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The worst part about Alec running around looking for Magnus is that he must have gone over in his head a thousand times the last thing he said to Magnus. He had been screaming at him about Izzy and the Yin Fen. “You knew enough!” And then he insisted that they were leaving.
He must have searched every room, every hallway, stepping over the bodies of people he knew, tears in his eyes, calling for Magnus. He must have stopped at one point to sit in a corner and just put his head in his hands, breathing heavy when he realizes Magnus is nowhere inside the institute.
He had to collect himself and push through that dread until he could force himself outside.
Maybe…just maybe he got out…

Damn Right (Alec Lightwood x reader)

@dreamwalker08 requested

Can I please have 19,27,30, and 31 for Alec Lightwood from Shadowhunters where the reader keeps saying cheesy pickup lines to annoy him and he says one that gets the reader all flustered? Sorry if it’s too much to ask, you’re just an amazing writer!!!

19. “Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I’ll give it back”

27. “I know I’m a handful but that’s why you’ve got two hands”

30. “I love you even if you fart in your sleep”

31.”Lets cuddle so I can steal your body heat”

When (Y/n) was bored, she loved to annoy the hell out of people. She likes how her comments could make people flinch in frustration. She got this trait, of course, from spending her time with Jace.

Alec was most fun to annoy. It was easy. saying cheesy pick up lines was enough to make him roll his eyes.

“Hey,” (Y/n) called to Alec, who was polishing his bow. Alec only hummed in response, but he didn’t look away. (Y/n) sat next to him. She whispered, “Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I’ll give it back.”

Alec froze for a moment, but then sighed in annoyance. He knew this was one of (Y/n)’s days where she could annoy the hell out of him. He simply looked sideways. “Really, (Y/n)?”

She smiled innocently.


That afternoon, (Y/n) trained with Alec. It was hand to hand combat, where (Y/n) would lose more times than not. But this time she swore to herself she would win.

Alec got (Y/n) in a side headlock. She turned her head towards Alec so she could breathe. She punched his ribs and pulled Alec head back with her free hand. Alec struggled to stay in position, but he eventually let go and let (Y/n) throw him to the ground.

When (Y/n) saw that his hand were red, she winked, “I know I’m a handful but that’ s why you’ve got two hands.”

It took a while for Alec to register what she said, but when he did, (Y/n) was already out of the room.

He was really getting annoyed.


After dinner, Alec was in his room, studying the papers laid out in front of him. He fell asleep. He woke up a few minutes later to a familiar voice.

“Well that smells,” the fake-disgusted voice said, and Alec woke up with a jolt.

He rolled his eyes when he realizes it’s just (Y/n). “What are you doing here?”

(Y/n) ignored him. “You fart in your sleep,” she remarked, “But don’t worry, I love you even if you fart in your sleep.”

Alec felt like he was going to explode. The cheesy pick up lines were overwhelming.

“Enough,” he stated and advanced on her just to throw her on the bed. Alec climbed on to the bed with her and gently wrapped his hands around her.

“Let’s cuddle so I can steal your body heat,” he whispered.

(Y/n)’s cheeks turned crimson immediately. She was not expecting this. “Did you just f-flirt with me?” 

“Damn right.”



Piano Keys

Raphael Santiago- The Mortal Instruments

Context- After a long night together, you wake to find Raphael missing, and a familiar concerto floating through the air.

During this one, I highly recommend this piece, as it just seems to fit in with this

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apolloniathesaintofdentistry  asked:

Congrats on 2000! I'd like to ask if you could write the trapped in an elevator au for saphael?

Saphael + trapped in an elevator

Thank you!

Not sure if claustrophobia is a trigger, but just in case. Trigger warning: claustrophobia

Raphael was irritated by the inconvenience and nothing more. He wasn’t in a hurry, but he wanted to get home. It had been a long day. He was debating on calling Ragnor to pass the time when he heard the boy next to him take in a deep, shaking breath. He glanced sideways. The boy had gone deathly pale and sweat was breaking out on his forehead. His eyes were shut tight behind his glasses, he chewed on his lower lip and his hands were balled into tight fists at his sides.

The first question that occurred to Raphael was are you okay? But evidently the boy was not okay, and so that was a stupid question. What he asked instead was, ‘Are you claustrophobic?’

Without opening his eyes, the boy nodded. He took in another ragged breath and then continued chewing his lower lip. Raphael watched him for another few seconds and then moved over to the boy. He took each of the boy’s hands in his own and the boy issued a startled gasp and opened his eyes. His hands were slicked with sweat but Raphael ignored it.

‘Focus on me,’ Raphael said.

‘I feel sick,’ the boy moaned.

‘I know,’ Raphael said, keeping his voice low and soothing. ‘But this will pass. You’re having a panic attack but it will pass. You just need to get through it and you can do that.’

The boy shook his head and closed his eyes again.

‘Hey,’ Raphael said. He wanted to reach up cup the boy’s face in his hands, to make him look at him again, but he didn’t want to make the boy feel any more confined than he already did, so instead he gently squeezed the boy’s hands. ‘Look at me.’

There was a pause of several seconds, and then the boy opened his eyes again and looked down at Raphael. Raphael smiled.

‘See, you can do this,’ Raphael said. ‘What’s your name?’

‘Simon Lewis.’

‘I’m Raphael,’ Raphael said. ‘I like your T-shirt.’

Simon glanced down at his T-shirt, as if he had forgotten what it was. It bore all twelve regenerations of the Doctor.

