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The entirety of New York City’s downworlder population know or know of Magnus Bane. The High Warlock of Brooklyn is not a title left behind some trash can in an alley of Queens, it is flaunted at the fanciest parties in Brooklyn and Upper East Side.

And so it really comes as no surprise that when he starts dating a shadowhunter, Alec Lightwood’s name is spread about the same way. It is whispered in vampire dens, gossiped about in the Hunter’s Moon and Pandemonium is always on alert for any shadowhunters in its midst.

He’s the Lightwood’s son… He left his bride-to-be at the altar… He defied the Clave for a warlock… The Wolves almost killed his parabatai…

Seelies listen to the trees, wolves listen to the scattered word on the street, vampires all hear the new fledgling’s complaints (“he’s such an ass” or “sometimes I don’t get what Magnus sees in him” and “he does seem like a knight in shining armour, though”) and warlocks only have to look at Magnus’ affectionate expression whenever Alec’s name pops up in conversation to know he is something special.

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malec Valentine's fluff? something with them in high school mayb?? <3

i’m a sucker for high school fluff, I hope you like this!! (and I hope it’s still worth reading even though it’s a day late)


To say Alec was surprised when his coach announced their teams Valentine’s Day party was an understatement. Shocked or confused might have worked. Concerned might have been better.

Throughout the rest of that school day Alec dodged professing couples and bouquets of lollipops and tried to figure out what exactly a Valentine’s Day party held by his football coach might be like. His coach had made attending mandatory, so there was no figuring out how to get out of it; Alec was simply trying to figure out how to survive it.

He went straight to the party after school. There was no point detouring home when Isabelle was out on a date and Max was out on a play date. Alec played his favorite cd on the way there - and pulse to pulse, now shush - and swung his car into a parking spot opposite his coaches’ well lit lawn. He slid out of the car, shrugged his letterman’s jacket on, and trudged his way up to the front door.

Inside songs from the 70’s and 80’s played, only recognizable to Alec by their jazzy and carefree style. It looked like the entire football team plus some were there; they stood cramped in corners and on couches and crowded around tables, all sporting their team jacket or jersey and holding a sugary cookie or soda halfway to their talking mouth.

Alec squeezed through the hallway until he reached his coach. The man was talking to another adult, so Alec simply shook his hand and enjoyed his attention for a half second before drifting to the kitchen. He picked a cookie from the stack of store-bought desserts and scanned the room, looking for Raphael or Magnus.

Alec hadn’t joined the football team to make friends, and he hadn’t, really. He knew everyone’s names and spent more time with them than any of his other peers, but he didn’t know them well enough that he’d spend time with them outside of mandatory practice time.

His relationships with Raphael and Magnus were a little different.

He’d started off with just Raphael. It was banquet night and Alec had been nervous and too-sweaty in his father’s suit; sitting at the end of a table playing on his phone, with an empty seat on either side of him, Raphael had seemed approachable.

Raphael hadn’t reacted to Alec sitting down next to him except for a raised eyebrow.

“Are you playing a game?” Alec had asked.

“No,” Raphael had replied, although he clearly was.

And that had been the start of their friendship.

Later that same night after most of the adults had left and just as Alec was grabbing his car keys to leave, Magnus had thrown himself into the empty seat on the other side of Raphael, caught sight of Alec, and exclaimed, “Raphael, you made a friend?”

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what are ur malec headcanons? :D

[Part 2 here]

