the mortal instruments myth series | ISABELLE LIGHTWOOD as APHRODITE, greek goddess of beauty, love and pleasure.

she is the very definition of love; she has hurt, she has ached, but she throws herself into it anyway, heart fuller and bigger than any. her care is an ocean - fierce, ferocious, unforgiving. look there, look at her arms, her legs; she takes fashion and blends it with danger, with beauty; she will take the ugly and sculpt it into pleasure. underestimate her, and she will break you. after all, what is more dangerous than love?

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Oh my gosh i just read the first chapter of your fanfiction on ao3 and i cant wait to see where to take it!

Aaaaaa yes oh gosh thank you for reading it :) 

Honestly im a little stuck right now and im not sure whether my current draft will be used or not…

Anyways, here is a sentence as a ‘not really a summary’ summary of the second chapter for TMIM:

”Silence is golden, but your voice is priceless”

My poor child Langst McPain

Edit: Nope, changed the draft. That summary wont be used yet.


the mortal instruments myth series | MAGNUS BANE as DIONYSUS, greek god of wine, theatre and ecstasy.

mortal mother, immortal father; he is human yet it is this part of him that makes him other, that makes him so different. he is chaos, he is ecstasy - you will find joy burning through your veins when you are with him. joy and madness (underneath, however, there’s more. years of pain, decades of want, centuries of need to be seen as who he is - nothing more, nothing less). you will look and look but you cannot see him in all his glory. you are, after all, only a mortal.


 the mortal instruments myth series | CAMILLE BELCOURT as MEDEA, princess of Colchis and niece of Circe.

her loyalty will be your salvation; her hate your ultimate destruction. she loves fiercely and with the rage of a thousand sons; she may seem cold but she burns for the ones she has given her heart to. hurt her, hurt them, and she will unstring you so completely. her revenge is poison; it is acid caught between her teeth; it is deadly. she is ancient cruelty and nothing will stand in her way - not even herself (she knows what she wants and how to get it and get it she will).


the mortal instruments myth series | VALENTINE MORGENSTERN as ICARUS, son of Daedalus

his eyes do not know how to look any way but upward; he knows what he wants and he is always reaching up, up, up for it. he has determination burning in every nerve, every fibre in his body; it is unfortunate that he will burn with it. it is his ambition that will bring him crashing to the ground; in his thirst for more, he forgets how human he is. he forgets how the higher you go, the more there is to fall.