‘Which Doctor is your favourite?’

Simon took another deep breath. He was bearing down hard on Raphael’s hands, and Raphael let him. ‘Ten,’ he said.

‘What about companions?’


Raphael smiled. ‘My little brother always said Donna was me in female form.’

Simon gave him a wan smile. ‘Really?’

‘I like to think I’m more intelligent than her, but otherwise I’m not really sure I could argue.’


Raphael laughed. ‘Tell me about it.’

Simon glanced over Raphael’s shoulder, around the elevator, and his breathing hitched. His hands had stopped shaking, but Raphael didn’t know if that was because he was beginning to recover or because he was just clinging so tightly to Raphael’s hands.

‘Knew I should have taken the stairs,’ Simon said, his voice trembling.

‘Don’t think about that,’ Raphael said. ‘Do you have the time?’

Simon, reluctantly it appeared, released one of Raphael’s hands in order to pull back the sleeve of his hoodie to look at his watch and then said, ‘Twenty past four.’

‘Earlier than I expected,’ Raphael said, pretending not to notice when Simon gripped his free hand again. He was Simon’s safety net, but he needed Simon to forget that he needed a safety net. He asked more questions, things that would get him to think about things other than being trapped in an elevator, and his breathing gradually returned to normal, his grip on Raphael’s hands slackening, though he never entirely let go.

When the elevator began to move, Simon closed his eyes again. Relief crossed his face, but he started shaking again. Aftershock, Raphael thought.

The doors opened and Raphael led Simon out of the elevator, walking backwards so he could still hold onto Simon’s hands.

‘Simon!’ someone cried. A moment later a girl with flaming red hair was beside him, looking at Simon with concern. ‘I tried calling you when they said the elevator had broken down but there was no reception.’

Simon let go of Raphael’s hands and slumped into the girl’s arms. She looked at Raphael over Simon’s shoulder.

‘You looked after him?’ she asked.

Raphael nodded.

‘Thank you.’

Raphael suddenly felt awkward with those intense green eyes on him. ‘I hope he feels better soon,’ he said, before stuffing his hands into his pockets and walking away.

TMI-era characters meeting the TLH characters for anon.

There were five of them, all standing in front of the Institute.

Two girls, three boys. One was a vampire, to boot, and Charles didn’t understand just how he fit into this odd group, but then again, he didn’t really question anything anymore. 

As he opened up the door, one girl in particular took him by surprise. Her red hair and face were so much like his own… her height was even like his mother’s. But she couldn’t be…

The boy next to her, a blond, with eyes like James’s and fair hair like a Lightwood, took a step forward. “Hello. I know this looks strange, but I promise you, we mean no harm. Simon here is a vampire, but the rest of us are all Shadowhunters. This here is Alec and Isabelle Lightwood, I’m Jace Herondale, and this is Clary Morgenstern-”

“Fairchild. It’s Fairchild, Jace.” The red-head had spoken up, and now turned to Charles. “And we, sir, would be very grateful for your help." 

Worth It (Alec Lightwood x reader)

@moffatsspawn requested:


16.“If I choose you over sleep, you better feel so fucking special”

It’s not that Alec hated to wake up at night or anything, he is a shadowhunter, after all. if he is sleeping and then woken up, he will be pissed off for the next 24 hours.

“Psst,” you whisper in Alec’s ear. “Wake up.”

Alec, feeling a tingle of air on his earlobes, jumps up from his sleep like he was being attacked. Perks of being trained to kill demons. When he looked around and saw that it was {Y/n), he sighs and tries to go back to bed without saying a word.

This time, since Alec is visibly awake, (Y/n) shakes him violently to force him to get out of the bed.

“What?!” Alec says, clearly annoyed. He loves (Y/n), that is no doubt, but this is getting too far.

“I want to show you something.”

Alec rolls his eyes. “If I choose you over sleep, you better feel so fucking special.”

(Y/n) laughs and tugs on his arm. Sometimes Alec is as grumpy as the inquisitor.

Alec was taken to (Y/n)’s room on the other side of the institute, where canvases and acrylic paint were scattered on the floor. Clary might be someone who draws, but (Y/n) paints.

On the center of her room is her latest project. 

It was Alec, painted beautifully. It looks like a mirror to him, like it is alive.

“I can’t get it good enough,” (Y/n) frowns slightly. Alec just smiled and kissed her forehead. “Are you kidding me? This is amazing.”

“Was it worth it?” (Y/n) asked quietly.

“It was worth it.”




Clace Drabble

Isabelle had never seen Jace so nervous. She could see why Clary called her over. The little red head wouldn’t have been able to take care of him while she had to take care of her excitement at the same time.

He was pacing back and forth in his and Clary’s loft, muttering and pulling at his hair.

“Jace, calm down. It’s not the end of the world.” Isabelle spoke soothingly.

“Easy for you to say, Izzy.” He snapped back harshly.

“You literally faced two evil guys and won, came back from the dead several times, won against Heavenly Fire, caught more demons than anyone you’re age, and not to mention that time you were possessed by Sebastian and got free. Why the hell are you afraid of this?”

“Because-” His reply was cut off as we heard the door to the bathroom open. The siblings looked at Clary.

“Well?” Isabelle prompted.

Clary looked up at Jace and smiled, holding up the pregnancy test in her hand. “I think we’re going to need a bigger house.” She giggled.

Isabelle had never seen Jace happier. Not when he and Clary could be together, not when they defeated Valentine, not when he was rid of the heavenly fire, not when Clary agreed to marry him, not at the wedding. The expression he made when he found out that he was going to be a father was one of pure happiness.