  1. They never sleep on an argument.
  2. Alec is sensitive about how tall he is, but loves that Magnus has to stand on his tip toes to kiss him. He finds it endearing.
  3. One of Magnus’ favourite movies is The Labyrinth, and when Alec asks why, he replies “Tight pants and glitter, what more could you want?”
  4. Also sings along to “Dance, Magic Dance.” while Alec snorts and rolls his eyes.
  5. Neither of them are bad at cooking but Magnus prepares fancy dishes with his magic and Alec loves to watch him do so.
  6. Magnus loves the way Alec smells, and because of the height difference, he adores being able to snuggle into Alec’s chest whenever they cuddle.
  7. Alec loves watching Magnus paint his nails.
  8. Izzy and Magnus are bbfs (that’s best bisexual friends) 5va and Alec is dragged along on their shopping escapades.
  9. Magnus loves singing, he sings all the time
  10. Alec loves lazy days with Magnus, and secretly adores it when Magnus wears his clothes because they end up smelling like Magnus.
  11. They’ve gotten so close and used to each other that they find themselves (sometimes unconsciously) constantly touching when they’re around each other. 
  12. Magnus adores Alec’s laugh. He’ll spend each and every day trying to make him laugh at least once.
  13. Alec loves Magnus’ hair. Whenever they kiss, he always runs his fingers through it. Magnus secretly likes this too.
  14. Magnus is quite the artist, and when they’re just cuddling or watching a movie, he sometimes likes to draw Alec. 
  15. Sometimes he’ll also doodle on Alec’s forearms, and Alec just lets him. 
  16. Alec likes to give Magnus hickeys as he’s secretly rather possessive. Magnus thinks it’s hot, and gives him hickeys right back.
  17. One time they have a really heated argument. Alec snaps, surges forward and captures Magnus’ lips, taking the warlock by surprise. He lifts Magnus up and Magnus immediately wraps his legs around Alec’s waist. Alec stumbles, and pins Magnus between himself and the nearest wall. They kiss desperately, frantically, moaning and wrapping their arms around eachother tight. Magnus runs his fingers through Alec’s hair, for a change, and this only spurs Alec on. When they (eventually) break apart, panting, Magnus throws his head back against the wall, trying to catch his breath. Meanwhile, Alec busies himself with licking and biting and sucking at Magnus’ neck. Magnus closes his eyes and whimpers “Oh, Alexander…”
  18. The next morning, they forget what the fuck they were even arguing about.
The one where the other vampires realize how much Raphael loves his Shadowhunter

this is from a headcanon that raphaelsantiagosavedhimself and I talked about bc we share headcanons all the time and I love her <3

The others couldn’t see the changes in their leader.

Lily didn’t blame them. They weren’t as close with Raphael as she was. No one was as close with Raphael as she was, actually, except for maybe Magnus Bane. And the Shadowhunter, of course.

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Untitled Saphael Drabble

@thesaltywinteradult (who gives me pretty much all my prompts) gave me the quote, “Hey, stop stealing my fries!” with Simon/Raphael.

Raphael slid into the booth opposite Simon.

“You’re late.” Simon said by way of greeting.

Raphael reached over and nabbed one of Simon’s fries. “I am exactly on time.”

“I’ve been here a half hour.” Simon argued.

Raphael shrugged and sat back, waving off the waiter. “What did you want to talk about?”

Simon took a drink from his soda. “Well, I have an opportunity to go on tour with my band.”

“And?” Raphael took another fry.

“And I don’t want to just leave my apartment empty.” Simon leaned forward.

Raphael took another fry.

“Hey, stop eating my fries,” Simon said, “and listen to me.”

Raphael took several more fries and sat back with a smile. “What do you want to say? You want to ask to move in with me?”

“No!” Simon’s voice went up an octave. He cleared his throat. “I mean, if you want me to. But mostly I was hoping I could use your place as storage.”

Raphael leaned forward again and took another fry. “You can move in with me.” He said with a sly grin.

Simon sighed and pushed the plate across the table. “Thanks. I appreciate it.”

Malec: The Tale of the Forgotten Dagger. WARNING: SMUTTY


When Magnus returns a dagger to Alec at the Institute he ends up doing one of his favourite things: throwing Alec onto a bed.

So I have been off this for a while due to college work and I have returned to an inbox dotted with some lovely kind words- (THANK YOU!)- and absolutely flooded with requests for Malec smut. I don’t usually do this kind of thing but since there were just so many requests I figured why not give it a go. And hey: the world is always a better place with more malec smut, eh?

***********************WARNING WARNING WARNING***************************


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‘This Really Isn’t How I Wanted You To Find Out’

Saphael drabble.

For fearalltheumbrellas based on this post.

It was the second time, Jace thought furiously, that the idiot had gotten himself into trouble with vampires and had to be rescued. This time, at least, there was no Raphael waiting outside to try and trick them in an attempt to lead them to their deaths. Raphael would pay for what he had done though. Jace was relieved that he had not finished his vow not to harm Raphael.

Clary close behind him, they crept silently through the Hotel.

Dagger clutched in one hand, Jace kicked down a door. He caught a brief glimpse of Raphael at the other end of the room, pinning Simon roughly against the wall.

‘Step away from the nerd, bloodsucker!’ Jace commanded. He raised the dagger and charged.

Clary suddenly screamed, seized Jace’s arm, and pulled him back.

‘Clary, what—’ Jace began. Then he realised Raphael had jumped away from Simon, turning his back on him to face Jace and Clary. But he had placed himself protectively in front of Simon, arms outstretched. His fangs had slid free and a low hiss emanated from deep in his throat. His curly hair was slightly mussed.

