ok so like

im doing volunteer work this weekend for my old dance academy. everyone there knows me, even people that i don’t know. they all know who i am because i used to be one of the most advanced dancers in the whole school

and today a grandmother of a little girl who i think is cool tbh came up to me and asked me if i missed dancing and when i said yes she said “good. you were really really good. you danced so beautifully” and then before i walked away she told me that i was such a good role model. she emphasized this. she told me her granddaughter looked up to me so much

i didn’t even know this woman, you know??

i almost started crying it was the best feeling in the world. it makes me feel good about myself.

i am dirt poor and i struggle with my weight and my confidence but i am a role model and i think if i never accomplish anything else in life, its worth it to know that people i don’t even know think so highly of me. that i’ve made that sort of impact on someone. im so blessed.

i’m not going to spend anymore time on hate i get

if people don’t like me, that’s fine. just unfollow or block me. i don’t really think i do anything to warrant some of the nasty anons i get, especially since most of them accuse me of being fake or not taking criticism (if there was constructive criticism for me to learn from i would listen but there hasn’t been and im tired of people telling me they don’t like what i do for reasons that are just opinions. please leave me alone)

this website is REALLY toxic and it has a way of attacking people for being “problematic”. usually those problems aren’t even that big of a deal and there’s this awful mob mentality that comes with it. its super unhealthy and im tired of being dragged through situations like this.

like i have no idea what its like to be close with someone. emotionally or physically. not even in a platonic sense and definitely not in a romantic sense.  and i just want it so much? i want to take care of someone the same way i want to be taken care of. i’ve never been close enough to let someone know me the way i want to be known and i just want that intimacy so badly

Hello! I really need some extra cash to pay off my student loans for the coming months SO I’m gonna open commissions again!

I will do simple $10 commissions, no backgrounds, no more than two characters, colored. The finished products will look something like this

i won’t do any nsfw, and i will only do ocs if i have a reference picture to work from! i accept payment via PayPal. if you have any questions or if you are interested, send me a message on tumblr or email me at


things that i never want to see tagged on my oc art

- ”novel inspiration”
- “miraculous ladybug”
- any sort of character faceclaim like no
- some otp that isn’t made up of my characters
- “this is so x character and y character”
- “this reminds me of my ocs”
- also i don’t want people tagging my characters as “kin”