He ran over to Clary and spun her in a circle before putting her down and staring at her as they both giggled. Jace Herondale, expert demon hunter, warrior, the one that they thought was broken when they first met him, the one that kills things for a living, was giggling. He dropped to his knees and began to pepper kisses all over his wife’s belly.

Smiling, Isabelle slipped from the room and out the front door, leaving them to celebrate together.

Sizzy to Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran for anon

When Simon looked back over the years, he wasn’t sure how he’d been so lucky. Sure, he’d loved Clary first, and he’d really screwed up with Maia and all, but somehow… everything had turned out exactly like it was supposed to. Those loves had led him to Izzy, even though she’d hated him for so long. With all her golden fire and righteous anger, she loved, trusted him now, and he wouldn’t trade her for anything. 

And now there was a ring on her finger, dim in the shadows of the alley through which they were walking. They were going to have the strangest mundane marriage the world had ever seen, vampire for a groom, a bride dressed in gold. 

“Si, I’m up here,” she joked. This wasn’t the first time Izzy had caught him enraptured by her engagement ring. “I swear, I feel you two should be the ones getting married.”

He rolled his eyes at that, cradling her hand away from the bricks as he pressed her into the wall. “I feel like I’m falling in love with you all over again,” he murmured against her lips.

She smirked at that. “I hope you get there before we settle down.”

Oh, Izzy would never settle down, he knew that. But as long as he got to hold her, he didn’t much care. He was about to say so, but she cut him off. “Shut up, Si. Just fall in love and kiss me already.”

Dawning realization

To say Magnus fell in love would be an understatement.

Magnus tripped over Alec’s long legs, tangled himself in those curly little locks and accidentally swung himself head-first into the whirlwind of fondness for this deer-eyed little archer boy.

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mybritishwill  asked:

Malec and crashing a party

Malec + Crashing a Party

If they were found out, Ragnor was going to hate him. Or, at least, he’d stop speaking to him for several weeks, like last time. But right now Magnus didn’t care. It was a birthday party, but it was one of the biggest, richest birthday parties he had ever attended. The house was huge, the rooms elaborately and beautifully decorated, and there had to be over one hundred people inside. Music drifted through speakers in every room, there was a bar set up in the dining room, and people wandered around carrying wine glasses and champagne flutes.

‘We will be in so much trouble if someone realises we’re not supposed to be here,’ Ragnor groaned. But for all his complaining, he didn’t leave. He never did. He claimed to hate all the situations he ended up in with Magnus, but it never stopped him from agreeing to them in the first place.

He was saying something else, but Magnus had stopped listening. His eyes had just landed on a boy, hunched in the corner, separate from the rest of the party. He wasn’t drinking and he wasn’t dressed up like everyone else. It looked as though he’d rather be anywhere else in the world.

Magnus slipped away from Ragnor, making his way towards the boy. He snatched up two glasses of wine on his way over while no one was looking. When he reached the boy, he held one of the glasses out.

‘You look like you could use it,’ he said.

The boy raised his head and Magnus’ breath almost caught in his throat. From a distance, the boy had looked pretty. Up close, Magnus could see that he was beautiful.

The boy took the glass of wine from him. ‘Thanks,’ he said.

‘Why are you standing here all on your own?’

The boy shrugged. ‘I don’t like parties, but it’s my sister’s birthday so I’m obligated to be here.’

‘And you decided to look as miserable as possible to make her feel guilty?’

‘You sound like you have experience,’ the boy said.

‘No,’ Magnus said. ‘But my little brother does it a lot. It doesn’t exactly work, but he knows if he sulks and complains a lot it’ll annoy me. I think he’d take annoying me over making me feel guilty any day.’

The boy laughed.

‘Are you Izzy’s friend?’ he asked. Then, from Magnus’ blank face, he guessed the truth. He smiled. ‘You’re not supposed to be here, are you?’

‘I won’t tell if you don’t.’

The boy glanced around the room to see if anyone was watching, and then took Magnus’ hand and led him swiftly out of the room, down a flight of steps and into a converted basement, which was empty of people.

‘Now they’ll never know,’ the boy said, sitting down on a leather couch and sipping his wine. He kept his eyes on Magnus over the rim of the glass. Magnus felt breathless.

‘I’m Alec, by the way,’ he said.


Magnus sat down beside Alec, his own wineglass almost forgotten in his hand as he struggled to tear his eyes away from Alec’s. Alec, aware of Magnus’ staring, flushed, but his smile widened.

‘I think I’m actually happy I got stuck at this party,’ Alec said.

‘I’m happy I gate crashed.’

‘I have a feeling you’re always happy you gate crashed,’ Alec said. ‘You don’t just walk into a huge fancy party, drink the alcohol, and stare at the birthday girl’s big brother when you’ve never done it before.’

‘Well,’ Magnus said, remembering his wine and sipping it for effect, trying to look casual, ‘you’re right that I gate crash a lot. And I admit I have taken drinks I had no right to. But you are definitely a first.’

‘Oh yeah?’ Alec smiled playfully. ‘I’ve just met you. How do I know you don’t say that to everyone?’

‘I’ll prove it to you,’ Magnus said. ‘If you want to, I’ll see you again sometime. I’ll take you out for dinner next week.’

‘You mean you’re asking me on a date?’ Alec looked honestly stunned, and when Magnus nodded he said, ‘I’m definitely glad I got stuck at this party.’

