tmi 30 days edit challenge


30 Day Challenge / Day Twenty-Four / Jonathan or Valentine

my name is jonathan christopher morgenstern i had a father but he is dead i have a mother but she is dead to me i have a brother and i will bind him to me i have a sister and i will teach her to love me my name is jonathan but everyone calls me sebastian and i am going to burn down the world

TMI/TID/TDA 30 Day Edit Challenge → Day 6: Edit of any snippet

“I don’t know” Mark said, looking down at his own long pale fingers tangled in the little boy’s brown curls. “He just – Julian left, and Tavvy fell asleep on my lap.” He sounded amazed, wondering. “Of course he did,” Cristina said. “He’s your brother. He trusts you.” “Nobody trusts a Hunter,” Mark said.”


TMI/TID 30 Day Challenge Day 25 - Jonathan or Valentine

Jonathan Christopher Moregenstern

“The fire of Glorious burned away the demon’s blood. All my life it has scorched my veins and cut at my heart like blades, and weighed me down like lead— all my life, and I never knew it. I never knew the difference. I’ve never felt so… light,” he said softly, and then he smiled, and closed his eyes, and died.


Day 10: Clary or Tessa? Tessa.

“I am Theresa Gray, daughter of a Greater Demon and Elizabeth Gray, who was born Adele Starkweather, one of your kind. I was the wife of William Herondale, who was the head of the London Institute, and I was the mother of James Herondale and Lucie Blackthorn. Will and I raised our Shadowhunter children to protect mundanes, to live by the Laws of Clave and Covenant, and to keep to the Accords. Once, I lived among the Shadowhunters. Once I might almost have seemed like a person to you.”