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A Guide to Reading Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunter Chronicles

Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunter Chronicles spans over 14 years and encompasses 5 major series and 2 short stories collections and other companion novels with all those books it can be hard to figure out how to read them all so here is your guide to reading Cassandra’s Clare Shadowhunter Chronicles. There are two main ways to read the Shadowhunter Chronicles the first is by release date.
1. City of Bones (TMI 1)
2. City of Ashes (TMI 2)
3. City of Glass (TMI 3)
4. Clockwork Angel (TID 1)
5. City of Fallen Angels (TMI 4)
6. Clockwork Prince (TID 2)
7. City of Lost Souls (TMI 5)
8. Clockwork Princess (TID 3)
9. The Bane Chronicles (TBC 1 – 11)
10. City of Heavenly Fire (TMI 6)
11. Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy (TFTSA 1 – 10)
12. Lady Midnight (TDA 1)
13. Lord of Shadows (TDA 2)
14. The Lost Book of the White (TEC 1)
15. Chain of Thorns (TLH 1)
16. The Black Volume of the Dead (TEC 2)
17. The Queen of Air and Darkness (TDA 3)
18. The Red Scrolls of Magic (TEC 3)
19. Chain of Gold (TLH 2)
20. Chain of Iron (TLH 3)
(The Wicked Powers trilogy has not yet been given a publication date).
The second way to read the books is in chronological order. Note that as the The Bane Chronicles and The Eldest Curses follow the life of Magnus Bane they fit in all over the timeline.
1. The Infernal Devices
2. The Last Hours
3. The Mortal Instruments
4. Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy
5. The Dark Artifices
6. The Wicked Powers


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Shadowhunters and Stitchers cast reaction to the Malec kiss… In which I am both, Kat and Dom (◡‿◡✿)

“let me spell it out for you, i wanted to see you again”

okay this is kind of shitty but we spend a lot of time doing it okay 

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It was just a bet. A stupid one at that even, but you didn’t wanted to lose it. So you were cursing Izzy in your mind, you went straight to Alec’s room and started knocking.

He opened it and before he could say something, you went on your toes and kissed him. You liked Alec since you had been introduced to him but you had always been too shy to admit it. That Izzy was now using it against you, had made you angry from the start.

Thinking about it more like an attack on Alec’s lips, kissing him still felt way too good. When you leaned back he looked more than just a little bit suprised and confused.

“Izzy bet I wouldn’t do it”, you tried to explain.
“Do what? Kiss me?”

He still seemed to have a hard time understanding you but suddenly he looked away from you.

Okay? That was all he was saying?
“Oh come on!”, you blurred out embarrassed. “It wasn’t that bad!”

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