Magnus leaned forward and kissed him.

Two hours later, Magnus had completely forgotten about Ragnor upstairs.

Drabble collection #1

I’m sorry for the lack of a fancy graphic but all my files and editing software is on the PC that’s currently being fixed. 

This is a response to the “10 drabbles for 1k followers” prompt post. 

Holy crap, you guys have sent me over fifty prompts! Granted, 90% of them were anonymous, so people probably sent a couple at the time, but still! I had a hard time picking just ten, but here they are! If you didn’t get picked - I’m sorry, I couldn’t do them all. I tried to choose the most interesting ones and also a couple from pairings that are not my usual cup of tea.



1. Malec + mythology (reignofdreams)

It was not going to be easy.

Alexander was too good for him, Magnus knew. The son of light, the golden warrior, the crown prince of Asgard. He was nothing but sunlight and goodness and life, wrapped in one devastatingly beautiful package.

And Magnus? Magnus came from Muspelheim, the realm of fire and demons, his own father the ruler of their world and sworn enemy of the Aesir. Magnus might not be as fear-inducing as the rest of his kin, the fire giants, but he was a different beast altogether. He was a sorcerer and magic was more precious than physical strength.

And yet, when their lives intertwined at a chance meeting, they fell in love, the expectations of their families be damned. Two opposites, attracted to each other by fate, destined to bring peace to their lands with their union.

Yes, it was not going to be easy.

Nothing worthwhile ever was.

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Clace making-out session interrupted by their child.

“Breakfast smells wonderful, my dear,” Jace said as he popped into the kitchen for the morning. Clary graced him with a bright smile over her shoulder before turning back to the eggs on the stove. Little Will liked them exactly over medium, and Clary still found it difficult to get right if she wasn’t giving it her full attention.

Jace slipped his arms around her waist and rested his chin on her shoulder, looking at her work. “I have to get breakfast ready, Jace,” she huffed good-naturedly.

“Oh, ignore that for a bit,” he pleaded, turning her to face him. In a quick moment of recognition, Clary shoved the frying pan off the burner, before he wrapped his arms around his wife and hoisted her onto the kitchen island. She gave a small noise of indignation, and he smiled into her lips. “They were overcooked anyway.”

She gave a small smile. “Guess I’m not the greatest cook,” she admitted lightly.

“Well, you’re a great kisser, so I think I’ll keep you around.” With that, he bent in and kissed her deeply, keeping a hand at her waist to keep her pressed to him. She twisted her hand into his golden hair, trying to memorize its silkiness. She would never let him cut it, that was certain.

“Mom! Gross, cut that out!” An angel-faced little boy stood in the entryway, his hands clapped over his eyes. Will split his fingers to peek out from behind them, to see his parents spring apart and his mother hop off the countertop. 

“Sorry, sonny-boy, your eggs will be ready in just a sec,” Jace reassured his son with a tousle of his hair, guiding him back to the dining room table.

Clary sighed, raising her eyebrows at him. “Caught again, huh?" 

Jace stroked her cheek softly, promise twinkling in his mischievous eyes. "I’ll always be stealing kisses from you.”

Nightmare - Jace comforting Clary

Nightmare - Jace Comforting Clary

Words: 340

Note: I know it’s extremely short and I apologize. Hopefully It’s not too terribly bad.

There was bloodshed everywhere. Clary was having trouble wrapping her mind around the situation. Did she only imagine that this fight had ended, had she not already gone home?

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Malec Alphabet Drabble - Z

Z - Zenith

If there was one thing in his long life that Magnus had never dared hope for, it was a family. Hardly surprising really, considering that from the day he was born he had been without one.

Oh, he had parents, but in name only. His father was an unmitigated bastard and, though he’d only figured it out later, not actually his blood. He’d treated Magnus worse than the dirt under his shoe and hadn’t been much better to Magnus’ mother. It took the warlock a long time to realize that neither of them had deserved what they got from the man. That realization that he was worth more had also given Magnus enough will to keep on living, after everything. 

His mother, on the other hand, lost that very will when he was still a boy and it had led to her taking her life soon thereafter. For many years, Magnus had been angry with her, furious that she would leave him with the man that had tormented them both so much… but then, as he grew older, he realized he could hardly begrudge her for escaping their abuser in the only way she thought possible. Still, it hurt to be without her, it hurt to be the one left behind. He had loved her, his mother, though she had been far from perfect. And she’d loved him, despite the part of her that had been frightened by the slit pupils of his natural eyes, by the magic in his blood. Sometimes Magnus wished his love had been enough to save her, even if had only been for a little while longer. He would have liked to say goodbye. But it was not to be.

He hoped she had found some peace in her final moments. She’d earned that much.

With his mother gone, the man he’d once called ‘father’ took out his anger Magnus, as he always did, going so far as to blame him for the death of his wife. Only his anger and blame no longer had boundaries; his violence against the warlock boy suddenly had lethal intent. In his weaker moments, Magnus still had nightmares of the murderous look in the man’s eyes, the very same look he’d worn moments before he’d try to drown his ‘son’. But Magnus had not been the one to die that night. (I am immortal, after all, he thought sardonically.)

His meeting with his true father, the demon Asmodeus, had not gone much better.

From then on, family had become a vague concept to Magnus, something that he feared just as much as he envied. And when, after centuries spent looking for a partner in life, for someone who could love him, who he could love back, only to be spurned at every turn, the idea of family went from vague to nonexistent.

