So because i am 110% obsessive trash, i downloaded Star Trek Online for shits and giggles and made a very short RedSkirt Vulcan named T’Mir and I love her 

She’ll kick ur ass 7 ways to Sunday and can’t pilot a ship for shit (I’m bad at Space battles) and also was raised by humans for the first 10 years of her life so she also lacks most of the emotion control of Vulcans but She Tries™ goddammit.

Also she is tired.

This Makes It Real || Amy&Zeke

Amy gripped Zeke’s hand as they walked through the parking lot and into the clinic. She’d be lying if she said she wasn’t nervous about today’s appointment. She walked up to the counter before speaking to the woman behind the desk, “Excuse me. I’ve got an appointment with Dr. Hendrix. It’s under Smith.” She waited politely as the woman signed her in before taking a seat.

She fidgeted anxiously while she waited. Amy knew what was going to happen but that didn’t make it any easier. Thankfully she didn’t have to wait for long, and soon enough a nurse was calling her name, smiling as she ushered Amy and Zeke into another room. They weighed Amy and then took her blood pressure, jotting down the measurements. “Okay, you can just wait here. Dr. Hendrix will be with you shortly.”

sahira1996  asked:

Hey ^-^ Just wanted to ask if you're planning to continue your story To Make It Right? Because I really like it and have to admit that I read the whole story at least 20 times... xD

Hello! :D Yes, I am 100% planning to continue! It’s just that between applying to college and all the advanced (read: hellishly, pointlessly time-comsuming) classes I’m taking, I have no time to even breathe, let alone write. The earliest I went to bed all week was two am, with the latest being around 4:30 (and I wake up at 6:30, so uh, ew). I’ve been having a truly atrocious school year that leaves no time for writing, so while I apologize for the long wait, I hope you guys know it’s not just because I’m being lazy or something. I love you a ton, and I wish more than anyone that I could update more frequently. Anyway, that’s totally not what you asked, but I always feel like I should explain myself. I would really, really love to update tonight, actually, but I mistakenly told you guys that the last chapter was 7,000 words and that the next would be 5, but actually last chapter was 9,000, and this one is only 3 or 4k. So uh… I’ve been feeling kind of obligated to produce an extra 2,000 words, but I really can’t, both because of my utter lack of time and the flow of the chapter. If I leave it off where it is and decide I’m happy with it, I can have it up tonight. I’ll uh… really, really try, but we’ll see what happens. 

Double anyway, thank you so much! I have some fics that I just read and reread, and I’m so glad TMIR is like that for you (someone else just commented that recently, and believe me when I say I know that pain of waiting for an update on a fic like that, so please know I’m trying for you lol). I appreciate you guys more than you know, and I’ll really try to get that update up! Have a wonderful day! <3

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