Jace replayed the last few seconds in his mind; kicking the door down, Raphael jumping away from Simon, Simon’s hand sliding free of Raphael’s hair and going immediately to his own waist to pull his T-shirt down to cover his exposed stomach, cheeks burning crimson.

‘Wait…’ Jace said slowly, staring from Raphael to Simon, Clary still clutching his arm. ‘Were you two… kissing?’

‘This really isn’t how I wanted you to find out,’ Simon said, peering over Raphael’s shoulder, cheeks still flushed. ‘But could you please lower that dagger? You’re making my boyfriend feel threatened.’

Prompt Series; Alec Lightwood - #16. “I can’t believe they caught us having-”
Requested by: @crazyfangirl345
Warnings: smut. I’m sorry if it wasn’t really what you wanted, but I got a little bit carried away. 😅😂😊

You fluttered your eyes open as the light flooded your eyes from the window. You rolled away from the light and stretched, moaning as you did.

“Baby, I’m not even doing anything.” Alec mumbled to your left with his eyes still closed.

You giggled. “You wish you could make me moan.”

His eyes shot open. “Did you forget last night so quickly?”

You smirked. “Who said I wasn’t faking it?” His mouth dropped open, making you laugh, throwing your head back on to the pillow.

“Let’s play a game then.” He said, propping himself on his elbows.

Your smirk was still on your face as you asked, “what game is that?”

“Ten minutes.” He said.

“I don’t know what that is, Alec.”

“Well, first I set a timer for ten minutes. Then, you just lay there. If I can get you to moan before the clock runs out, I win. If not, you win. I can do whatever I want to try and get you to moan.” He said, a smirk playing at his features.

You tried to not let your face waiver. You were only joking before and Alec knew that. He knew all of your sweet spots. You knew it was very possible that he could win. But you were very stubborn.

“What do I get if I win?” You ask.

“You won’t have to worry about it.” He said, grinning. “Be as confident as you want, but you know that I know exactly what you like.”

You rolled your eyes playfully and say, “Whatever you say. If I win, we have to go on a double date with Simon and Izzy.”

He rolled his eyes. “If I win, you can’t wear Izzy’s clothes on missions anymore.”

“It’s a bet.” You say.

He leaned over to the table and grabbed his phone setting a timer. “And… Time begins… Now.” He said and came over to you smirking.

He leaned down to your neck and began kissing, sucking, and biting all of your favorite places. You bit your lip, but so far you were okay. You and Alec were only in your underwear. His hand trailed down your stomach and to your panty line. He came to your ear and breathed softly on it before licking your earlobe.

His hands came back up your body and unhooked your bra. He took it between his teeth and moved it out of the way before kissing in between your breasts. He smirked a little as your breath hitches in your throat. You gritted your teeth and cursed yourself in your mind telling you to get a grip.

He went to your left breast and began kissing. Then, he licked a circle all the way around your nipple before suddenly taking it in his mouth, using his tongue to do circles around it. Your head instinctively went back into the pillow and you gritted your teeth harder. Your hands balled up into fists as his hands traveled down to your panty line, removing them.

His mouth left your breast and kissed your lips as he spread your legs, rubbing his covered self against you. His tongue began to explore your mouth and it was taking all you had not to give in to a moan. Alec pulled away from your mouth and went to your ear. He whispered, “Baby, you know you want to give up.”

“Never.” You whispered back. How long has it been anyways? You couldn’t see his phone, but you were sure and alarm would go off.

“Stubborn ass.” He whispered before removing his boxers. Your eyes went wide. “I said I could do anything I wanted to make you moan.” He said as he hovered over you again.

He rubbed himself against you and your head threw back, opening your mouth, but you stopped yourself. Alec chuckled. “I love a challenge.”

He began sucking on your breast again. Your eyes closed, trying to focus on clenching your teeth, when suddenly, he entered you. Your hands grabbed the sheets, balling them up in your hands. You screamed out and suddenly the door opened.

“Guys-” you heard clary say. You immediately pulled apart, but it was too late. Clary and Jace had seen you. “Oh my-” clary started as Jace interrupted her.

“Sorry!” Jace yelled slamming the door shut.

You and Alec just laid there a moment before you said, “I can’t believe they caught us having-”

“I don’t want to talk about it.” Alec said quickly. “Ever.”

You just busted out laughing.

The Sweater Incident: Malec

Anon prompted me for this!