If Magnus was destined to be alone for all eternity, then he wouldn’t keep fighting against it. No, he was going to embrace it. He would do this like he did everything else, with style.

Of course, life was a fickle thing; it hardly every went according to plan.

For example, the first time Magnus had met Alexander Lightwood, he had thought that whatever spark was between would be a simple passing affection. Something to be cherished for a short time, but ultimately let go. He’d hardly expected to marry him, let alone have children with him.

But, like he said, life was capricious. 

And he couldn’t be happier for it. Magnus had a family now and gods, were they beautiful.

The warlock smiled as he walked down the familiar streets of Brooklyn, both his hands held by much smaller ones. His sons were tired out from their afternoon at the park. Max and Rafael Lightwood-Bane were five and seven respectively and even their seemingly infinite reserves of energy sometimes waned.

Max had been with him and Alec since he was a baby, adopted when he was just a month old. He was a warlock, his skin a charming blue color that was currently hidden under a glamor Magnus cast so that they could walk through the crowds unnoticed. The rest of the Lightwood-Bane clan always made sure to reassure Max that his skin was nothing to be ashamed of, that it was special. Thankfully, his son accepted this easily. His little blueberry was a happy child, always smiling and laughing. He might be the quieter, more contemplative of the two boys, but his natural kindness always shone through.

Rafael, on the other hand, had only been theirs since he was five. A shadowhunter Alec found in the streets of Buenos Aires, he had been very reserved and shy the first few months he had been with them. Soon enough, however, Rafi had opened up to the rest of them. He had a surprising sense of humor, and found out he could be as loud and feisty as Magnus, though his completive nature was all Alec. Still, he was a loyal child and he loved his brother and his fathers to bits. He was fiercely protective of them all, often defending Max against the other shadowhunter children of their generation who ridiculed him for being a warlock. Hell, he sometimes spoke up against adults who insulted Magnus or Alec. (Nothing had prepared Magnus for the onslaught of pure, unadulterated love that Magnus had felt at that; there was nothing quite like the love you had for your children… or the feeling their love for you could give you.)

His boys were a blessing he hoped he never took for granted. It wasn’t always easy, of course it wasn’t. Fatherhood was a challenge for him and Alec. And lord the boys could argue and sometimes they were so damned loud that it drove them both nuts. But still, the reward was incomparable. Just the fact that he was able to go to the park with his sons when he wanted and play with them was a joy. Being able to look down now and see their tired little faces brighten at the sight of their apartment building made him smile.

Magnus tugged them both gently into the elevator, giving Rafi the honor of pressing the button for their floor while his little blueberry leaned against his leg, yawning. (The older warlock knew that if suggested a nap, however, he would be quickly rebuffed.) 

“Anyone up for a snack?” Magnus asked as soon as they were back in the loft.

“Me, Papa!” Rafi exclaimed, all former tiredness gone. He clambered onto one of the stools.

Max followed close behind. “Me too!”

Magnus had to chuckle at their eager antics. Oh to be a child. Their happiness was so simply given. “Coming up, my young sirs,” he joked.

He prepared their snacks quickly, with the experienced air of any parent, giving them some grapes and a couple cookies each. For good measure, he handed them some coloring books and paper as well. As the boys were clearly happily occupied, the warlock took the chance to get some of his work done. Sadly, being the High Warlock of Brooklyn wasn’t all fun and games. 

Still, he didn’t get all that much finished, not with the boys constantly asking him things. Magnus really didn’t mind the interruptions though; having a full family life had become the epitome of his happiness. He also loved to watch his sons interact, loved that despite their bickering there was absolutely no ill will between them. It was sweet, how devoted they were to one another. They weren’t in any way related by blood but anyone who watched them couldn’t deny that they were brothers. (It particularly warmed his heart, when he noticed Rafi leaning over complimenting Max’s drawing. Magnus sometimes forgot how adorable children could be… when they were in the right mood for it, that is.)

Distracted as the boys were, they didn’t notice the telltale sound of the front door opening. That must be Alexander. Magnus quietly got up from his seat and went to greet his wayward husband, indulging in a slow, deep kiss while they could. Alec was surprised by it, but melted into as he always did. The younger man ended their embrace sooner than Magnus would have liked however, pulling back so they could actually have a few moments to talk amongst themselves.

Alec looked much the same as the day Magnus had first met him, with the exception of the thick stubble he’d taken to sporting the last couple of years. At first he’d grown in an attempt to look slightly older (which it did only slightly) but he had become quite attached to it. Magnus had too, truth be told.

“Sorry I’m late,” he said now, grinning sheepishly. Despite it being Magnus’ day to take the kids, Alec had expected to be home in time to join in on his family’s little park adventure. The warlock hadn’t been too worried when he hadn’t shown up though; it happened sometimes, with him now being the official Head of the New York Institute. 

“It’s fine, darling, though you’re going to have take over tomorrow; I have a couple appointments to take care of,” Magnus replied. As much as he enjoyed that the kids had summer holiday, it was rather difficult logistically; he and Alec were rather busy men. Thankfully, they were taking a couple weeks off later this month. 

Alec nodded at the reminder. “Ok, I’ll get the boys then. They can spend some time with me at the Institute. Clary’s been asking when she could next give Max an art lesson and Izzy and Jace want to show off for Rafi again.”

Magnus only rolled his eyes fondly at commentary. The extended family he’d married into had quite the entertainment value, he had to admit.

“I have something to tell you,” Alec started, eyes sparkling with excitement. He was about to say more when their sons came dashing into the front hallway. 

