards!

Here we are~

  • best url 


  • best theme


  • best icon


  • best sidebar


  • best updates tab


  • best mobile theme
  • best posts


  • best edits


  • best multifandom


  • best nfr posts -> photography, fashion, art, etc.


  • best overall


  • nicest blogger


  • best Game of Thrones’ post*


  • best Hunger Games’ post* 
  • best Shadowhunters’ Chronicles’ post


  • best Divergent’s posts*


  • best Once Upon A Time’s post*


  • best Marvel’s post*
  • best Disney’s post*

A little reminder of the prices ~(•-•)/

  • +f if not already
  • 1 promo group, 2 solo promos (1 link + 1 screenshot), unlimited  promos upon request
  • one of my no-bolded saved urls for best overall, if he/she wants (ask me!)
  • url graphics on request (I’m not so so good, but I’d like to try)
  • spot on my updates till January 31st
  • friendship 

Have a great evening/afternoon/day/anything c: