tmi i dunno

do you ever wonder like- why vore is so physically appealing to some people? like I love it and even I don’t get why

look, I know I love the power dynamics, I love the pointy-teeth monster aesthetic, I love the powerplay, creative monster design, the potential for fluff and comfort and healing all that

but??? that’s all emotional and creative stuff, stuff you can respond too without liking the actual core concept

but the more basically physical side of things? like I get that there’s the whole hunger=need/desire—>fullness/satiation=fulfillment thing, that’s easy enough but

the feeling of swallowing something alive, of it going down your throat, of something squirming and struggling in your stomach, very specific physical sensations that I find deeply appealing and I have no idea why

like??? what wires got crossed in my brain to make me respond like this?

floweringeclipse  asked:

♫: Is there any kind of muse, you cannot play?, ♣: Can you play more than one muse, at the same time, or do you divide your rp-time between your muses?, ♀: What is an AU, you really want to play with your muses?

Munday-questions “How do you rp” edition

♫: Is there any kind of muse, you cannot play?

Between you and me, this is going to sound really bad, but usually I feel like I can RP all muses, even the one I’m about to say I feel like I can’t. Honestly? I don’t think I can do non-binary muses. Because I tried. And I never got anywhere with them. Nobody RP’ed with me. It was an OC too so it was probably too much of a double whammy of things people don’t want to interact with. Maybe if I RP in a different language, but in English, I couldn’t RP. That sounds really strange imo because I’m trying to write a comic book with a nb main character, but it feels different when the writing is in my hands alone. The misgendering gets frustrating, the fact that usually ppl want to write smut, that nobody is intensely interested in them, and English speaking societies don’t lend themselves to letting a nb person fit in. So much gendering. SO much. :p

I hate saying it, because I love all archetypes of character, nice ones, mean ones, young ones, old ones, antagonist, protagonist, but, I just had a bad time trying to RP a nb character that I don’t feel like doing it again. I guess it’s not that I ‘cannot’ play one, I just feel dread over the idea of doing it.

♣: Can you play more than one muse, at the same time, or do you divide your rp-time between your muses?

I have to be feeling my muse to really go and RP as them. I guess in some rare instances I’ll be RPing two at the same time, but no, I have to divide time definitely. And right now has been very new for me, but really, all of my time has been in Cor. Rarely I go to my Prompto RP blog, and my other muses are non-existent now. Which is okay. I enjoy being here a lot, and the quality of interactions has improved so much I don’t mind dropping my old muses at all.

♀: What is an AU, you really want to play with your muses?

*deep inhale* oh… no… you don’t want to even know…
Resident Evil 4 AU, The Borrowers AU (Based on “The Borrowers” by Mary Norton), Ghost In The Shell AU, Daemon AU, Hexatheon Incarnation AU, Avatar (The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra) AU,  The Last of Us AU, Illegal Underground Fighting/Boxing AU, Villan AU, Traitor AU, Reincarnation AU, FFXIV AU, FIX THE SHITTY FUCKING PLOT OF FFXV OH MY FUCKING GOD I CAN’T STAND SO MANY THINGS IN FFXV’S STORY AU and many more. :p I’m terrible and shameless and I love AU’s 



“I did not make a pie,” Alec repeated, gesturing expressively with one hand, “for three reasons. One, because I do not have any pie ingredients. Two, because I don’t actually know how to make a pie”.

He paused clearly waiting. 

(…) Jace said warily, “And three?”

“Because I am not your bitch."