“Daddy!” Max shouted, crashing into Alec’s legs. Luckily Alec was expecting it and didn’t even flinch.

“Daddy!” echoed Rafael loudly, copying his younger brother.

Alec smiled widely, putting an arm around them both. “There you are! How are my boys?”

“Good! Papa said we could come with you tomorrow!” Rafi said excitedly. In the meantime Max tried to clamber up Alec’s legs, always wanting to picked up, though he was getting slightly old for it. Alec obliged him easily, settling him on his hip.

“Well, you know Papa is always right.” 

Max and Rafi nodded sagely.

Magnus puffed out a bit proudly and flicked his hair from his eyes dramatically, glad when it had its desired comedic effect and both the boys let out a high-pitched laugh.

The rest of the night passed in a hectic blur, ending with all four of them sprawled on the couch, watching movies. It was almost midnight when Max and Rafi were finally sound asleep. They’d begged him and Alec to stay up with them, but eventually the movie had lulled them to sleep anyways. Magnus watched their sleeping forms with a smile, feeling completely at peace. He found himself reaching across the back of the couch and taking Alec’s hand in his, calling the other man’s attention to him.

“I want another one,” he said abruptly. He’d been thinking about the possibility for a while and realized that, with as good as they had it now, it would be the perfect time to add another member to the Lightwood-Bane clan.

Alec’s eyebrows lifted in surprise. “Already? It’s only been two years since we brought Rafi home.”

Magnus understood his shock; after all it had been Alec who’d wanted both boys before Magnus had even thought of the possibility of them. But the warlock knew what he wanted now. He loved being a father more than any other role he’d taken on in his long life… and he could just imagine a third child, running around with the boys. So he just smiled charmingly at his husband and continued. “Exactly, so I think it’s about time we bring another one home. The boys are getting along lately and they’re well behaved.” 

“Relatively,” the shadowhunter replied dryly, eyes twinkling with the kind of exasperated amusement only a parent could have.

“Yes, well. They take after their father.”

“They do have your flare for the dramatic.”

“Oh please darling, we all know you’re the real drama queen in the family,” Magnus said smartly, causing Alec to roll his eyes. Case in point, the warlock thought, barely suppressing the urge to laugh. Instead he brought their conversation back on topic. “I think now would be the prime time for another one, don’t you? I can tell you’ve been thinking about it. I know you far too well, Alexander.”

(Alec still wasn’t much good at hiding his emotions from Magnus, no matter how hard he tried. Magnus saw the longing looks he’d been giving the boys, the way his eyes occasionally lingered on Clary’s pregnant stomach… the way he sometimes looked at old of pictures of him and his siblings from when they were young.)

“Well you’re not wrong,” the shadowhunter shrugged, a shy smile playing at his lips. 

Magnus echoed the boys earlier and nodded sagely. “I know.”

Alec look at him for a long moment, considering. Then his smile widened and he squeezed the warlock’s hand. “Well, ok then. Let’s adopt another one,” he said, trying to keep his excitement in so as not to wake the kids. 

“Thank you, darling.” Magnus replied, quietly happy. Although the fact that they were going to have another child didn’t quite settle in yet, he already began thinking about how they could announce it to the boys. (Perhaps this time they should do the cheesy thing and buy them both a ‘I’m going to be a big brother’ t-shirt or something like that… Magnus did enjoy having the opportunity to do the quintessential dad thing). Then Alec squeezed his hand again, successfully getting his attention.

“I guess now would be a good time to mention something Luke talked to me about today,” he said, his expression an odd mix of apprehension and muted excitement.

Magnus’ curiosity was peaked at this seemingly off-topic segue. “Luke?”

“I was going to tell you earlier, but he came to see me at the Institute this morning about a problem he’s been having with the pack. Apparently one of the members died unexpectedly; a car crash would believe it? Even his enhanced healing couldn’t help him, or the woman he was with. Luke said that his friend was driving her over from a rival pack so that the two of them could be together,” Alec paused, brow furrowed; the report of the incident clearly bothered him, though he was doing his best not to show it. Magnus intertwined their fingers further in support and waited patiently for him to continue. “Thing is… she was pregnant. A mundane found them and got them to a hospital, the doctors there managed to save their baby daughter,” the shadowhunter said the last part softly, glancing at his husband meaningfully.

The warlock was beginning to see where he was going with this, but didn’t dare give into hope just yet. (Besides the fact that it might not work, it would hardly be right to dismiss the tragedy of the situation… now more than ever Magnus understood the sadness of mortality.) “But her parents didn’t make it?” he checked, frowning.

“No, they didn’t. The baby’s just a few days old and she’s all alone,” Alec replied, glancing at their sons, genuine sadness in his eyes.

“She’ll hardly be alone,” the older man tried to console as he thought about the situation. “It’s customary for the rest of the pack to take in the children of deceased members.”

“Normally. But with her parents coming from two rival packs, there’s been feuding about who’ll take her. Werewolves are proud, even amongst themselves.”

Magnus nodded, accepting this. Pride was a pitfall in every species in the Shadow World. Even mundanes sometimes succumbed to it. “So why bring the problem to you?” he asked, despite already having his suspicions.

“Because Luke thought of another solution. He wants to suggest that the baby go to a third party, outside of either pack.” Alec turned to him more fully, careful not to jostle Max, who was lying against him. “He came to me because he thinks we could be that third party…” The shadowhunter stared at him nervously, fidgeting with the fingers of his free hand as he let the words settle in. “…so, what do you think?” he finally finished.