‘Darling, what’s this?’ Magnus asked holding up a sweater which had large holes in it, the fabric was worn out and it was very dull shade of grey like it’s color had faded from washing it too many times. It was still soft though, like a marshmallow or a new pillow and it was warm as well.

‘A sweater.’ Alec said simply eyeing the piece of cloth in Magnus’s hand for a moment before going back to reading his book. His eyebrows scrunched in concentration and Magnus resisted the urge to kiss the frown away.

‘Look like a mop to me,’ Magnus declared dramatically, sitting on the couch next to his boyfriend. Alec stopped reading and raised his eyebrows at him.

‘Rude?’ Magnus asked, blinking innocently.

Alec glared at him which made Magnus laugh and he kissed his Nephilim on the cheek.

‘It’s shredded, Alexander. Let me throw this out one and I’ll buy you a new one. You don’t even have to go with me, as drastic as that sounds.’

Alec’s blue eyes widened with horror  and he snatched the fabric from Magnus’s hand. ‘No!’ He said again but this time his voice was firm, almost angry and he went into the bedroom taking the sweater with him, leaving a very confused Magnus behind.

When Magnus came home that night, throwing the shopping bag on the couch and going into the bedroom, he was surprised to see that their bedroom was littered with sweaters, Alec’s sweaters. They were everywhere on the bed, on the floor, hanging from the bedpost, on the dressing table, one even managed to land on the doorknob like someone had thrown it away frantically. Alec came out of the closet looking agitated, his ebony hair was wild, like he had run his hands through it in frustration, his cheeks were flushed and he was breathing fast.

He was angry.

‘Where is it?’ He said, his voice dangerously calm.

‘Where’s what?’ Magnus asked, honestly confused.

‘THE SWEATER, MAGNUS,’ Alec shouted and Magnus flinched taken by surprise, he had never shouted at him like that. ‘Where is the sweater?’

‘I-’ Magnus tried to say but Alec interrupted him.

‘You always do this,’ He said his voice cracking, sounding like he was close to tears. ‘You hate my sweaters and you insist on replacing them and you never even begin to think-’ Alec stopped and pressed his hands to his eyes. When he pulled away, Magnus saw that he was crying and he opened in mouth to say something.

‘Max gave me that sweater.’ He said in a broken voice and he collapsed on the ground like his knees gave under him. ‘And you-’

Magnus knelt on the ground infront of Alec in a second. He took Alec’s face in his hands and kissed his tears away, tasting the saltiness in them. He suddenly felt heavy, like someone had bricked his brain and his chest and it killed him to see Alec like this. He knew what losing people was like, he always knew how things ended, but he also knew that it wasn’t how it always ended. People imploded sometimes, unexpectedly taking you down with them when you least expect them to, and when they did they left a weight in your soul, an emptiness in your chest that never seemed to disappear away completely.

Max had imploded Alec.

‘Darling, I-I never threw it away,’ he whispered. ‘I just took it with me to the mall so I could find one like it.’

Alec looked at Magnus with glassy eyes, but all Magnus could see was how cracked they were and his heart broke.

‘You didn’t-’ Alec mumbled, unsure.

‘Why would I?’ Magnus said fiercely. He was quiet for a moment stroking Alec’s cheekbones watching the way Alec closed his eyes and hung his head in a tired way. Alec curled into Magnus’s chest and Magnus moved back, taking Alec with him so his back was against the wall and Alec was curled up in him. He sighed sadly and threaded his fingers through Alec’s hair, gently stroking them, his lips pressed against Alec’s forehead and Alec’s grip on Magnus’s shirt tightened,

‘I didn’t find one like it,’ Magnus mumbled.

Alec let out a short humorless laugh, ‘I didn’t think you would have.’ He was quiet for a moment before whispering, ‘I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have yelled at you.’

Magnus shook his head and cupped one side of Alec’s face so that Alec faced him.

‘It was called for,’ Magnus said kissing the space between Alec’s crystal blue eyes. ‘And you’re wrong my angel, about what you said. I love your sweaters they make you the wonderful person that you are and I love how it hangs on your body and I love how you chew on the sleeves when you’re nervous and how you make those paws with them.’ He tapped Alec’s sleeve, smiling. Alec was smiling at him too, that shy smile that made Magnus’s heart melt.

