Spirit Animal

Clary: why won’t you tell us your spirit animal?! Come on, Alec.

Magnus: yes Alexander, the rest of us have (keeping an amused look on his face)

Izzy: (remains silent, observing the situation, ready to jump in if need…)

Alec: because.

Magnus: (raises and eyebrow)

Clay: because why?

Alec: just because okay. I’m done playing this stupid game.

Magnus: (chuckles softly, but does not push)

Clary: you come on, don’t be such a drag for once.

Izzy: that’s enough for now; let my poor brother of the hook.

Clary: but why won’t he just play along for once instead of being such a hard ass all the time? It’s a stupid and simple question; answer it!

Izzy: Cla-

Alec: Fine! (Grabs Magnus’ face, pulls it to his, and smashes their mouths together, and keeps them together for a couple of seconds.the pulls away and looks at clary)

Alec: Happy?! (And storms off)

Clary: that answers one question…but not the one I was …going for…

Izzy: Alec once told me that he had a dream that his spirit animal is a gay unicorn. A kindred spirit of sorts too.

Magnus: (frozen where Alec pulled him, kissed him, and left him.)

Magnus: I am going to make out- I mean talk to Alec about what just happened. .. (gets up a bit uneasily and leaves the girls )

Clary: we won’t be seeing them for awhile, huh?

Izzy: nope.