a chapter 7 excerpt. this chapter is killing me honestly but here take this until i can finish the damn thing.


“Well, well, well. Look at what the cat coughed up.”

Everyone looks toward Chloe who stands nearby with her arms crossed over her chest, her ice blue eyes drilling into Marinette. The superhero’s face gets hot, more than comfortable. She thinks about how her private relationship with Chat, with Adrien, has been ruined, been tainted by this grotesque publicity, and clenches her fists at her sides.

“What do you want, Chloe?” Marinette asks through gritted teeth. She’s not in the mood for this.

“It’s fitting isn’t it? That someone like you would settle for a second-rate hero.” She smirks, but her jealousy is entirely transparent. She’s practically glowing green with envy.

Marinette licks her lips, allowing herself to smile in a cat-like, unfriendly way. “Jealous much?” Second rate. Chloe better watch herself.

The rich girl scoffs, sticking her nose up into the air. “Ha! Why would I be jealous of you?”

Beside Marinette, Alya props her hands on her hips. “I don’t see you making out with hot guys in spandex.” 

because im not sure if chapter 8 will be done by tomorrow or not, here’s a lil preview


“I’m sorry, Adrien,” she whispers.

He tilts his head back so that their eyes meet, and he frowns. “Hey, shhh.” She shakes her head and then presses her lips to his forehead. A small sigh shudders through him as he hides his face again. “Please don’t cry for me.”

“You deserve more,” she replies, blinking back the tears.

“That’s why I have you.” She practically buries her face in his hair as he winds an arm under her waist at the small of her back and clings to her. Marinette steadies her breath with his heartbeat. It feels good to feel him so solidly in her arms and she knows that no matter what may happen to them - or between them - in the future, she’ll always remember this moment, and how real it feels.


the fact that these accounts support a lesbian pairing makes me want to throw up because clexa is a beautiful ship and it deserves better than homophobic assholes rooting for them by sending blatant hate to Malec. somebody please deal with this i don’t want to get involved with these ignorant brats myself, i’ll just lose my self control.

  • Me:*reads/watches/listens newest addition to fandom*
  • People:...
  • Me:*rolls eyes and walks away*
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  • Me:Finally! Someone who understands me!