Alec leaned forwards and captured Mangus’s lips and kissed him slowly. Magnus kissed him back, pouring whatever emotion he felt into that kiss. This is what he loved so much about Alec. He loved how honest he was, he wore his heart on his sleeve and he was like glass, strong but vulnerable but so was Magnus; Magnus was glass too and sometimes he just forgot how easily they could break each other.They broke apart, their lips lingering a little longer and Magnus pecked Alec’s lips once, twice before pulling away completely, smiling when Alec’s lips chased Magnus’s and got his cheek instead.

‘Why do you think I wear your sweaters so much, anyway?’ Magnus asked.

Alec grinned at him.

I want to spend my life with you

@the-ships-to-rule-them-all I’m cutting it a little close but happy Valentine’s Day from your secret Alentine!! I hope you like this cute malec Drabble❤️❤️😘


‘Nope,’ Magnus thought. ‘I changed my mind I’m not doing this, nope.’ He was shaking so hard he thought the neighbors must be able to hear his jewelry rattling.

Alec was going to be home
any minute now, and he still wasn’t sure if he could go through with it. This was Alec for crying out loud. But maybe that’s why this was so hard, Magnus had never done this before - had never even considered it. And yet here he was becoming an absolute mess over some 20 year old shadowhunter. He’s fought in wars, but this is what scares him, figures.

He heard a knock on the door and almost jumped out of his skin, was it time already?

He walked over looking in the mirror on the way, he rarely felt the need to double check his appearance but his nerves kept getting the best of him tonight.

He opened the door and just about lost his breath. Alec was wearing a new shirt Isabelle must have bought for him, it fit to well and was a soft shade of green.

“Why did you knock?”

“I left my key back at the institute, is something wrong? Your face is a little pale.”

“Oh, no I’m fine. Here come in.” He stepped aside and let Alec into the living room.

“Do we need to leave soon?”

“No,” he said following his boyfriend to the couch. “I thought we might eat in tonight actually”

“That sounds perfect.”

Alec reached over for Magnus’s hand making Magnus flinch.

“Are you sure you’re alright?”

“Yeah, just a little jumpy tonight is all.”

He looked at Alec, his face was open, and honest, and concerned. Just like always. He loved this face more than any other he’d ever known. How could be afraid of him?

“Alec I wanted to talk to you about something.”


“The past few years with you have meant so much to me, you know that?”

Alec looked worried, unsure of where Magnus was going.

“I just think that I don’t say enough how much better my life has been since you came along. I have never loved anyone like this.”

He stood up from the couch and kneeled in front of Alec.

“Magnus?” His face had gone from to concerned to terrified.

“I love you Alexander Lightwood, and I want to share my life with you. Will you marry me?”

Magnus thought that was the first time he’d ever seen Alec cry from happiness.

‘I Told You So’


Super short thing for snarkysurana and inconueniens-ludos because you’ve both had a pretty rough time recently and I love you and you deserve all the happiness in the world. I wish I could give you that, but unfortunately, due to the fact that we live in different countries, this is the best I can do. I hope you like it anyway. I love you! <3

Ragnor discovers Raphael and Simon are dating.

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the one where Raphael is the only one there

For Saphael Day 3: Vampire!Simon and yes I know that this is a day late but I mean whatever right. Takes place between City of Fallen Angels and City of Lost Souls. 

She looked aside for a moment, blinded, and saw Simon lying in a crumpled dark heap beside Sebastian’s glass coffin. What if Sebastian’s demon blood had poisoned him? The Mark of Cain wouldn’t help him. It was something he had done willingly, to himself. For her.”

 Simon was quite accustomed to the bathroom floor by now.

 When he was little, he never really got sick. Clary had. Eric had. Every bug that was passed around his school was usually avoided, so Simon usually didn’t have to deal with the unpleasantness of dizzy spells and the feeling that he’d swallowed all of Jace’s favorite daggers.

 But now he wasn’t just ill with the seasonal flu. Now he was poisoned, and it felt worse than he ever could have imagined.

 “Simon, are you sure you’re okay, man?” Jordan called through the door with all the praetor-authority in his voice. “Do you need anything?”

 It would have been rather complicated to explain to Jordan and Maia that he’d voluntarily swallowed liters of black demon blood, so instead he’d just feigned being really really hungover. Neither of them really believed him, but they were giving him his space. Simon rested his burning forehead against the wall and cleared his throat. “I’m fine! I’m fine. You guys can go out if you want.”

 They went. Simon was alone again.

He understood, of course, that Clary was distraught over Jace’s absence and that Isabelle had to be just as upset because Jace was practically her brother and everything. He understood that. But he just wished he had someone there. Someone to hand him water to drink in small enough portions and someone to distract him from the way his vision was blurring an alarming amount.