Magnus stared back at him for a long moment, considering. He wanted another child, yet he found himself hesitating just the slightest bit. Perhaps it was because this was sooner than he’d expected… or perhaps he was still unsure? Maybe they should wait…

But then he thought of that little girl, of what she could mean to them. He hadn’t really considered having a daughter, too stuck on the idea of having another child to think about the specifics. Now that it was a possibility though, he couldn’t help but imagine it. There had been many important and utterly impressive women in his long life, most recently his two sisters-in-law. If this little girl (his little girl, a part of him already insisted) turned out anything like Isabelle or Clary… well, then Magnus would most definitely be proud to be called her father. (He would likely be proud to be her father regardless, if his love for her became anything like his love for Max and Rafi.)

And then there was the fact that she was a downworlder like him. Although not all children of werewolves became werewolves themselves, they still possessed preternatural abilities; she’d need people who understood that (not like his father). He and Alec were more than qualified for that. And besides that, he was sure if they ever ran into any trouble, Luke would offer his assistance. Lucian Graymark was far too honorable a man to leave a lone wolf completely without a pack to support her. 

He wondered what the boys would think of her. Considering they were Alec’s sons as much as his, they would probably adore their little sister, maybe even to the point of arguing over who got to play with her. He could just see it now. It would nice, he thought, to have a third child so soon.

“Magnus? You’re worrying me a little, it’s not often your rendered speechless,” Alec said, trying to make a joke, though his fidgeting continued to betray his nervousness. “What are you thinking?”

Magnus smiled widely, gripping Alec’s hand even more tightly. “I was thinking that we could do with some female influence around here,” he said finally.

Alec’s returning grin was blinding, and the way he threw himself at Magnus and over the boys was enough to wake them both up, muttering grumpily. Neither of the fathers minded though; at this point, nothing could ruin their good moods.

Two days later, Magnus finally got to meet the baby that had become a constant source of discussion and speculation in their house. Magnus’ first thought about her was that she was a beautiful little thing. Dark skinned and dark eyed, she stared up at him peaceably. The warlock was glad for that, thankful that she wouldn’t know the pain of losing her mother and father, that it wouldn’t affect her happiness in the long run. He would make sure that her biological parents were remembered though, that this little girl knew where she came from. He was sure Luke would oblige them with that.

Luke handed the baby silently over to him now, watching them with a quiet smile. Magnus took her carefully, keeping his hold on her secure enough to be safe but also still gentle and comfortable. As soon as she settled in Magnus’s arms, he knew… he knew this little girl was theirs now… that this baby was his and Alec’s just as much as Max and Rafael were.

Alec stood a little closer to his side, wrapping one arm around Magnus while his other hand rested over the baby’s tiny head, covering her dark curls. The warlock knew his husband was thinking much the same thing.

“It’s unusual for a werewolf child to be with non-wolf parents but under the circumstances, I thought it best for you two to take her,” Luke told them. “The pack knows and trusts you both. We’ll be there for you and for her whenever she needs it. Someone is going to have to help guide her along when the time comes.” 

“We’ll take good care of her,” Alec promised, running a long finger down the baby’s cheek.

“I know,” Luke said immediately, without a hint of doubt in his voice. “Well, I’ll leave you both to it.”

After their friend left, Magnus wasn’t quite sure how long he and Alec stood there, just admiring her; he couldn’t wait to have her home with the boys. Thankfully for them, the adoption went through with relative ease, seeing as they didn’t have to deal with many of the mundane regulations of such things. They gave her a name at the same time of course, sticking with their little tradition and naming her after someone important to them both. The whole process went by rather fast and it was only a couple of days until they were able to take the newly dubbed Belle Lightwood-Bane home. (Isabelle had tears in her eyes when they introduced her to her new niece the very next day, a small, genuine smile lighting up her face when she heard the name.) 

But first, Belle got to meet her big brothers. Alec and Magnus had told them about her right away, of course, and their responses had been enthusiastic. He knew sometimes children got jealous of their younger siblings for taking away their parents’ attention but Max and Rafi had both experienced this before when Rafael came home a couple of years before. So hopefully this introduction would go smoothly.

When the moment of truth finally came, the boys both looked at Belle with utter fascination.

Rafi, being the less shy of the two, stepped forward to greet her first. He peered down at her, where Alec was crouching with her in his arms.

“She’s so little,” he observed in wonder.

“She’s a baby Rafi,” Alec reminded (they forgot sometimes that their oldest son hadn’t been there when Max was an infant), “but don’t worry, she’ll be walking around after you soon enough.”

“And you too Blueberry,” Magnus added, giving Max a gentle push forward, encouraging him to say hi. Overcoming his nervousness, the little warlock put a small hand on his sister’s fist. He giggled immediately when the baby gurgled at him. 

Looks like this meeting is a success

Magnus felt his heart swell with utter happiness. He was well aware that their family wouldn’t always be this happy and peaceful with each other (everyone had their bad days) but for now… for now he would bask in what his life had become.

Because this moment, this here, this was his zenith. Being here, surrounded by his family, was the peak of Magnus’ life. One day, only he and Max would be left, one day Alec and Rafi and Belle would only exist in his memories… but as long as he had this here, this moment, Magnus thought that perhaps it might not be so bad. 

For now, however, he would enjoy this. He had his sons, he had his new daughter and he had his Alexander.

Life couldn’t get much better than this. Magnus would know; he’d lived through it all.

