things that i never want to see tagged on my oc art

- ”novel inspiration”
- “miraculous ladybug”
- any sort of character faceclaim like no
- some otp that isn’t made up of my characters
- “this is so x character and y character”
- “this reminds me of my ocs”
- also i don’t want people tagging my characters as “kin”

  • Me: *reads/watches/listens newest addition to fandom*
  • People: ...
  • Me: *rolls eyes and walks away*
  • Me: *opens computer*
  • Me: Finally! Someone who understands me!

Tiberius Blackthorn

“Julian had heard stories-whispers really-of other Shadowhunter children who thought or felt differently. Who had trouble focusing. Who claimed letters rearranged themselves on the page when they tried to read them. Who fell prey to dark sadnesses that seemed to have no reason, or fits of energy they couldn’t control.

Whispers were all there were, though, because the Clave hated to admit that Nephilim like that existed. They were disappeared into the ‘dregs’ portion of the Academy, trained to stay out of the way of other Shadowhunters. Sent to the far corners of the globe like shameful secrets to be hidden. There were no words to describe Shadowhunters whose minds were shaped differently, no real words to describe differences at all.

Because if there were words, Julian thought, there would have to be acknowledgement. And there were things the Clave refused to acknowledge.”

because im not sure if chapter 8 will be done by tomorrow or not, here’s a lil preview


“I’m sorry, Adrien,” she whispers.

He tilts his head back so that their eyes meet, and he frowns. “Hey, shhh.” She shakes her head and then presses her lips to his forehead. A small sigh shudders through him as he hides his face again. “Please don’t cry for me.”

“You deserve more,” she replies, blinking back the tears.

“That’s why I have you.” She practically buries her face in his hair as he winds an arm under her waist at the small of her back and clings to her. Marinette steadies her breath with his heartbeat. It feels good to feel him so solidly in her arms and she knows that no matter what may happen to them - or between them - in the future, she’ll always remember this moment, and how real it feels.

I need some diversity up in this scene

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Hello! I really need some extra cash to pay off my student loans for the coming months SO I’m gonna open commissions again!

I will do simple $10 commissions, no backgrounds, no more than two characters, colored. The finished products will look something like this

i won’t do any nsfw, and i will only do ocs if i have a reference picture to work from! i accept payment via PayPal. if you have any questions or if you are interested, send me a message on tumblr or email me at



THERE ARE SO MANY OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much! For all the encouragement and the sweet messages and the support for my art! I definitely never would have gotten this far or improved so much if it weren’t for you! So thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! I can’t wait to share more art with you and continue being friends!!!!!!!!!!!