 Someone to assure him that he wasn’t dying.

Then his phone rang. He fumbled for it and squinted hard enough to make his vision clear. It was mere luck that he had Magnus Bane as a contact in his phone; he’d put it in just in case there was ever an emergency with Clary that Magnus could help with. And he’d felt guilty even at that, because the way Magnus was treated like a servant to the Nephilim bothered him.

 “Magnus?” He croaked, having to grip the phone tight so it didn’t slip from his sweaty palms. “Is everything okay? Did Jace—did he—is everyone–?”

“You may as well stop trying to form coherent thoughts.” Magnus interrupted, his voice airy and light. “You’re likely to be delirious. Listen, I’ve sent help to you. He should be there soon.”


 An impatient sigh came through the phone. “Clary told me that you drank Sebastian’s blood. That was stupid. From the sound of it, you’re already suffering through the worst of it.”

 “I feel like ‘m dying.” Simon murmured, closing his eyes again. “Am I dying?”

 “No,” Magnus said, gentler this time, “you aren’t dying, kid. You’ll be alright. But don’t be alarmed when he gets there, okay? He’s there to help.”

 For some reason, Simon’s mind immediately supplied that it would definitely be Alec who was sent to help him. Later, in moments of better mental clarity, he would realize that he wouldn’t have had to be warned if it were just Alec Lightwood coming to help him. And Alec probably wouldn’t have bothered, either.

 Shadowhunters never bothered.

 Simon was actually in the midst of a particularly painful bout of sickness when he heard his front door opening and closing. In the back of his foggy mind, Simon told himself that it could be someone coming to murder him from his long line of…people who wanted to murder him. But a murderer wouldn’t gather his too-long curls from his face or rub his back so that kind of helped relax him.

Dios,” he heard a familiar voice mutter, “look at you. I always think I’ve seen you at your worst, Daylighter, and yet I am always wrong.”

“Raphael.” Simon croaked, too exhausted to be surprised. He squinted again, trying to make it seem like there weren’t two Raphaels kneeling in front of him. Even when his vision focused on just the one vampire, he still had an angelic-like glow that seemed to outline him. “Hey.”

Raphael made a sound like a laugh. It sounded pleasant. “Greetings. How are you feeling?”

Simon wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. He was acutely aware how awful he looked, with his paler-than-the-dead face and his hair like a birds nest from the amount of times his hands had frantically tried to keep it out of his face. Still, he managed a weak smile. “Just a bit under the weather.”

“Demon poison will do that to a person.” Raphael agreed, standing again. Simon’s feverish brain stirred up the notion that this meant Raphael was leaving, and his hand reached out to grab the vampire’s hand before he could stop himself. Raphael looked down, surprise evident on his face before his expression smoothed out into a calm and soothing smile. “I am not leaving you. Just getting you water.”

“Thanks.” Simon coughed, taking a small sip of the icy water that Raphael handed him from his Captain America mug. “It’s weird that I’m not afraid of you right now.”

Raphael stared. “What?”

“Well. I mean. You’ve threatened to kill me, you know? And the Shadowhunters are always trying to protect me from you but you’re—you’re the one that came here tonight. None of them have even checked. I could be dead for all they know.”

Raphael was usually difficult to read. He usually wore a mask of something stronger than the strongest material on earth to cover his emotions. But it was like tonight was different, as if he’d come with the decision to act normal. Human. That’s why Simon could see the pity clear in his chocolatey brown eyes.

“I drank that blood for them.” Simon continued, feeling another bout of nausea rising in him. He ignored it. “For her. And why—why do they never even check if I’m okay? I’m not! I’m dead and sick and…and alone.”

His voice broke on the last word. Raphael leaned forward and what he did didn’t even qualify as a hug. It was like he was just trying to comfort Simon by letting Simon grip his shirt and acknowledge his breathing (which Raphael was doing manually, just for him) and it worked. It was better than a hug. It was better than a promise that he would be okay.

It was the guarantee that Simon wasn’t alone in that moment. The moment that he wouldn’t have been able to handle being alone.

At some point Raphael carried him to bed. At some point Raphael pressed a damp rag to his forehead. At some point Raphael stripped Simon of his bloody and sweaty shirt and gently helped him into a clean Star Wars sweater from his closet. And at some point, Raphael stood beside the bed and leaned down to ask Simon if he wanted him to leave or not.

Simon responded by reaching a hand out and pulling Raphael into bed with him.