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One final thing: I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who’s read the whole alphabet! I hope you all enjoyed it! I couldn’t have finished this without all the support <3 So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

That Malec thing I said I’d do 

(Context what context who needs context)

“You know what,” Alec gasped out. “I completely blame you for this.”

“Alright.” Magnus muttered. “Stop twitching!”

Dangling from a precariously placed edge above a raging river with sharp stones wasn’t anyone’s idea of “fun”. Or if it was, they were obviously insane. 

Magnus kicked the edge of the cliff, trying to pull them up. Only one hand was gripping the cliff- the other was trying to keep Alec from falling. “I can’t.” He admitted, defeated.

“I almost hate to ask, but can’t you just magic us up?”

“I’d need my hands for that.” Magnus tried not to growl. It wouldn’t help to take out his frustration on Alec. “They’re a bit preoccupied at the moment.”

The grass and pebbles under Magnus’s hand slipped, and his grip loosened. “No! I’m not going to die today!”

“Let go!” Alec yelled.

“Are you crazy?”

“Of me!”

“Like hell I will.” Magnus yelled back, looking down. Turning his eyes back up to the clifftop, he muttered. “Come on, Bane.”

“Magnus, you don’t have to die! Let go!” Alec paused. “I’ll be fine.”

“Alec, shut up!” Tears stung in Magnus’s eyes. 

“I’m letting go now.”

“No!” Magnus readjusted his grip on Alec’s hand, holding him by the wrist. “Dangit, Alexander Gideon Lightwood, if you let go I will find a way to bring you back so I can kill you myself!”

“That seems counterproductive.” Alec sighed. He kicked at the cliff, clawing at the rocks. Dust and rocks rained down and fell into the river below. “I can’t get a grip. I’m just dragging you down.”

Magnus was about to say something, but his grip on the cliff slid further. He started muttering a prayer.

“Wait.” Alec said. “There’s a branch just a few feet down. If I time it right, I can grab it as we fall.”

“And if you can’t?”

“You can swim, right?”

Magnus looked down at Alec. His blue eyes were wide. “It’s our only chance.”

Magnus let go of the cliff.

His stomach lurched as he fell. He kept a firm grip on Alec’s hand. His leg scraped the wall, and Magnus yelped. Suddenly, with the feeling his arm was going to be yanked out of his socket, he stopped falling. 

“Got it!” Alec called. 

Magnus looked at his scraped leg. It was bleeding, but not too much. The important thing was that now he had a free hand. “i can magic us out of this mess!”

A drop of something red landed in Magnus’s eye. He cursed and blinked it away. “Sorry.” Alec said.

“You’re bleeding? Where?”

“Just hurry.”

His hand. Magnus thought. Just peachy.

Magnus made a fist with his hand, and when he opened it, blue light appeared. Part of the cliff wall just a few inches below him started to stretch out, creating a platform to stand on. Magnus let go of Alec’s hand and dropped down. The platform held. “It’s safe!”

Alec let go of the branch above him and tumbled down to Magnus’s platform. He landed awkwardly on his ankle. Half of the skin on his arm had been scraped off, and there was a deep cut on his hand. 

“My God, are you okay?” Magnus kneeled down beside him.

“I’m fine.” Alec forced a smile. “Let’s call Jace. And tell him to bring a rope.”

Jace taking care of a sick Clary for anon. 

Jace held the tray in one hand and silently opened the door with the other. “C'mon, Clary, you need to eat something.” Jace delicately guided her up to a sitting position, his hands brushing against her arms.

“You’re feeling a little warm, do you feel a little warm?” He worried over her. She nodded slightly, and he pushed away her blankets and slipped next to her side, tenderly brushing her hair back from her face. “I’m sorry you’re so sick.”

She slowly took his hand in her own. “Just a demon sting. I’ll be better before Magnus changes his hair again.” She smiled a little, the corners of her mouth flickering.

“And you’ll get better faster if you eat my soup.” He lifted up the tray with a self-congratulatory smirk. “I’ve really surpassed myself with this one. Even I’m impressed." 

Ok serious headcanon that after COHF Alec becomes more assertive and confident in himself and in asking for what he wants:

  • He makes sure to take time off from hunting to spend with Magnus and later, Little One.
  • He doesn’t look down at his feet anymore when talking to new people. 
  • He doesn’t hesitate anymore to speak his mind or opinion in a group. 
  • And when Magnus notices how more comfortable Alec is in his own skin he asks what caused this change (not that he’s complaining he’s actually quite proud how Alec won’t allow people to walk all over him anymore)

Alec didn’t say anything for a while. The two of them were laying on the couch in their loft, Alec resting between Magnus’ legs, his head on Magnus’ chest. Slowly, the Shadowhunter sat up slightly so he could turn around to look the warlock in the eye. 

“Back in Edom…I thought I had lost you. And that I’d never be with you again. And then I thought we were going to die in that godforsaken place, all of us.”

Magnus’ cat eyes softened at the slight tremble in Alec’s voice. He brought both hands to cradle Alec’s face, caramel framing ivory. “My Alec, I was scared too. I thought that I would die in those chains. That I would never be able to tell you I loved you ever again.”

“Exactly. So I promised myself that if we got out together, I would stop hesitating so much. Because life is too short to spend being unsure of myself and what I want. And what I want is you.” 

The warlock chuckled. “You have me. You have had me since I first laid eyes on you at that party. Perhaps even before then too. Maybe you’ve had me all along, I just didn’t realize it yet.”

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