TMI Appreciation Week:  Favorite Book; City of Lost Souls

♡ Sebastian made a tsk noise. “You’ll thank me later. Even you have to admit this death wish of yours is a little extreme.” Clary expected Jace to snap back at him again. But he didn’t. His gaze traveled slowly across Sebastian’s face. For that moment there was only the two of them in the room, and when Jace spoke, his words came cold and clear. “I won’t remember this later,” he said. “But you will. That person who acts like your friend-” He took a step forward, closing the space between himself and Sebastian. “That person who acts like they like you. That person isn’t real. This is real. This is me. And I hate you. I will always hate you. And there is no magic and no spell in this world or any other that will ever change that.”


TMI Appreciation Week:  Day Two | Favorite Ship; Sizzy 

“I like spending time with him. He makes me laugh. And I like the way he smiles. You know, one side of mouth goes up before the other one.” 

“Our love is forbidden like the love of a shark and a—and a shark hunter. But that’s what makes it special.”