tmi: movie

  • Rodolphus: So what's wrong with her?
  • Bellatrix: Who?
  • Lucius: Your sister. You said it was serious.
  • Bellatrix: Oh yeah... shark bite.
  • Rodolphus: Shark bite?
  • Bellatrix: Yeah.
  • Lucius: And they took her to Rome?
  • Narcissa: Yeah, they have a really good shark attack unit there.

“ أحب لوحة الكلاب التي تلعب البوكر، لإن الكلاب لا تراهن علي الأشياء أبدا، و هذا متناقض، و أنا أحب التناقض “

“ Dogs Playing Poker. I like Dogs Playing Poker. Because dogs would never bet on things, and so, it’s incongruous. I like incongruity. “

The Accountant (2016)